February 4, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome at 12:15 by President Chris McLogan
Pledge of allegiance, 4-way test
Opening song led by Bill Roy
Weekly Inspiration by Aubrey Huff
Guests were Tim Bishop, Allison Sims and Andrew Soontharotoke
Birthdays Charles Wickins, John Mucha and Joe Bauman
Lunch Tickets Norma Jean Evans
Raffle Tickets Bryan Frank
Greeter Molly Swart
Sheriff Charles Wickins
Host to the Speaker Pat Grady
It has been a long time since the Song Books have been placed on our tables. With no piano player etc. Bill Roy & “Can’t sing” Mark Anderson took us on a singing journey we won’t soon forget. We survived the situation with our Great Rotary Spirit surviving.
President McLogan asked the membership if anyone of us would be willing to do the very important job of organizing our speaker programing. Please think about this it is a great service to the club.
President McLogan announced that we may not always be meeting in the Grand Hall going forward. We should look at the Schedule Board by the front desk to find the meeting room for Rotary.
2-minute business update by Peter Kreher gave a history of the Birmingham Rotary Endowment Fund and examples of the importance it has to our ability to do sustainable charity work.
Membership Minute: Linda Hatfield we had 3 guests and Robert Gibbs as a prospective new member.
Announcements and Upcoming Events:
  1. Hope Warming Center: Bill Roy 2/26 to 7:15 – 9:00 “Many hands make light work” Bill says
  2. Third Thursdays Bryan Frank TBA
  3. Owens Elementary Guided Reading Wednesday 9:30 -10:30 Paul Toepp
  4. Sell Masters Raffle Tickets Get your last effort to sell going!! Bryan Frank
  5. Hope Against Human Trafficking. New house Mark Anderson needs an electrician to help. Come out on Saturdays and help.
  6.  Wendy Haugh needs wine for a wine raffle. She needs items for baskets for the silent auction.
  7. March Masters Madness Party: 3/15- Vic Pooler Sign up before 2/15 for a prize drawing.
  8. Endowment Board Nominees: John Mucha We will elect 3 new members for the Endowment Board on February 18th. We will also have the Annual meeting for the Endowment Fund on the 18th.
  9. Raffle Card Drawing: Mark Cooper, Underdown won $9.00 and the big pot lives.
Sheriff Charles Wickins did his usual great job of entertaining us while extracting our extra cash.
Host to the Speaker: Pat Grady introduced John Jamieson-Author Wealth w/out Stocks & Mutual Funds Phone #586-944-0794 John@perpetualwealthsystems.com Building Financial Blueprints of Little-Known, Powerful Strategies His power-point slides were educational and eye-opening. The best presentation for the Long Term Health Care Policies I’ve seen.
We finished the meeting with our own special rendition of Smiles
Remember, Be the Inspiration!
Respectfully Submitted, David Underdown