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July 20, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome by President Bill Roy at 12:13 pm
We did chat with the speaker for a few minutes before the meeting. Wendy had to stop the conversation with the speaker before gave his whole story.
Bill led us in the Pledge of Allegiance
Chris Winans Sang God Bless America
Bill lead the 4-Way Test with all members muted
Carol Peterson  Gave us a moment of inspiration
Guests Dr. Gupta
Birthdays Molly Swartz, July 18, John Schrot July 20. While all but Bill Roy were muted Happy birthday was sung to John
Membership Linda Hatfield reported Greg Ross has submitted a membership application. 
A District membership meeting will be held on August 27th. All members are welcome tho participate.
Virtual Happy Hour on July 16th at 5:30 pm via Zoom. We enjoyed Mark Farlow's report on securing 2 new big jobs. Mark is a former Club President and a Detroit Architect. One job is the conceptional development of MSU's New diversity building. A timely innovation at MSU. The other project is a development in Cork Town, Detriot.
 The Board of Directors meeting identified we have an insurance problem concerning Covid-19 insurance. Basically, there is none to be had, therefore, we will be asked to sign waivers. Please be understanding!
Dates for Springdale Park meetings are at the Rotary Pavilion on August 17th and 31st and September 14th and 21st
John Westerheide is working on a golf outing for September
Please help us in finding interesting speakers. Contact Wendy Hough 269-207-5751 or David Underdown 248-909-1072.
The virtual Sheriff was started today. Marsha attended a virtual wedding that had been twice postponed.
Nave explained the painting behind her in her home. Andrew is saving 1 hour a day by working at home. Now, he has more time for family and friends. Payments to be made to Regan. It's the old honor system. 
Wendy Hough introduced John Carey. His topic is about Bridges Beyond Boxing. In 2016 John was approached by the Irish Antrim County North Irland group to promote Bridges in boxing. There are 50 clubs in the area. Both Catholics and Protestants use boxing competition to promote understanding between the competing groups. The kids 12 to 21 work together and learn how to get along. They travel together and learn about each other's cultures.
John himself an ex-boxer said it is hard to raise money to take Detriot boxers to Irland for an exchange match. Fago, the Irish community, and other sponsors raised enough to take a team to Irland for 3 weeks. The kids stayed in the local homes. One Detriot boxer couldn't believe his host mother kissed him good night. Something he had never experienced at his home in Detroit. The program helps break down the barriers of race. When the Detriot kids were invited to come to Irland the candidates needed good grades along with talent in boxing. They are learning discipline in the ring and taking it to the job when they grow up. They learn respect for each other and they learn sportsmanship. John has developed a relationship with the building trades to help his boxers find good-paying jobs.
To dispel the injuries of boxing John said, "there were more injuries in cheerleading than boxing."
There is an annual fundraising Boxing event in Detroit in the Eastern Market Shed 5. When it happens we are invited to attend the event. Probably next year.
Thank you, John, for a great program.
Finally, we closed the meeting by singing "Smiles"
This year's theme is "Rotary Opens Opportunities!"
Next meeting Monday, July 27th at 12:00 pm Via Zoom Speaker Oakland County Sherrif Michael Bouchard.
Respectfully submitted,
 David Underdown
July 13, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome by President Bill Roy at 12:00 pm
• Pledge of Allegiance 
• Song: America the Beautiful – lead by President Bill       
• 4-Way Test recited by all members
• Weekly Invocation/Inspiration: Linda Hatfield- provided inspiration through a beautiful poem
• Guests:  Greg Ross, Nancy Sovran
• Birthdays: Rich Shapack, July 9 (belated) Molly Swart, July 18
• Anniversaries: Rich and Harriet Shapack (51), July 6;  Nave and Gary Grewal (21), July 4;  Bill and Sharon Roy (49),  July 3
• Volunteers:
• Invocation/Inspiration:  Linda Hatfield
• Bulletin Editor: Marsha Kovacs
• Host to Speaker: Dave Underdown
2 Minute Update: Bryan Frank – discussed endowment and presented $2500 check to Nancy Sovran from Wish Upon a Teen.  Nancy reminded the group how her group decorates hospital rooms for teens that are going to be in the hospital long term.  She also mentioned they weren’t able to get into hospitals until recently with COVID.  She thanked us for the donation.
Bryan also reminded us that we have money set aside for COVID related opportunities and encouraged anyone to request the grant money if they know of an organization working on COVID.

• Membership Minute: Linda Hatfield – Linda welcomed Greg Ross and is sending him an application
• Treasurer Update: Regan Gilshire – Regan indicated that the invoices for this years dues have been sent and about half of our membership has already paid.  She reminded us that there is a credit being applied due to cancelled lunches and how we can donate that credit to Polio Plus, endowment, etc.  She also discussed future credits depending on when we start lunches again.

• Virtual Happy Hour: July 14 at 5:30 pm via Zoom – Bryan will send out notice.   Theme is wild and crazy backgrounds.
• Don’t Forget About Us… Supporting Nonprofit Service Clubs during COVID-19 article by John Westerheide
• Hope Warming Center Thank You From Director Elizabeth Kelly -  new beds are starting to arrive
• Birmingham Rotary Donates to Hope during June-Carol Peterson – Carol took some needed breakfast foods to Hope Warming and will contact them to see if they need anything further
• Letter from visiting Rotarian regarding Rotary Tiger – Rotarian from Indiana saw Tiger and sent note asking about it.  Thought it was great way to get Rotary noticed in area.  
• Ad Hoc Weekly Meeting Venue Committee: Joe Bauman and Bryan Frank.  Bryan and Joe have contacted many facilities and are waiting for 8 proposals to see if any of them work for our club.  They indicated that because more cleaning and more staffing are necessary due to COVID, larger spaces are needed to social distance, and buffets cannot be used, restaurants are struggling to provide lunches to large groups at lower price points.  Several members mentioned possibly boxed lunches or catered lunches at the library.  
• Members, please recommend speakers to Wendee Haugh and David Underdown.  We have speakers for July but are looking for speakers for remainder of year.
• Board Meeting July 15 via Zoom- all invited to attend
• Committee Chairs/Others Updates – no new updates
• Club Goals for 2020-Message from District Governor - Bill Roy  
    Bill discussed some goals for the year but also indicated goals are hard to set until we know what will be happening with COVID.
-    Club membership – 55 is the goal.  Alicia Green is leaving our club
-    Service participation – 30 members is goal.  Discussed several of our service programs but not sure how many of them we will be able to do this year with COVID.  Regan is still planning to give away Turkeys at Thanksgiving.  Hopefully we can ring the bell for Salvation Army.  Bill asked group to suggest other service opportunities.  Discussed possible opportunities at Micah or Habitat.  
-    Literacy – Not sure if schools will open this fall.  Paul Toepp is investigating reading by zoom.  Paul is also taking over Interact Club
-    Rotarian Action Groups – would like our members to participate
-    Attend district conference and training
-    Develop and update strategic plan.  Our plan is done but we should meet to see if we need to update for the year.
-    Social activities – 6 events is goal.  1 per quarter and 2 special.  Perhaps a golf outing in fall can be one.

•• Q&A - none
Thank you - Rotary Opens Opportunities!
• Next meeting: Monday, July 20 at noon Via  Zoom
June 22, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
Meeting started at noon via Zoom
Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance by John Schrot
Guests:  Dr. Ashik Gupta, Don Reidel, Bill Dow (speaker), Greg Ross, Lynn Morgan
Bill Roy sang America the Beautiful
John Schot recited the 4 way test
Charles Wickens provided the weekly inspiration
Doug Koshik provided the 2 minute update giving us an update on the library.  They are now starting to allow returned books.  Books must be held for 72 hours.  Offering curb side service.  Provided pictures of the new youth room and aquarium.
Linda Hatfield, membership chair, welcomed Greg Ross to the meeting and invited him to year end party on the 29th.
Regan Gilshire has sent all invoices out and explained how the discount can be applied to Polio Plus or endownment.
John Schrot welcomed Betsy Reich and Andy Roisman to the secretary and assistance secretary positions.  He also thanked Mark Anderson for his service.  
