July 8, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome at 12:15 PM by President John Schrot
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Invocation by Molly Swart
Opening Song: America the Beautiful
Song led by: Bill Roy
Blake–guest of mom Wendee Haugh (and center of attention).
Lunch Tickets: Regan Gilshire
Raffle Tickets: Doug Koschik
Greeter: Peter Kreher
Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
Host to Speaker: Dave Underdown
Announcements & Upcoming events:
  • Condolences to Molly Swart on the passing of her mother.
  • President John Schrot discussed Rotary’s theme for this year “Rotary Connects The World”, which applies globally as well as locally, and encompasses professional opportunities, people in need, and ourselves.
  • President John passed out the 2019 meeting assignments, the 2019-2020 Club Calendar, and a list of the Club Committees and chairs.
  • Paul Toepp passed out fliers and discussed the “Pop Up Literacy” program we will participate in at Owens School. There will be 5 Wednesday sessions starting July 10 (this Wednesday) through August 7. The session will last from 1:00 to 2:30. Lunch is available in the cafeteria if you are interested. All are urged to participate.
  • Linda Hatfield discussed her plans as Assistant District Governor this year. Sparky Leonard and the ADG’s will be visiting each club this year with a major emphasis on “Grow Rotary”.
  • Dan Ryan reported on the Mental Health Committee. The Committee met and has decided to concentrate on issues affecting elementary and middle school students. The committee is arranging speakers for October and November.
  • Regan Gilshire reported that the Club will receive $1,000.00 from the BBCC for its work at the Birmingham Fair.
  • Regan Gilshire reported on a Club fundraiser which will be held at the Pig & Whiskey in Ferndale on July 19-21. We will be hosting “tents” at the event, where we will serve. The more volunteers we have, the more tents we can host, which will increase the return to the club. Regan will arrange for sign ups.
  • Bryan Frank indicated that Third Thursday will be at the Griffin Claw Thursday July 18 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Linda Hatfield reminded everyone that the New Member Reception will take place on July 24 from 6-9 p.m. at Flemings. This will not only be an opportunity for the new members to meet the membership, but various club members will also provide orientation as to club procedures and organization.
  • President John once again thanked outgoing president Chris McLogan for his service as president during the 2018-2019 year.
  • Chris Mc Logan thanked John Westerheide for his hospitality in hosting the Year End Party at his home.
  • Chris McLogan presented Paul Toepp an Award in recognition of his work on the Youth Services Committee, including managing the “award winning” program at Owens School.
  • Bill Roy indicated that we are serving at Hope Warming Center on July 16, and passed out the sign up sheet for volunteers.
Paul Harris Fellow Awards. Joe Bauman presented a Paul Harris +4 award to Molly Swart.
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw: Joe Valentine won the $14.00 daily draw. No one drew the
Queen of Hearts and the pot lives.
Sheriff: Paul Toepp acted as sheriff an stiffly fined the scofflaws in our midst.
Speaker : Dave Underdown introduced Gerry Jackson, former District Governor, who gave
an interesting talk about his Rotary mission (to which the BRC contributed) which involves
providing eye exams and glasses (the gift of sight) to Mayan inhabitants in a remote area of
Guatemala. Gerry riveted us with everything from the logistical nightmare it was getting the
equipment and entourage to the facility, how he learned the equipment and procedures necessary
to provide glasses, to the dramatic effect getting a pair of glasses has on the lives of someone who
has a vision defect (e.g. take off your glasses and walk along the edge of a cliff). Many thanks to
Gerry for giving us a follow up on his mission.
Song: Smile! Led by President John
Next Meeting: July 15, 2019
Bill Roy, Bulletin Editor