July 20, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome by President Bill Roy at 12:13 pm
We did chat with the speaker for a few minutes before the meeting. Wendy had to stop the conversation with the speaker before gave his whole story.
Bill led us in the Pledge of Allegiance
Chris Winans Sang God Bless America
Bill lead the 4-Way Test with all members muted
Carol Peterson  Gave us a moment of inspiration
Guests Dr. Gupta
Birthdays Molly Swartz, July 18, John Schrot July 20. While all but Bill Roy were muted Happy birthday was sung to John
Membership Linda Hatfield reported Greg Ross has submitted a membership application. 
A District membership meeting will be held on August 27th. All members are welcome tho participate.
Virtual Happy Hour on July 16th at 5:30 pm via Zoom. We enjoyed Mark Farlow's report on securing 2 new big jobs. Mark is a former Club President and a Detroit Architect. One job is the conceptional development of MSU's New diversity building. A timely innovation at MSU. The other project is a development in Cork Town, Detriot.
 The Board of Directors meeting identified we have an insurance problem concerning Covid-19 insurance. Basically, there is none to be had, therefore, we will be asked to sign waivers. Please be understanding!
Dates for Springdale Park meetings are at the Rotary Pavilion on August 17th and 31st and September 14th and 21st
John Westerheide is working on a golf outing for September
Please help us in finding interesting speakers. Contact Wendy Hough 269-207-5751 or David Underdown 248-909-1072.
The virtual Sheriff was started today. Marsha attended a virtual wedding that had been twice postponed.
Nave explained the painting behind her in her home. Andrew is saving 1 hour a day by working at home. Now, he has more time for family and friends. Payments to be made to Regan. It's the old honor system. 
Wendy Hough introduced John Carey. His topic is about Bridges Beyond Boxing. In 2016 John was approached by the Irish Antrim County North Irland group to promote Bridges in boxing. There are 50 clubs in the area. Both Catholics and Protestants use boxing competition to promote understanding between the competing groups. The kids 12 to 21 work together and learn how to get along. They travel together and learn about each other's cultures.
John himself an ex-boxer said it is hard to raise money to take Detriot boxers to Irland for an exchange match. Fago, the Irish community, and other sponsors raised enough to take a team to Irland for 3 weeks. The kids stayed in the local homes. One Detriot boxer couldn't believe his host mother kissed him good night. Something he had never experienced at his home in Detroit. The program helps break down the barriers of race. When the Detriot kids were invited to come to Irland the candidates needed good grades along with talent in boxing. They are learning discipline in the ring and taking it to the job when they grow up. They learn respect for each other and they learn sportsmanship. John has developed a relationship with the building trades to help his boxers find good-paying jobs.
To dispel the injuries of boxing John said, "there were more injuries in cheerleading than boxing."
There is an annual fundraising Boxing event in Detroit in the Eastern Market Shed 5. When it happens we are invited to attend the event. Probably next year.
Thank you, John, for a great program.
Finally, we closed the meeting by singing "Smiles"
This year's theme is "Rotary Opens Opportunities!"
Next meeting Monday, July 27th at 12:00 pm Via Zoom Speaker Oakland County Sherrif Michael Bouchard.
Respectfully submitted,
 David Underdown