Joe Bauman discussed looking for a new venue for our meetings.  He and Bryan Frank are visiting locations, getting quotes, perhaps a venue that is not open on Mondays so they can provide social distancing and safety protocols.  The Community House will not be able to handle our meetings until 2021.  Our contract is expiring but we have a price guarantee through December 2021.  Joe is going to talk to Bill Seckler for further clarification.
If you have an idea for a speaker, please contact Wendy Rex or Dave Underdown.
Members discussed the Rotary Convention.  General sessions were Saturday and Sunday morning.  Projects were shown, new president, Holger Knaack introduced, new theme of Doorway to Opportunity, and using Rotary’s polio plus network to distribute Covid vaccine was discussed.
Reminder that there is no meeting on June 29th, the year end party is at 5 pm, boxed lunches, Springdale Golf Course pavilion
Happy Birthday to Sparky, Mark Anderson, Marsha Kovacs
Joe Bauman introduced the speaker Bill Dow
Bill Dow spoke of covering the Tigers, mainly Willie Horton and Al Kaline.  Willie Horton was one of 21 children.  He moved to Michigan when he was 9.  He played on the first integrated team.  Attended Northwestern High School where he hit balls down Grand River.  Played in city championship when he was 16.  When Tigers recruited him, the sent him to Lakeland.  No cab driver would pick up a black man so he walked 5 miles to the Tiger camp.  In September of 1963, on his 2nd at bat, he hit a home run and almost hit is dad in the bleachers.  Unfortunately, his parents were killed in a car accident on New Years Day, 1964.  Horton was originally a catcher, but when the Tigers recruiting him, they already had Freehan so they made him an outfielder.
Al Kaline was recruited 2 weeks after graduating high school.  He was so small they didn’t have a uniform to fit him so he wore a bat boys uniform.  At 20 he was the youngest to win the batting title previously held by George Kell.  Al Kaline and Jim Northrup ran into each other in the outfield chasing a ball.  They missed the ball and it was the only inside the park grand slam.  Al Kaline couldn’t breathe so Will Horton reached into his mouth to open his airway and is credited for saving his life.  Kaline bit Horton’s hand in the process.
The next meeting with be held July 13th via zoom (no meeting on the 29th due to year end party, and no meeting July 6th due to the holiday.
Bill Roy ended the meeting with Smiles!
June 15, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
JUNE 15, 2020
President John Schrot, with the aid of David Zimmer, welcomed all to the virtual meeting via Zoom.
We said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang “God Bless America” with Bill Roy, and recited the 4-Way Test.
Richard Shapack gave a memorable invocation, quoting from a speech by Robert F. Kennedy.
Guests included Greg Ross and Lynda Luty.
Birthdays included Larry Sherman, Tim Oancea and Frannie Greenebaum
Joe Bauman presented a 2-Minute Rotary Update, informing us of a change to Global Grant Awards by Rotary International.  Individual donations for global grants will  no longer be matched by RI.
Linda Hatfield welcomed Greg Ross, who expressed an interest in possibly joining our Club.
Regan Gilshire gave a brief Treasurer’s Update, focusing on lower expenses due to no lunch costs.  
Members were encouraged to make contributions to the Rotary Annual Fund and/or Polio Plus before June 17th.
Bryan Frank announced a Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom on Thursday, June 18th, at 5:30.
John Schrot informed the members that the Club Board will be meeting (virtually) at Noon on June 17th.
John Westerheide announced that the Club’s Year End Party will be held on June 29th from 5 pm to 9 pm at the Rotary Pavilion at Springdale Golf Course.  Come congratulate John Schrot for an excellent year as Club President.  THERE WILL BE NO REGULAR CLUB MEETING ON JUNE 29th.
Joe Bauman and Bryan Frank are acting as an Ad Hoc Weekly Meeting Venue Committee, and are looking for suggestions of where we can hold live meetings (once safe to do so), as the Community House will be closed during the balance of 2020.
Wendee Haugh and David Underdown are looking for suggestions for meeting speakers for the upcoming year.
The 2020 Rotary Convention will be held on-line June 20th-26th.  See the RI website for details.
The Question of the Day by John Schrot was “What do you find encouraging in the world today.”  The most profound answer was that we are slowly learning to take a lesson from nature, namely, that nature loves diversity.
John Schrot acted as our host to  our speaker, the Hon. Kameisha Gant, Oakland County Circuit Court, Family Division.   Judge Gant gave us a very detailed portrait of both her upbringing in a close-knit family and her education.  She has a rich history of volunteer and service activity, which caused her to change paths while a pre-dentistry undergraduate student to eventually pursuing a career in law. Throughout, she has been active with pro-bono legal services and mentorship.  She took an oath to administer justice, and believes that volunteering off the bench goes hand in hand with serving justice on the bench.
Bill Roy led us in a rousing rendition of “Smile”.
Respectfully submitted,
John Mucha III
June 8, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
Zoom Meeting called to order by: President John Schrot at 12:15                      
Pledge of Allegiance recited by all members
4-Way Test recited by all members
Weekly Invocation/Inspiration provided by George Stern
Song: America the Beautiful sung by Bill Roy
Shirley Bryant
Larry Sherman (June 13)
Regan Gilshire is working on getting dues invoices out. Those invoices will reflect a rebate for the lunches missed because of the Governor’s shelter in place order. An option to donate the rebate will be available. Bill Roy asked members to keep the Rotary Plus program and the Annual Fund in mind when considering donations.
Linda Hatfield was contacted by a Beverly Hills resident who is interested in possible joining our club.
Carol Peterson told the club that Grace Centers of Hope is in need of breakfast foods as the residents were returning to the warming center post-lockdown.
Bill Roy received an email from Elizabeth at Grace Centers of Hope. Apparently, efforts to move the residents from their hotel rooms back to the warming center by way of Lyft did not go entirely as planned. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department was able to calm the situation by supplying the residents with some KFC.
The Grace Centers of Hope is in need of alcohol-based cleaning supplies.
Happy hour will be held by way of Zoom on June 18th at 5:30. 
June 17th is the last Board of Directors meeting which will take place by way Zoom.
The 2020 Rotary Virtual Convention will take place on June 20th through the 26th.
The Birmingham Rotary Club’s year end party with take place on June 29th at the Springdale Golf Course. Details to follow. 
Congratulations to Chris McLogan’s daughter who was married over the weekend. 
Chris McLogan was the host to the speaker.
Luciana Guimaraes was today’s speaker. 10 years ago, Luciana was an exchange student to America from Brazil. She shared some memories of her time here. Luciana lives in Brazil where she started a project to feed the poor. She is the youngest female to become an attorney in her home state in Brazil. She is a member of her local Rotary and will be the club president in 2024. 
Bill Roy sang God Bless America at the end of the meeting and we closed out with Smile. 
June 1, 2020 Meeting Bulletin

Birmingham Rotary Club
Virtual Weekly Meeting: June 1, 2020
Welcome at 12:05 PM by President John Schrot
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Invocation by Marsha Kovacs
Opening Songs: God Bless America and O Canada
Songs led by: Bill Roy
Visitors: Barry Frazier-Past District Governor
Greeter: Chris McLogan
Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
 Host to Speaker: John Westerheide
1 Minute Update: Rich Shapack, who encouraged everybody to be an active Rotarian.
Birthdays, Regan Gilshire, May 21, Pat Grady, May 25.
Membership Minute: Linda Hatfield reported that she has been in contact with several individuals who have expressed and interest.  She will follow up.
Announcements & Upcoming events:
1.  The Community House will net be able to host our lunches until January 1.  President John has appointed a committee consisting of Bryan Frank and Joe Bauman to investigate alternatives.
2. Endowment Fund.  The board met on May 27 and approved a $3000.00 grant to Micah6 a community garden project in Pontiac.  This may provide a chance for service at the garden.  The Board approved a $1000.00 grant for Team Turkey, which will be a service project on Thanksgiving morning.  The board approved an increase in the scholarship amounts awarded annually to a student from Groves and a student from Seaholm from $750.00 to $2000.00.  The Board also approved changes to the Bylaws which will streamline some of the Endowment Fund procedures.
