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The ability to tell a story is perhaps one life’s most useful skills.

Stories are certainly a great way to retain members and gain new Rotarians. 

Smart leaders use stories to motivate team members and inspire high performance.  Savvy salespeople tell stories to encourage prospects to become customers.  Parents use stories to inspire good behavior from their children.

Yet, most people don’t really know how to tell a story. 

The creation of a powerful narrative cannot be ad-libbed, but it can be shaped and sculpted, especially if you are familiar with the narrative essentials.

International author and speaker (and our D6380 Governor in 2016-17), Michael Angelo Caruso, will show us how to use the power of narrative in Rotary, at work and at home.

At this unique One Rotary Summit, you'll have tons of fun as you sharpen your story-telling skills and learn how to:

  • Stage and frame the story

  • Learn to pick up signals that people are ready for your story

  • Grow your Rotary club

  • Develop a flair for storytelling

  • Establish (and deliver) positive expectations

  • Master the two-minute "signature story"

  • Customize your story for each of the four main personality styles

  • Raise more money

  • Read your audience better

  • Stay on message

  • Get people to act on your story such as attend an event or join your club

  • Increase fundraising

  • Get a promotion at work 

Get the power of story on Saturday morning, September 14 in Ann Arbor.  Register today!

$20 gets you breakfast beverages and a barbecue meal after the program!

Visit https://rotary6380.org/events/calendar to register.