December 4, 2017 Meeting Bulletin
Chris Winans welcomed everyone at 12:15 am
LUNCH TICKETS: Regan Gilshire    
RAFFLE TICKETS: Charles Wickins
GREETER: Kevin Mason    
SHERIFF: Joe Valentine    
RAFFLE & CARD DRAW:   Charles Wickens
BULLETIN EDITOR: Norma Jean Evans    
1 MINUTE UPDATE:  John Mucha    
1-Minute Update:
John Mucha shared Rotary has a lot to do with inspiration, dreams and rewards.  Rotary provides a way for you to be able to realize your dreams while making a difference.  We get a lot of rewards being involved in our Club international and local projects.  Rotary helps people realize dreams and purpose.
Member Spotlight:  Miche Lame

Announcements and Upcoming Events:
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing -Saturday December 9th and December 16th -Contact Chris McLogan for additional information
  • Polio Shirts /End Polio Now Campaign- Regan Gilshire reported Club goal was $3,362, which would vaccinate the City of Birmingham’s population of 21,012 people.  Thirty-eight shirts and hoodies sold.  With shirts sold and donations received, we raised a total of $4,675.  With the 2-1 match from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this means we raised a total of $14,025 which would vaccinate 4 times the population of Birmingham!
  • Fundraising -Bryan Frank said Masters Raffle tickets will be available for purchase next Monday.  He also asked everyone who signed up for the Red Wings Game to submit payments.  Checks should be made payable to Rotary Club of Birmingham.
  • Fundraising -Vic Pooler ask everyone to not use the Master Raffle Event link for Sponsorship- a separate link will be sent.
  • Reading Literacy Program at Owen Elementary School- Alicia Green reported the Winter Blast Event date was changed to 12/19/17 -5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  She is touching base with everyone who signed up to attend the event.  Please bring candy and book donations to the next two meetings. Literacy Club meetings starting on 12/5/17 at 11:30 am and Guided Reading on 12/7/17 -9:30 am – 10:30 am and 10:30 am – 11:30 am. 
  • Holiday Lunch, 12/11/17 -Marsha reminded everyone to invite friends, sign up by 12/5/17.  We will have a choir and great holiday lunch.
  • Holiday Giving:  Bottomless Toy Chest- Pat Grady thanked everyone for bringing toys.  We have been busy in Rochester, Beaumont and Kids Kicking Cancer.  Tweener on 12/28/17 -12 noon at Brady’s.
  • Core Orchards Detroit (Special Collection) -Ryan Quinn mentioned Wolverine Human Services is collecting donations.  He asked everyone to consider donating $150.00 for the Club Tree Planting project.  Our goal is to plant 66 trees. (Update: we raised $875 at the meeting and will donate to have 6 trees planted in the project so far)

Raffle & Card Draw
The Daily Pot of $17.00 was won by George Stern
Pot Lives!
Jennifer Uhlar, Tuition Financing Consultant, TIAA 
Topic:  All About 529 College Savings Plans -Simply with a 529
•    Program rolled out in the State of Michigan in 2000; Scholarship Program available
•    Cost of 4 Year Public College Tuition in 2016-17 = $20,721; estimated $55,797 in 2034-35
•    Cost of 4 Year Private College Tuition in 2016-17 =$46,656; estimated $125,365 in 2034-35
•    529 Plan covers books, computer, meal plan, room and board costs
•    75% of jobs required college education
•    National student loan debt for 2016 was $37,172
•    Percentage of students who graduated with student loan debt in 2014 = 61%
•    Start college saving early -$100 month for 18 years, 5% return
•    Check out the 529 Gifting feature -Family friends can contribute to your college education
•    529 Tax Deduction -Married filing jointly =$10,000 and $5,000 for Single
•    You can change to another beneficiary if the child decides not to go to college
•    Important to look at fees when you are investing

(Bulletin Submitted by Norma Jean Evans)