3. Bill Roy reported that the first two sessions of “Virtual PETS” are complete, and he is getting ready for next year.
4. Regan Gilshire reported that the Audit Committee has met and everything went smoothly.  The committee formulated a process for the audit which will be recommended for use in future audits.
5. Dave Zimmer reported that he attended the Birmingham Memorial Day Honors Ceremony as the representative of the Club, and presented the Club’s wreath at the ceremony.
6. President John presented a letter from James Moll, interim principal at Groves High School, to Pat Grady, thanking him for all of the service he preforms on behalf of the Club in connection with the Interact club.
7. Bryan Frank indicated that there will be a virtual happy hour this Thursday via Zoom.  All Club members will be notified.  The theme will be “favorite craft cocktails”.
8. Regan Gilshire reported that dues notices will be going out.  There will be a rebate in the dues notice, due to the fact that we have not been having meals.  Members will be allowed several options with respect to the rebate.
9. Joe Bauman reported that all District Grant requests must be submitted by June 30.
Speakers Marc Shaye and Bill Korrek were  introduced by John Westerheide
Marc is a partner with the Lippett O’Keefe law firm, specializing in environmental law.  Bill is the owner of Oasis Water Technologies, a firm which has done a number of projects with the Water Wagon, which is a truck outfitted to process potable water, which has proven invaluable in crises, such as Flint Water Crisis and relief efforts in Puerto Rico after the hurricane.  Marc and Bill gave a presentation of how the water wagon works and how it was employed to bring potable water to those suffering from those crises.
Song: Smile! Led by Bill Roy
Next Meeting: June 8, 2020
Bill Roy, Bulletin Editor
May 18, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
Birmingham Rotary Club
Meeting Minutes
Monday May 18, 2020
President John Schrot opened the ZOOM meeting at 12:07pm with a roll call and dedication of the meeting to the First Responders and the youngest and newest Club members.  He reminded all of #3 of the Rotary Code of Conduct and the importance of mentoring new members.  He followed with leading the Club's reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Next was the reciting of the Rotary Four Way Test.
Bill Roy led in the singing of America the Beautiful
George Stern provided the week's inspiration and informed the Club of the passing of Jean Sieger, the wife of deceased former member Ralph Sieger.
Guests were introduced including former Birmingham Rotarian, Carol Marsh (who is now in the Frankfort Rotary Club and was taking notes on how our ZOOM meetings were conducted).  Also joining us was Roger Frank, Bryan's father.  President John also thought that Salt Water Solutions was a guest only to be surprised it was our own Mark Cooper!
Birthdays were recognized for Regan Gilshire (5/21) and Pat Grady (5/25).  Regan indicated it was a "milestone" but she is still a "young Rotarian at heart".  Happy Birthday was song by the attendees....
Regan share a short video on the heartwarming gift of giving by a little boy.  He was given a large amount of money to go toy shopping and instead decided to give it to a homeless person on the street.  He came to the realization that he had it good already and that he should give it to someone who truly needed it.  Well Done Young Lad!!
2 Minute Update - Mark Cooper used the time to remind everyone that once society opens up after COVID, idle buildings might not be properly sanitized.  Stagnate airflows, mold may lurk and all should be careful as they venture out.
Announcements included: 
Hope Warming - 5/19 is cancelled.  The County has stepped in to provide meals and our monthly servings are suspended until further notice.
Monthly BRC Board meeting - 5/20 via ZOOM
Virtual Happy Hour - 5/21 via ZOOM.  The theme will be "crazy looks" such at bad self-haircuts, wild beards, unkept hair....
Linda Hatfield gave a short membership update.  A local attorney, Pierre Yaldo has expressed interest in the Club.  
President John next posed the Question of the Week...  "If you were a superhero or had superpowers what would you be or do.  Unanimously it was to be a Vaccine Hero and end this current nightmare of COVID-19!!!!
President John suggested that without a sheriff we should all consider making Rotary themed donations.  Possibilities are donations to Polio Plus, The Rotary Annual Fund, and Every Rotarian Every Year.
Betsy Reich was host to our meeting Speaker Collyer Smith from the Ann Arbor North Rotary Club.  Collyer is a District Assistant Governor and leads a 2nd-5th grader literacy champions effort.   He shared "A Parents Journey into Mental Health".  His story centered on his son Cameron.  Cameron was typical child growing up and as a senior at AA Pioneer High School started to struggle with depression and anxiety.  He shared photos that didn't show the signs of the strains that led to addiction issues.  After stints in rehab and relapses, Collyer found a program in Bend, Oregon that specialized in specific treatment and therapy.  The program centered on life and coping skills.  Collyer shared his visits on parent weekends and the progress that was taking place.  Then on a weekend break back home in Ann Arbor, Cameron fell back into his old circles and ended up accidentally overdosing after a night out with an old friend.  Collyer shared his nightmare finding Cameron the next morning unresponsive in his bedroom.  A very tragic story of the struggles of mental health challenges and the importance of strong support systems.  Collyer, with the support of the Ann Arbor community, holds a marathon run event in Cameron's memory that supports mental health initiatives.  Anyone wanting information on the marathon run or information on Collyer's mental health awareness efforts can reach him via
President John closed the meeting with a singing of "Smiles".  
"Connect the World"
No meeting next Monday due to Memorial Day
Respectfully submitted - John Westerheide, Bulletin Editor
May 11, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
May 11, 2020
Zoom Meeting I.D. 181471768
The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. by President John Schrot.
PRESENT: Attendance sheet is attached as Exhibit A.  Pursuant to Article IV, Section 3 of the Bylaws, there is a quorum present.
GUESTS: Carol Marsh and Bill Collin of the Frankfort Rotary Club, Renee Floer of the West Bloomfield Rotary Club, Sharna Thatcher of the Auburn Hills Rotary Club, Kevin Dietz, today’s speaker.
Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all present.
“God Bless America” was led by Bill Roy
The Rotary 4 Way test was recited by all present.
INVOCATION: Joe Bauman delivered the invocation--“Success” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
 Invocation/inspiration: Joe Bauman
 Bulletin Editor/Secretary: Bill Roy
 2 Minute Update: Charles Wickins
 Host to Speaker: John Schrot
Pursuant to the Club Bylaws, the Club conducts an election for vacant Board seats at the annual meeting.  Election Committee chairs Chris Mc Logan and Rich Shapack have sent each member a ballot, which they asked be returned to them by the meeting. At 12:15 p.m., President John asked if there was anyone present who had not voted and who wished to vote.  If so, ballots would be accepted by e-mail up to 12:25 p.m.  Chris McLogan went over voting instructions and repeated Rich Shapack’s e-mail address, where votes must be sent.
2 MINUTE UPDATE: Charles Wickins gave an update on how he is sheltering at home.  Charles is playing golf (with mixed results), watching concerts (which seem to be improving in quality), staying well (which includes learning how to plank), and unfortunately eating too much chicken.
 President John Schrot reported that there is an article in the Rotarian this month about Steve Durant, a member of the Detroit Rotary Club who overcame various health deficits and has become an inspirational leader and role model.
 President John also reported that he has been in touch with City Manager and Board Member Joe Valentine, who indicates that the Memorial Day program this year will be virtual.  The City may allow one Rotarian to attend in person.  John asks for feedback as to whom should represent the Club at the event.
 President John went through the attendees and personally greeted all present.
 President John also extended an offer to all members of the Club.  If the Club can be of any service, please contact President John and he will make every effort to help.
 Wendee Haugh indicated that if anyone has an idea for a speaker, please let her know.  There are several openings in June and beyond.
 Linda Hatfield reported that the District Membership committee is meeting this week.
 Bryan Frank described the virtual happy hour which was held May 7th at 5:30 p.m.  The theme of the gathering was hats.  Marsha Kovacs won the prize (drinks on Bryan at the next face to face happy hour) with her Cinco de Mayo theme hat, followed closely by Bob Swanson in his Lone Ranger hat (query-would the Lone Ranger have to put the mask over his mouth when palavering with Tonto?).
 The Club is planning to have a virtual happy hour every two weeks.  Next Happy Hour is May 21.
QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What was your favorite children’s program when you were little?
 Answers were Howdy Doody-Dave Underdown, Soupy Sales Chris Winans and Bill Roy, with nostalgic memories of Edgewater Park and the Walled Lake Casino.
