June 8, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
Zoom Meeting called to order by: President John Schrot at 12:15                      
Pledge of Allegiance recited by all members
4-Way Test recited by all members
Weekly Invocation/Inspiration provided by George Stern
Song: America the Beautiful sung by Bill Roy
Shirley Bryant
Larry Sherman (June 13)
Regan Gilshire is working on getting dues invoices out. Those invoices will reflect a rebate for the lunches missed because of the Governor’s shelter in place order. An option to donate the rebate will be available. Bill Roy asked members to keep the Rotary Plus program and the Annual Fund in mind when considering donations.
Linda Hatfield was contacted by a Beverly Hills resident who is interested in possible joining our club.
Carol Peterson told the club that Grace Centers of Hope is in need of breakfast foods as the residents were returning to the warming center post-lockdown.
Bill Roy received an email from Elizabeth at Grace Centers of Hope. Apparently, efforts to move the residents from their hotel rooms back to the warming center by way of Lyft did not go entirely as planned. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department was able to calm the situation by supplying the residents with some KFC.
The Grace Centers of Hope is in need of alcohol-based cleaning supplies.
Happy hour will be held by way of Zoom on June 18th at 5:30. 
June 17th is the last Board of Directors meeting which will take place by way Zoom.
The 2020 Rotary Virtual Convention will take place on June 20th through the 26th.
The Birmingham Rotary Club’s year end party with take place on June 29th at the Springdale Golf Course. Details to follow. 
Congratulations to Chris McLogan’s daughter who was married over the weekend. 
Chris McLogan was the host to the speaker.
Luciana Guimaraes was today’s speaker. 10 years ago, Luciana was an exchange student to America from Brazil. She shared some memories of her time here. Luciana lives in Brazil where she started a project to feed the poor. She is the youngest female to become an attorney in her home state in Brazil. She is a member of her local Rotary and will be the club president in 2024. 
Bill Roy sang God Bless America at the end of the meeting and we closed out with Smile.