May 20, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome at 12:15 by president Chris McLogan
Pledge of Allegiance by Chris
4 Way Test recited by all members
Song of America the Beautiful lead by Bill Roy
Weekly Inspiration by Charles Wickins 
Guests Rene Pothetes District Governors Assistant gave us a what is happening in the district.
Jeff Buhner last time as a guest is becoming a member.
Birthdays Pat Grady and Regan Gilshire again
Anniversaries Joe Zane  1 Year
Lunch tickets Mark Cooper
Raffle Tickers Bryan Frank
Greeter John Westerheide
Sheriff Doug Koschik
2  Minute Update Linda Hatfield gave a history of the Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union. The big news is that BBCU has a State Charter covering all of Michigan.
Third Thursday will be the year-end party at John Westerheide's June 27th.
  • Owens School on Wednesday's only has 3 more weeks.  Thank you Chris McLogan for going this week. Baldwin Library donated the complete 2016 World Book.
  • Mark Anderson's special project Monarch Wings brought Barb Rousch founder and her assistant Jenna Snyder.
  • Memorial Day wreath ceremony in Shane Park at 10 am May 26th. This is a very special event. It is worth the price just to see Bob Kenning waring his WWII uniform.
  • BBCC Village Fair May 30-June2 Please sign-up to be part of the Pick-up crew.
  • International Conference: Hamburg-June 1-5 At some point in your Rotary life you owe it to your growth as a rounded person to attend at least one International Conference. 
  • Dilip: hosting Lunch at his house 12:00 June 9th. We had a wonderful experience 2 years ago. All funds go to our charities.
Raffle Card Drawing by Brian Frank  Oriana D'Amico won $11 and a chance to win the pot. The pot lives.
Sheriff Doug Koshick put in money for his survival of 2 major operations this year. There was much hilarity and generous giving.
Rene' stressed her job and the other District officers are here to support the Clubs. Meet the Governor June 21st is a chance to meet the team and have lots of fun. Seeing the Car museum is worth the trip to Chatham. Go to There are only 150 VIP tickets.

Carol Peterson is our newest Paul Harris Fellow was presented her pin by Joe Bauman.

Joe Bauman reported we have a record number of grant requests this year.

Brian Frank Presented Barb Rousch from Monarch Wings a check from the Endowment for $5,000.00. Barb said the money will be used for an Airconditioning system for the house that will house 18 women who have escaped human trafficking.

Barb gave an almost unbelievable account of the tragedy surrounding the human trafficking problem that happens as close as our own neighborhood. Michigan is one of the top 5 states in the US. Victims are in every Zip code in Michigan. The victims have no Hope. 90% of the victims end up in emergency rooms. The victims need Physical Spiritual and Emotional healing and Education. They have 2 years of free-living to get back their life. After the very sad and horrible reality of human trafficking victims, we awkwardly move back into our reality and a realization of how fortunate we are as we have sung our signature song Smiles.

Respectfully submitted,
David UnderdownDavid