 At 12:35 p.m. Rich Shapack announced the results of the Board of Directors Election.
 The following were elected to Board of Directors terms which will commence July 1, 2020:
 George Stern
 Vic Pooler
 Mark Cooper
 Congratulations to the successful candidates, and thanks to all who participated.
 President John introduced Kevin Dietz, President of Dietz Connect, a journalist for over 30 years, with several decades of award winning service as a reporter for WDIV Detroit.
 Kevin recounted some of the big stories which he covered, including Desert Storm, Kwame Kilpatrick, Jimmy Hoffa, Dr. Kevorkian, 9/11, Oakland County Child Killer and Nancy Kerrigan.  He is most proud, however, of stories in which he was able to be of some service to those whose stories he was covering, such as victims of Hurricane Andrew, victims of “Dr. P”, the back alley abortion provider, the lengthy incarceration of “White Boy Rick” Wershe, who is finally going to see freedom after 35 years, and Floyd Dent, who asked Kevin to witness his execution and express his remorse to the victim’s family and his love to his own family.
 Kevin indicated that he heeded the advice of Bill Bonds, who told him rather than focusing on journalism and communications classes, he should strive to learn as much he can about everything, since every story will have a different subject.
SMILE: Led by Bill Roy
President John bid everyone farewell and reminded everyone to Connect the World. 
Our next meeting will be May 18 at noon.
Respectfully submitted,
Bill Roy
Bulletin Editor
Assistant Secretary, Birmingham Rotary
May 4, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
May 4, 2020
Meeting called to order by John Schrot at 12:05
Pledge of Allegiance and 4 Way Test
Song My Country, 'Tis of Thee by Bill Roy
Weekly Invocation/Inspiration by Chris Winans
Guests Carol Marsh President of Frankfort Mi Club, Linda Lludy President of Troy Club and Dave Pierce friend of Vic Pooler
Birthdays None
Invocation Chris Winans
Bulletin Editor Dave Underdown
Rotary Update Bryan Frank 
Host to Speaker John Schrot
Question of the week? Do you have a tattoo? If no what would you get? Yes, Regan and Wendy. An interesting discussion followed? 
Rotary Virtual Convention Free June 20th-26th. Go to the RI web site.
Changes in club By-Laws coming
Bryan Frank reported on Birmingham Rotary Endowment Fund. The Board made grants to JVS Literacy, Baldwin Library, Community House, Wish Upon a Team, Covid19 fund, and some money for future gifts.
Virtual Happy Hour 5:30 Thursday, May 7th
John Schrot introduced our member Vic Pooler CEO, Great Lakes BSA, Detroit 
Vic gave us the most complete story of drastic changes the Covid19 has made for the programs that Scouts participate in. Much of the scouting programs are about getting people outdoors. Vic has had to transform himself into a work at home executive. He has had to become a  Zoom master. Working up to 80 hours a week. I can't imagine the complexity of what he is going thru. You are beyond and above heroic in your work. One reason I Love Rotary is that we get to know people doing things like you are doing. Thank you for telling us your story.
Dave Underdown Editor
April 13, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
April 13, 2020
Meeting Bulletin
Meeting called to order by: President John Schrot at 12:15 pm via Zoom
Pledge of Allegiance
4-Way Test
Song:     God Bless America (led by Bill Roy)                            
Weekly Invocation/Inspiration by: Jeff Buehner                        
Birthdays: Chris Winans 4/14/20                    
Greeter: Charles Wickens (virtual greeter)            
Invocation/Inspiration: Jeff Buehner                
Bulletin Editor: John Mucha                    
Host to Speaker: Wendee Haugh
Updates:   Chris Mc Logan announced that the Nominating Committee has nominated 6 candidates to fill 3 Club Board positions (each with a 3 year term)  The nominees are:  George Stern, John Mucha, Vic Pooler, Andrew Soontharatoke, Mark Cooper and Amanda Anderson.  The vote will take place on May 10th during our Club Meeting.
Membership Committee: All members are encouraged to invite guests to our Zoom meetings
Youth Services/Literacy: ¬All schools are closed for the remainder of this school year.  Our programs will resume thereafter.
Interact Clubs: No report (all schools are closed)                                
Foundation: No report
Social Committee: Third Thursdays via Zoom are being planned.  No Third Thursday was scheduled for April 16th.                                                
Service Committee: The Club has been asked to participate in and donate to several local projects aimed at COVID-19 relief.  The Club will be making request(s) to the BRCEF for grant funds for these purposes.   Bill Roy also announced that all Hope Warming Center activities by the Club are on hold due to the COVID-19 restrictions.                            
Mental Health Committee: No report
Fundraising Committee: The Masters raffle drawing took place on March 27th.  As reported on our Club website:
On Friday, March 27th, a few Birmingham Rotarians met in the parking lot at The Village Club to draw our 3 winners while practicing social distancing.
• First Place: David Peterson - Husband of one of our very own Board Directors, Carol Peterson - CONGRATULATIONS! David will have the choice of attending the Masters Tournament once it's rescheduled or taking the $5,000 cash prize.
• Second Place: Andy Roisman - Birmingham Rotarian. She is the winner of the $1,000 cash prize!
• Third Place: Greg Bury - a close friend of our Birmingham Rotarian, David Underdown. He is the winner of the $500 cash prize!
The Masters Raffle Gala was cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  As a result, less money was raised during this fiscal year.  The Gala, hopefully, will be rescheduled to a date later this year.  Other fundraising ideas are welcome.                            
Other/Misc: The Club Board scheduled its monthly meeting via Zoom for April 15th        
Name & Company: Monica Levin of NonVerbal Science                        
Topic: Body Language and How It Influences Others            
Notes: Monica Levin discussed how critical body language can be and gave the Kennedy/Nixon televised debates as a prime example.  She demonstrated several ways in which we communicate with our stance, our hands and our arms including: High Power and Low Power posture, the Launch Stance, and Power Seating. She noted that studies of juries have confirmed that witnesses who hide their hands are more likely to be perceived as untrustworthy.  A very interesting topic and one we will have to be especially mindful of when we are no longer sheltering in place.                
Meeting ended with a round of “Smile!”  Sung by David Underdown !!
Bulletin submitted by: John Mucha                                
March 9, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
Birmingham Rotary Club
Meeting Minutes
Monday March 9, 2020
President John Schrot opened the meeting at 12:15pm with the Club's reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Following was the reciting of the Rotary Four Way Test.
Regan Gilshire lead in the singing of America the Beautiful
John Mucha provided the week's inspiration
Numerous guests were introduced including Jay Zaczek and J Dallo who are Chamber members who wanted to see what Rotary is about after our sponsored Chamber of Commerce Coffee event.  Also attending were supporters of today's speaker, Bill Van Laven, Judy Miller and Julie Smith.  
Front desk Volunteers were recognized:
  Mark Cooper - Lunch tickets
  George Stern - Raffle
  Dave Underdown - Greeter
2 Minute Update - Doug Koschik promoted Library events "Friends of the Library" on 3/22 and "Early Aviation" on 3/12.  He also updated the Club on the next phase of the extensive road works program on Maple Road scheduled to start soon and continue through summer.  
Rotary Minute - John Westerheide recapped the Club's efforts selling Masters Raffle Tickets at the Novi Golf Show.  46 tickets in all were sold and the club had great exposure to the thousands who visited the show.  Great Rotary volunteerism was shared amongst members.  Special recognition to Bryan Frank for his Raffle Ticket leadership and to Regan Gilshire for her Masters Gala leadership.
Announcements included:
  Hope Warming - 3/17
  Masters Madness Gala - 3/27
  District Conference in Chatham (new members will be subsidized) - 5/8 and 5/9
  Guided Reader Program at Owens Elementary - Every Wednesday 9:30am to
        10:30am).  See Paul Toepp and John Mucha to sign up.  We need more
Raffle draw saw a daily winner (Paul Toepp) but no card pull winner.  Pot Lives!
Sheriff Paul Toepp fined many Rotarians all for good causes!
