Birmingham Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting: May 22, 2017
David Underdown started the meeting at 12:15
Ken Gass sang a beautiful rendition of America the Beautiful.
Invocation - Ryan Quinn
There were 9 guests in attendance.
  • Chris McLogan recapped the dinner at Dilip Kumar Kuchipudi’s home Sunday night. It was a wonderful night, full of hospitality, great food and company.
  • Mark Anderson is looking for volunteers for trash pick-up at the Village Fair Thursday, June 1sth through Sunday, June 4th.
  • Norma Jean Evans updated us on the volunteer opportunity for the Guided Reading & Boys and Girls Club this Thursday.
  • Bryan Frank reminded us of the Detroit Tigers baseball game on July 26th, sign up. Tickets are $45. That includes tickets, bus ride and pizza.
2 minute update -  Regan Gilshire gave us a reminder of the Memorial Day Wreath Service in Shane Park at 10 am. She also had a video and discussed the conference she recently attended. One noted speaker was Virginia Nordby, the first Rotary district governor, who was elected in 1997. Also discussed was the national average women membership is 31%, Birmingham Rotary is slightly higher at 32.3%
Raffle was $63 and won by guest Terri Fratarorca.
Guest Speaker: Author, David Maraniss, discussed his book “Once in a Great City”. He discussed content of the book along with his research method of a  “four legs of a table” 1. Go there. 2. Find the papers. 3. Talk to people. 4. Why did it happen here? Look for things that aren’t there.