April 8, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome at 12:15 p.m. by President Chris McLogan
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Weekly Inspiration by Molly Swart
Opening Song: “God Bless America” lead by Chris Winans 
Guests: Toby Beach, guest of John Schrot, Lise-Pauline Barnett, guest of Aubrey Huff, Dan Winans
No Birthdays or Anniversaries this week.
Lunch Tickets: Regan Gilshire  
Raffle Tickets: Mark Cooper
Bulletin Editor: Charles Wickins
2 Minute Update:  Joe Zane.  Has finally been hired by Ford Motor Company to help in their autonomous vehicle program (shares up $1, coincidence?).  He has also started engaging in Podcasts. Congratulations Jooe
Announcements & Upcoming events:  
  • Hope Warming Center.  Alicia Green  indicated that we are serving dinner at HWC next Tuesday, April 16. Seaholm are preparing the main course.  Not sure of the other needs but I am confident that Bill Roy has it in hand. However all are welcome to help, it is our most popular program.
  • Owens Elementary School: Guided reading will be Wednesday.  Please be at the school at 9:15 a.m.  Reading will last until 10:30. Call Paul Toepp if there are any questions.
  • Bryan Frank announced Third Thursday next week at Hazel, Ravines and Downtown.  Happy hour 4 to 6, he will be there 4 to 7.  Come and enjoy the different cocktails and eats and the company of Nicole and Heather
  • Mental Health Initiative.  Miche Lame, John Schrot and Chris McLogan had a well attended meeting after the lunch.
  • RYLA starts on Friday, Paul, Miche and yours truly are chaperones (if all 52 clubs in the district send the same numbers there will be more chaperones than attendees)
  • Aubrey invited the club to attend their kick off breakfast at the YMCA on Friday, April 12.  7.30.  Loooooong time board member and Rotarian, Bob Kenning is being recognized.  (It is a “free” breakfast but I do suggest you bring a check).
  • District assembly on Saturday, April 13 at Walsh College, Troy
  • Maple Road clean up next Saturday, April 20
  • Dilip Kuchipudi will host an authentic Indian lunch on Sunday, June 2nd.  This was very well attended in 2017
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw: Oriana D’Amico won the daily drawing.  Nobody drew the Jack of Spades in the jackpot drawing and the pot lives.
Sheriff:   Pete Kreher, newly returned with a healthy tan was sheriff and heavily fined all those, other than Michael and Mark, who were not so tanned.  Seemed a little unjust but peace and order was restored!

Joe Bauman gave a report on the great work the Rotary Foundation (#1 rated non profit in the world) and was proud to announce that the Birmingham (Mi.) Rotary club has donated $346,785 to this foundation over the years.  He then proceeded to tell us His Rotary story which began down river in 1987 when the local club sent him on an all expenses paid trip for six weeks to Japan to report on the sentiment behind the new Flat Rock Mazda plant being built.
Molly Swart then told us her story which started 40 years ago when the Birmingham Rotary club gave her $25,000 to send her to Paris to study.  This paid off dividens as she has since been knighted twice by the French president and was the first female member of the club when membership was opened up in 1989.
Dr John Mucha closed out the personal stories telling us how he paid for himself and his son to go to Mexico to deliver eye glasses, do minor surgery and lead to the delinquency of a minor, his 14 year old son learning such games as Tippy Cup.               

President Chris Mc Logan led the club in a rousing rendition of “Smiles”, reminded everyone to “Be the Inspiration”, and then adjourned the meeting.
Charles Wickins-Bulletin Editor