Amanda Anderson was host to our meeting Speaker Alan Miller from Pontiac Kid's Engineering Club.  Alan is a passionate engineer who has established an after school program to introduce Pontiac 3rd-6th graders to the world of engineering.  The program is a STEM style educational class run by engineering volunteers.  The club meets for one hour at a time and has about 40 children actively involved.  The program has a yearly theme and Alan shared works from the children on this year's Aviation theme. 
President John closed the meeting with a singing of Smiles.  
"Connect the World"
Respectfully submitted - John Westerheide, Bulletin Editor
March 2, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
March 2, 2020¬¬ Meeting Bulletin
•    Meeting called to order by: President John Schrot at 12:15                          
•    Pledge of Allegiance recited by all members
•    4-Way Test recited by all members
•    Song: America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee) sung by Bill Roy
•    Weekly Invocation/Inspiration: ‘Prayer for Good Humor’ by Bill Roy
•    Guests:
o    Rick Wilk
o    Dan Kahn
o    Judy Powers
•    Birthdays:
o    Pete Kreher (March 7)
•    Volunteers:
o    Lunch Tickets:         Marsha Kovacs
o    Raffle Tickets:         John Mucha
o    Greeter:             Frannie Greenbaum
o    Invocation/Inspiration:     Bill Roy
o    Sheriff:             Linda Hatfield
o    Bulletin Editor:         Jeff Buehner
o    Host to Speaker:         Carol Peterson
•    1-Minute Update:    Andrea Roisman gave the Club a Rotary International update. She attended a meeting of the Tel Aviv Rotary Club in Israel where she was warmly welcomed with beer and given one of their club’s Rotary flags.
•    Updates:
o    Membership Minute: Linda Hatfield reminded everyone of the Masters Madness Gala coming up on March 27th at the Village Club in Bloomfield Hills.
o    Literacy Update: Paul Toepp/John Mucha (need readers Wednesdays at Owens Elementary from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.
•    Masters Madness Gala Planning Committee Meeting 
•    Hope Warming Center: March 17 Bill Roy (full)
•    Report on BBCC Member Coffee at Baldwin Library Rotary Room on 2/27; Thank you Doug Koschik
•    Report on District All Club Grant Seminar: Feb. 29 (Sat.) 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Concordia University
•    District Conference in Chatham: May 8-9; new members subsidized
•    Publishing of BRC draft Strategic Plan
•    Raffle Card Drawing: John Mucha
•    Daily Pot winner: John Schrot
•    Nobody drew the Ace of Spades – the Jackpot lives
•    Sheriff: Linda Hatfield 
•    Host to Speaker: Carol Peterson
•    Speaker: Pamela Good, Co-founder and CEO of Beyond Basics. Pamela detailed the widespread problem of illiteracy impacting America’s young people.  Beyond Basics is a literacy focused nonprofit organization that provides one-on-one reading tutoring and literacy enrichment programs for K-12 students in order to help them achieve grade level movement in six to twelve weeks.
•    SMILE
•    Thank you – Connect the World!
February 24, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
Birmingham Rotary Weekly Meeting
February 24, 2020
● Welcome by President at 12:15pm
● Pledge of Allegiance
● 4-Way Test recited by all members
● Song: America the Beautiful
● Weekly Invocation/Inspiration: Chirs McLogan
● Guests: Judy Martin, Judy Powers- Magnolia By the Lakes Marketing Director
● Birthdays:
● Volunteers:
○ Lunch tickets: Mark Cooper
○ Raffle Tickets: Dan Ryan
○ Greeter: John Mucha
○ Invocation/Inspiration: Chris McLogan
○ Sheriff: Chris Winans
○ Bulletin Editor: Amanda Anderson
○ 2-minute Update: Saved for Later- Bryan Frank
○ Host to speaker: Paul Toepp
● Membership Minute: Linda Hatfield
● Literacy Update: Paul Toepp/ John Mucha (need readers Wednesday at
Owens Elementary from 9:30 to 10:30am
● Social Committee: Report on Third Thursday. At Flemings- new members
● Masters Madness Gala Planning Committee Meeting: (Gala March 27)
● Hope Warming Center: March 17 sign up sheet Bill Roy--FULL
● BBCC Member Coffee at Baldwin Library Rotary Rom on 2/27 at 8am (sign up: Doug
● District All Club Grant Seminar: Feb. 29 (sat) 10am - 2PM at Concordia Univ.- Joe
● District Conference in Chatham: May 8-9: new member subsidized
● Publishing of BRC draft Strategic Plan- Visionary plan for B-ham Rotary was done by
Marsha and Chris.
● Raffle Card Drawing: Dan Ryan-- Judy Powers won and donated back!
● Sheriff: Chris Winans
● Speaker/Host to Speaker:Paul Toepp
○ Speaker: Miche Lame: Family Emotional Dysfunction- By 7 years old, genes and
environmental factors solidify personality unless trauma happens but
family traits can be reversed by actively bringing awareness to and deciding against the
behavior. Mental health can be compared to chronic health diseases so the goal is to
destigmatize mental health issues and provide resources for helping to rework thoughts that
inhibit growth and healing.
● Thank you - Connect the World
February 10, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
FEBRUARY 10, 2020
Welcome by President Elect Bill Roy at 12:15pm
Pledge of Allegiance
4-Way Test recited by all members
Song: America the Beautiful was nicely done by Chris Winans 
Weekly Invocation/Inspiration: Molly Swart gave a nice invocation and let us know that  the water well that we fund is up in Uganda.
Guests:There were many guests today. Fernado Rodriquez from Kirk In the Hills, Karen May, Sarah izzo friends of Charles Wickins. Ashok Gupta from Troy Rotary, Judy Powers, Waterford Rotary, Emma Tracy from Micha 6. Tina Rowan, Accent Pontiac. Dave Smyk, husband of Molly Swart
Birthdays:    None
-Lunch Tickets:    Mark Anderson
-Raffle Tickets: Mark Cooper
-Greeter: Mark Cooper
-Invocation/Inspiration: Molly Swart
-Sheriff: Peter Kreher
-Bulletin Editor: Linda Hatfield
-Host to Speaker: David Underdown
2-minute Business Update: Chris Winans 
Bottom line… now is the time to purchase a house it is at an all time low.
-Literacy Update: Paul Toepp/John Mucha (need readers Wednesday at Owens Elementary from 9:30 to 10:30 am
-Social Committee/Masters Raffle: Bryan Frank let us know that 120 tickets have been sold and to keep Friday, March 27 open for the Masters Gala.
-Masters Madness Gala Planning Committee Meeting: February 18, 2020 at noon at Bill Roy’s office
-Hope Warming Center: sign-up sheet - Bill Roy on March 17. Thank you for all who went to Hope on Sunday and to Marsha for making 180 yummy cookies
-BBCC Member Coffee at Baldwin Library Rotary Room on 2/27 at 8 am 
-Raffle Card Drawing: Mark Anderson drew the winning ticket that went to Dave Smyk whose better half is our lovely Molly Swart. The pot still lives
-Sheriff: Peter Kreher shared that he any some of his “friends” sipped some very good wine the previous week and asked if others had some good wine or beverage as well. Some of us were not as lucky!
Speaker/Host to Speaker: David Underdown
Speaker: Coleman Yoakum of Micah 6 Community
In 2011, after graduating from college, Coleman stated several of us wanted to move somewhere that needed good neighbors. Coleman moved first to Detroit where he spent time getting to know local organizations who were trying to turn around neighborhoods there. 
In 2012, it became obvious that doors were opening for us in Pontiac and in August, we moved into our house at 32 Newberry. 
After some time, we learned some of the challenges in my community-- lack of access to healthy food, lots of our homeless friends sleeping in vacant houses, there wasn't much for kids to do when they weren't in school.
So, after a year of listening, we set about to tackle some of these issues including growing community gardens, hanging out with neighborhood kids, living with an open door to our homeless friends for showers and a place to cook food.
What an amazing story and what a great job Coleman did and is doing getting the word out. He was very entertaining and could be a comedian in another life.
SMILES was sung with much enthusiasm
Thank you – Connect the World!
January 13, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
Meeting called to order by: John Schrot at 12:15 p.m.         
