Easterseals MORC
Apr 29, 2024 12:00 PM
Monday Speaker: Linda Kozianowski
Easterseals MORC

Linda Kozianowski is the Director of Development for Easterseals MORC. She is dedicated to spreading the word about Easterseals MORC and what the organizaiton does. Linda values every opporutnity to educate the community about the individuals served by Easterseals MORC.  Even if you do not need the services of Easterseals MORC you may know someone who does, and that is what drives her mission.  

The mission of Easterseals MORC is to lead the way to 100% equity, inclusion, and access for people with disabilities, families, and communities. We value individuals for their different talents, backgrounds, identities, cultures, experiences,  and abilities, and are committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that encourages and values diversity where respect, appreciation, equality, and inclusion are core values. 

Easterseals assists more than one million children and adults with disabilities and their families annually through a nationwide network of more than 450 service sites. Each center provides top-quality, family-focused and innovative services tailored to meet the specific needs of the particular community it serves.