Pledge of Allegiance
4-Way Test
Song: God Bless America led by Bill Roy                                
Weekly Invocation/Inspiration by: Dave Zimmer                                                             
  • Kathy Sullivan
  • Donna Zimmer
  • Tom Neveau - Assistant District Governor
  • Susanne Smak                                                                                              
  • Joe Valentine
  • Charles Wickins      
  • Lunch Tickets: Regan Gilshire                                           
  • Raffle Tickets: Mark Anderson                                          
  • Greeter: Chuck Moss                                               
  • Invocation/Inspiration: Dave Zimmer                                             
  • Sheriff: Dave Underdown                                       
  • Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy                                                     
  • Host to Speaker: Dan Ryan                                                   
  • 2-Minute Update: George Stern- George just finished term as Chairman of JVS, which provides vocational services to the disabled.                                                
  • Membership Committee: Linda Hatfield reported that she received several inquiries about the Club due to the excellent article in the Eagle arranged by John Westerheide.  Our guest Kathy Sullivan is one of the individuals who responded.                                        
  • Youth Services/Literacy: Paul Toepp- we are reading at Owen school on Wednesday.           
  • Interact Clubs: Paul Toepp indicated that we need volunteers for the RYLA weekend in April.
  • Social Committee: Third Thursday is January 16, 4-7 p.m. at The Morrie              
  • Service Committee: We are serving dinner at Hope Warming Center on January 22.  Next date is February 9.  Bill Roy passed around sign-up sheets for both. We will meet at Gleaners from 12:30-3:00 on January 21 (MLK Day) to perform service
  • Fundraising Committee: There will be a meeting of the Committee on January 16, from 5-6 p.m. at Berkshire Hathaway Realtors to discuss the Master’s Gala. Members may attend via teleconference
  • No meeting next Monday, January 21 MLK day. 
  • Board of Directors Meeting - January 15, at noon at BAC
  • BBCC Member Coffee February 27 at 8:00 a.m. Rotary Room in Baldwin Public Library.  Please sign up using sheets on table
  • Mark Cooper asks that everybody provide necessary information to compile the Member Directory                                                                                                          
Condolences to:
  • Doug Koscik on loss of his partner Mike Ballweg                              
  • Dave and Donna Zimmer on loss of Dave’s brother Tom                    
  • Andy Roisman won the $12.00 Daily Pot.
  • Dave Underdown won the $90.00 Jackpot.      
Name & Company: Bonnie McArthur of Zonta Club of Pontiac                                        
Topic: Zonta Club is a world-wide organization of women founded in 1919 and which has grown and is now in 63 countries.  Zonta’s mission is professionals empowering women through service and advocacy.
The meeting ended with a round of Smile!
Next meeting will be January 27, 2020 (Cyber Bullying Speaker).  
Remember to come to Gleaner’s next week.
Connect the World!
Bulletin submitted by: Bill Roy 
November 25, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Meeting was called to order by President John Schrot at 12:10 pm.
Bill Roy led us in a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled banner.
Miche Lame gave a thoughtful invocation.
Guests:  Donna Zimmer, Nancy Savron (speaker) and her friend Maggie Duffy.
No birthdays.
Meeting Volunteers: 
Lunch and Raffle tickets - Marc Cooper.
Greeter - Chris McLoga.
Sheriff - Dave Underdown.
Bulletin Editor - John Mucha

2 Minute Update was given by Charles Wickens, on the topic of Medicare enrollment deadlines
Announcements and Committee Updates:
  • Bryan Frank reported that the Endowment Fund (BRCEF) will have its annual meeting and election of two new directors on December 16th at our regular Club Meeting.
  • David Underdown reported that we had 6 readers at Owen Elementary the previous week.  We read every Wednesday from 9:30 to 10:30, so please make this part of your schedule.
  • Linda Hatfield reported that the a new member will be inducted at our next meeting.
  • Bryan Frank reported that we had our November Third Thursday at Griffin Claw.
  • Bill Roy reported that the meal last week at  Hope Warming Center was a huge success.  Next meal is December 10th.  Volunteers still needed.  
  • Bell ringing for the Salvation Army will take place on December 7th and 14th.  See Chris McLogan for details.
  • A Strategic Planning Committee meeting will occur on December 3rd at 4 pm at Berry Moorman offices.  See John Schrot for details.
  • Team Turkey meal deliveries were on November 28th.  Regan Gilshire to report success at next meeting.
  • Regan Gilshire also announced a fundraiser.  Buy a pullover and support the Club.  See Regan for details.
  • In addition, Regan announced that she could use some help with club administration tasks.  Please see Regan.  Everybody do something!
  • Pat Grady announced the annual Tweener will be at Brady's on Southfield Road on 12/30/19 at Noon.  Sign up on the Club website.
  • Chuck Moss announced he is compiling a list of our club's procedures, and welcomes your assistance.  
  • John Schrot announced that Birmingham Rotary will sponsor a Chamber of Commerce Member Coffee on February 27th at the Baldwin Library (Rotary Room) at 8 a.m.
  • Marc Cooper is preparing a Roster of club members.  He is looking for sponsors for ads in the Roster.  See Marc for details.
  • George Stern announced that he just had his 60th wedding anniversary, and he contributed accordingly to the Sheriff.
Raffle Card Drawing:  Bryan Frank won the daily pot.  No winner of the card draw.  The pot lives.
John Schrot announced that our Holiday Luncheon will be on December 9th.  Please sign up now!
Also, please bring new unwrapped toys for the Bottomless Toy Chest.  See Pat Grady for details.
Pat Grady introduced our speaker, Nancy Sovran, Executive Director of "Wish Upon a Teen".  This group helps teens adjust to problems associated with life-limiting medical conditions.  They are active in 80 hospitals across the United States.  They engage in many ways, including transforming hospital rooms, visits from sports celebrities, "spa day" and "Mojo's Wish Upon a Prom".  Excellent program worth your support!
We sang a joyful SMILE! 
Meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by:
John Mucha III
November 18, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
President John Schrot opened the meeting at 12:15pm with the Club's reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Following was the reciting of the Rotary Four Way Test.
Bill Roy lead in the singing of America the Beautiful
David Zimmer provided the week's inspiration "Enjoy the Dance!".
Numerous guests were introduced including Angela from Community House (a new Club Business class member).  Member spouses Donna "Lion" Zimmer and Sharon Roy were introduced.  Bank of Ann Arbor's Steve Guy and Rotary Assistant Tom Neveau were also in attendance.
RI District 6830 AG Tom Neveau reminded the club that November is "Foundation Month" and is an opportunity to gain Paul Harris points by participating the the RI Foundation's "Every Rotarian Every Year" fund raising campaign.  Interested Rotarians can participate by either signing up online for a monthly withdrawal through "Rotary Direct" electronic payment system or with a check (Joe Bauman collects those checks for submission to RI and tracks our Clubs Foundation points accumulations).  Anyone with questions on how it works can see Joe or via information on the RI website.
Birthdays - Clark Johnson (11/19).
Front desk Volunteers were recognized:
  David Underdown - Lunch tickets
  Jeff Brunner - Raffle
  Carol Peterson - Greeter
2 Minute Update - Mark Anderson recapped the financial markets and highlighted the recent high water advancements.
Announcements included:
  Hope Warming - 11/19
  Third Thursday Happy Hour at Griffin Claw Brewery - 11/21
  Salvation Army Bell Ringing (in Downtown Birmingham) - 12/7 and 12/14
  Club Holiday Luncheon - 12/9  Cost is $25, guests encouraged, plated meal, 
        Seaholm Choir entertainment, bring unwrapped toys for our "Bottomless Toy
        Chest effort (See Marsha Kovacs with any questions or add your name to the sign
        up sheet that is circulating to ensure headcount).
  Strategic Planning Meeting - 12/3 at 4pm at President John's office on Brown Street
  Team Turkey Dinner Deliveries - 11/28 from 8am til 10:30am.  See Regan Gilshire
        for driver volunteer opportunities
  Holiday Tweener Lunch - 12/30 noon at Brady's (on Southfield Road). Sign up
        on Club website or see Pat Grady
  December 10 is next Hope Warming Center dinner  
  Guided Reader Program at Owens Elementary - Every Wednesday 9:30am to
        10:30am).  See Paul Toepp and John Mucha to sign up.  We need more
President John asked for member volunteers to help out Regan Gilshire on Club activities in the areas or Club Administration, Bulletins, Attendance, Facebook Account, New Member Management.  New members are encouraged to see Regan on how they can help and get involved in Club activities.  Everyone needs to participate in some capacity to make our Club vibrant and engaged.
President John announced that Chuck Moss is leading an effort to create a Birmingham Rotary Book of Knowledge that gives instructions on "how to" perform Club duties which dove tails into the volunteer activities mentioned immediately above.  Way to go Chuck!
Mark Cooper is continuing to gather information for a new "hard copy" Club roster that will include company sponsorship opportunities.  Thank you Mark!
Raffle draw saw a daily winner (Carol Peterson) but no card pull winner.  Pot Lives!
Sheriff Jeff Brunner fined many Rotarians who supported or acknowledged the football team from Ann Arbor.
Frannie Greenebaum was host to our meeting Speaker Ann Bak of Eisenhower Dance Detroit.  Ann is a former dancer with the group and is now promoting the contemporary dance repertory company.  In its 29th year, the group performs at the Music Hall in Detroit and around metro Detroit.   Ann explained and showed video examples of their interpretive "modern art" dancing.  The group challenges audiences to think and also includes audience participation at times.  Topics covered in dance routines include topics including mental health awareness issues and engaging young people.
She explained the challenges facing the non-profit and it's paid dancers.  Those interested in more about Eisenhower Dance Detroit can visit their website at
President John closed the meeting with a singing of Smiles.  
"Connect the World"
Respectfully submitted - John Westerheide, Bulletin Editor
November 11, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome by President at 12:15pm
Pledge of Allegiance
4-Way Test recited by all members
Song: God Bless America
Weekly Invocation/Inspiration: George Stern
Guests: Julie Smith, Tim Oancea
Birthdays: Dilip Kumar Kuchipudi (11/11)
• Lunch Tickets: Andy Roisman
• Raffle Tickets: Regan Gilshire
• Greeter: Miche Lame
• Invocation/Inspiration: George Stern
• Sheriff: Bill Roy
• Bulletin Editor: Carol Peterson
• Host to Speaker: Frannie Greenebaum
• 2-Minute Update: Joe Valentine

  • Literacy Update: John Schrot Need readers Wednesday at Owens Elementary from 9:30 to 10:30 am
  • Interact Update: Paul Toepp (Nov. 9 Interact Day)- Will update next week
  • Membership Minute: Linda Hatfield
  • Social Committee: Bryan Frank (Nov. 24 at Griffin Claw) and Endowment Committee
  • Service Committee: Bill Roy
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing: John Schrot  (Dec. 7 and 14)
  • BRC Holiday Luncheon: (Marsha Kovacs-sign up) Dec. 9
  • Toys for Children: Pat Grady
  • Other Committee Reports?: Program/Speakers (Wendee Haugh); Public Relations (John Westerheide); Strategic Planning (Chris Winans/Marsha Kovacs); Mental Health (Miche Lame)
  • Team Turkey / WAB: Regan Gilshire
  • Roster of BRC Members: Mark Cooper
  • Request to assist to Regan Gilshire (Website Administration, Bulletins, Attendance, Facebook, New Member Management) – everyone do something!
  • BRC Book of Knowledge: Chuck Moss
  • Nominations for District Governor Nominee
  • Tweener scheduled for December 30th, 12pm Brady’s
Sheriff:  Bill Roy
Speaker/Host to Speaker: Frannie Greenebaum
• Speaker: John Wukovits – Author of Dogfight Over Tokyo
Connect the World!
Submitted by Amanda Anderson
November 4, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome; called to order by President Elect the Handsome and Talented Bill Roy at 12:16PM.
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
4 Way Test recited by all members
Song: god Bless America, by the golden throated Christ Winans.
Guests: Tim Oancea, prospective member! Chris Smude from The Community House.
Weekly Invocation by an especially eloquent Pete Kreher.
Birthdays: Doug Koschik.
--Lunch Tickets:  Mark Cooper
--Raffle Tickets: Chris “Winner, Winner” Winans
--Greeter: Bob Kenning
--Invocation/Inspiration: Pete Kreher
--Sheriff:  Joe Valentine, who knows where you live.
--Bulletin Editor: The Incomparable Chuck Moss    
--Host to Speaker: Bob Swanson
Literacy Update: Paul Toepp. We need readers every Wednesday at Owens Elementary, from 9:30 to 10:30 AM. 
Interact Update: 2019 Interact Day at West Bloomfield High School on Orchard Lake Rd next Saturday, November 9th,. 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Cost: $15 for speaker and breakout sessions.
Membership Minute:     Linda Hatfield filled us in on two new prospects.
Foundation Gala: A wonderful time was had by all. Many good speeches were given and Birmingham Rotary received an honor for our “End Poli Now” program.
Social Committee: Don’t miss 3rd Thursday, Nov. 24th at Griffin Claw. 
Service Committee: Bill Roy gave an update!
Salvation Army Bell Ringing:  Contact Chris McLogan, dates: Dec 7 and 14. Sign up!
BRC Holiday Luncheon: December 9th. Contact Marsha Kovacs to sign up.
Team Turkey!: Contact Reagan Gilshire to sign up.
Veterans Day: Monday, Nov 11th at Shain Park. Nothing formal scheduled, just encourage Rotarians to be present.
Raffle Card Drawing:
Daily: Joe Bauman
Jackpot: Bryan Frank, Paul Toepp, and Bryan Frank. Despite Bryan drawing 2 aces, neither was the right one and the pot liveth.
Sheriff: A stern Joe Valentine dispensed justice.
Speaker: Maggie Radzar, Founder and President of Kids Standard Publication. Begun to offset her own kids’ digital obsessions, it has evolved into a kid-written magazine to teach history and encourage reading, writing, and research.
Smiles and Adjournment.
Respectfully Submitted: The Honorable Charles Joseph Moss III, Esq.
October 14, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome by President at 12:15pm
Happy Columbus Day! Canadian Thanksgiving!
Pledge of Allegiance
4-Way Test recited by all members
Song: America the Beautiful: Led by Bill Roy
Weekly Invocation/Inspiration: John Mucha
Guests: Collyer Smith of the Ann Arbor Club, chair of the District Mental Health Committee, Phil Peyton, Chris Moody of the Community House
Birthdays: None
  • Lunch Tickets: Joe Valentine
  • Raffle Tickets: Carol Peterson
  • Greeter: Chris Winans
  • Invocation/Inspiration: John Mucha
  • Sheriff: Mark Anderson
  • Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
  • Host to Speaker: Dan Ryan
2-minute Update: Mark Anderson-financial markets are volatile, but we expect a good increase in the market through the next year.
  • Youth Services-Literacy Update: Paul Toepp--please join us for guided reading at Owens School this Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.
  • Foundation Minute: Joe Bauman–Annual Gala is November 2, 2019 6-10 pm. At Fox Hills Country Club.
  • Social Committee : Bryan Frank --Third Thursday will be held Oct. 17, 5-7 p.m. at Hyde Park.
  • Service Committee: Bill Roy--we have a full compliment of volunteers for tomorrow, October 15. For November, we will be serving ham and turkey from Honey Baked Ham.
  • Mental Health Committee: Miche Lame – meeting tomorrow Oct. 15 at 4pm at John Schrot’s office.
Future Member Profiles: Andy Roisman (Oct. 21)
Rotary International Theme: Connect the World – start with our families, everyone affected by mental health issues – thus BRC Mental Health initiative 2019-2020 youth, etc.; continuing today with our speaker
Collyer Smith, Chair of District Mental Health Committee: The District has a mental health initiative, and is encouraging Clubs to form committees and become involved. Birmingham was an early participant and has set up a prototype committee.
Raffle Card Drawing: Carol Peterson. Bryan Frank won the $10 daily drawing. John Westerheide drew the Queen of Hearts and won the $90 grand drawing.
Sheriff: Mark Anderson stiffly fined all scofflaws in our midst.
Speaker/Host to Speaker: Dan Ryan introduced Dr. Joel Young, who has met with the Mental Health Committee at the request of Dan, and has provided valuable guidance in planning a program. Dr. Young indicates that the western world has seen an increase in mental health issues. For example, statistics show that 3.2 million of adolescents age 12-17 have had a depressive episode. Depression causes irritability, hostility and aggression. While mental health disorders are manageable illnesses, and there has been great progress in treating these diseases, 60% of those affected never see any form of treatment. If we can intervene and diagnose mental disorders early, the chances of a favorable result increase. One way to intervene is with use of a rating scale, which is an inexpensive questionnaire which can be answered and later rated. If a problem is identified, and appropriate referral can be made.
Song SMILE, led by President John
Thank you – next week – Connect the World!
Bill Roy–Bulletin Editor
October 7, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome at 12:15 PM by President John Schrot
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Invocation by Chuck Moss
Opening Song: God Bless America
Song led by: Bill Roy
Visitors: Ron Ezell, Tara Tomcheck, Troy Chamber of Commerce, Donna Zimmer, Lynda Ludy, Troy Rotary club
  Lunch Tickets: Regan Gilshire
  Raffle Tickets: Mark Cooper
  Greeter: Molly Swart
  Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
  Host to Speaker: Mark Cooper
One Minute Update: Rich Shapack - "The best measure of a person is what they do for others".
Member Profile Andrew Soontharotake
October 21 will profile Andy Roisman
Announcements & Upcoming events: Bill Roy reported that we are serving at Hope Warming Center next Tuesday. We still need several food items. Throughout the rest of the meeting, members made donations such that we have more than enough for Tuesday. Thanks everybody!
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw: Lynda Ludy won the $ 10 daily draw. No one drew the Queen of Hearts and the pot lives.
Sheriff: Pete Kreher acted as sheriff an stiffly fined the scofflaws in our midst.
Speaker : Mark Cooper introduced Zhiwei Xu (Dr. Tom) director of Michigan Falun Dafa Association. The goal of MFDA is to enhance the health and welfare of the community by spreading traditional Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese culture has been destroyed by the Cultural Revolution in China, which left 80 million dead. MFDA is promoting the Shen Yun production, which teaches and celebrates Traditional Chinese culture through amazing dance, music and choreography. Shen Yun plays throughout the world (but is banned in Communist china). Shen Yun is coming to the Detroit Opera House January 17-26. Go to www. for details.
Song: Smile! Led by President John
Next Meeting: October 14, 2019
Bill Roy, Bulletin Editor
September 16, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome at 12:15 by President John Schrot
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Opening Song: God Bless America led by Bill Roy
Invocation by George Stern
Visitors: Dan Winans, Donna Zimmer, Deb Hollis, Alfred Hassinger, Maggie Razdar
Birthdays: Bob Kenning (September 20th), Paul Toepp (September 21st)
Lunch Tickets: Charles Wickins
Raffle Tickets: Carol Peterson
Sheriff: Miche Lame
Bulletin Editor: Jeff Buehner
Host to Speaker: Paul Toepp
2 Minute Business Update
Chris McLogan provided an update on the real estate market. He noted that housing inventories were up and that tariffs and other economic factors are impacting the housing market. The housing market is spotty as an adjustment is going on, but it isn’t a crash. Rates are low, appreciation rates are reasonable and household incomes are rising. For sellers: no offer in 30 days, adjust price. Buyers: look for homes in the market for over 90 days.
Literacy Update
Paul Toepp indicated that the books for the reading program have been ordered and will be delivered in the next week or so. Paul invited anyone interested in taking part in the reading program to contact him.
Membership Minute
Linda Hatfield reminded everyone to update her on their outreach efforts to contact former Birmingham Rotary Club members. Birmingham Community House is joining the club as a corporate member.
Upcoming Events
  • September 25th: Golf outing at the Heathers Club of Bloomfield. Tee time is noon
  • September 18th: Club Board Meeting
  • September 19th at 5:00 p.m.: Third Thursday at Fleming’s (meet in bar area)
  • September 28th at 8:00 a.m. – NAMI Walk at Belle Isle
  • October 15th at 4:00 p.m.:  next Mental Health Committee meeting
  • October 15th: Hope Warming Center
  • October 24th: World Polio Day
President’s Report: President John reminded us to continue our efforts to expand Rotary’s profile, to recruit new members and to consider contributing money to the Rotary Foundation in support of its important service projects.
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw. Guest Al Hassinger won the $9.00 daily draw. No one drew the Queen of Hearts and the pot lives.
Speaker: Deb Hollis of the Michigan WWII Legacy Memorial. The organization is in the process of raising funds to build the memorial to honor the efforts of Michigander’s who fought on behalf of our country and who contributed to the war effort at home. The memorial is to be built at Memorial Park located at the corner of 13 Mile and Woodward in Royal Oak.
Song: Smile! Led by President John.
Next Meeting: September 23, 2019
Jeff Buehner, Bulletin Editor. 
September 9, 2019 Meeting Bulletin

Welcome at 12:15 PM by President John Schrot
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Invocation by Peter Kreher
Opening Song: America the Beautiful
Song led by: Bill Roy
Visitors: Phil Payton, formerly of St. Petersburg Sunset Club
Nave Grewal–September 11
Vic Pooler–September 14
Lunch Tickets: Jeff Buehner
Raffle Tickets: Mark Cooper
Greeter: Bill Roy
Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
Sheriff: Paul Toepp
Member Profile:
Jeff Buehner
2 Minute Business Update:
Joe Bauman: On behalf of the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce, Joe urges everyone to think of making that next purchase from a local business. After all, what does Amazon give back to our community?
Announcements & Upcoming events:
  • 9/10 at 5:00 p.m.- Mental Health Committee Meeting
  • 9/14 - One Rotary Summit
  • 9/17 - Hope Warming Center
  • 9/18 - Birmingham Rotary Board of Directors Meeting
  • 9/19 - Third Thursday
  • 9/25 - Rotary Golf Outing 11:30-7:00 at The Heathers
  • 9/28 - National Alliance on Mental Health Walk of Belle Isle
  • 11/7 at 7:30 p.m. - TCH evening with Alexander Zonjic & Friends
  • Bryan Frank asked President John to remind everyone that we are going to kick off the sale of Masters Raffle tickets soon, so get your contact and email lists up to date.
    Literacy Update
  • Paul Toepp indicated that we are ready to begin the program for this year. He is shooting for the last week in September. We received a $500.00 donation from Keith James to purchase books. John Mucha has worked to get books distributed to the classrooms. Paul will coordinate with Pontiac Rotary on the program.
  • John Westerheide reported that there is still time to sign up, either for lunch, golf, dinner or any combination of the above. We can still use any items like golf balls for use as prizes.
  • President John reminded us to be mindful of the $100.00 Every Rotarian Every Year Contribution. The easiest way to do this is by signing up with Rotary International for a monthly gift using your credit card. Joe Bauman can help guide you through this process.
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw: Paul Toepp won the $10.00 daily draw. No one drew the Queen of Hearts and the pot lives.
Sheriff: Paul Toepp acted as sheriff and stiffly fined the scoff laws in our midst.

Speaker : President John introduced Assistant District Governor Linda Hatfield. This year, Assistant Governors will visit clubs and carry the message to take on some of the work formerly done by the District Governor. The rotary theme this year is Rotary Connects the World. Rotary wants as much family involvement as possible, so include family member in rotary activities. The Districts goal is to have 2020 members by the end of the year 2020. Rotary now allows corporate memberships and satellite clubs, which should help boost membership. Linda passed around a list of former club members. If anyone knows a former member who may be a good candidate to rejoin the Club, let Linda know.
Song: Smile! Led by President John
Next Meeting: September 16, 2019–Connect the World!
Bill Roy, Bulletin Editor
August 26, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
President John Schrot opened the meeting at 12:16 pm.  The members recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4 Way Test. 
Bill Roy lead us as we sang "Oh Canada" in honor of our guest District Governor Sparky Leonard. Next, we sang "The Star-Spangled Banner".
Chris McLogan gave us the week's inspirational message.
 Andi Roisman new corporate member was in attendance. Guests Keith K,, Heather  ??, was Charles Wickins guest.
Birthdays: Carol Peterson and George Henry-August 23rd, Chuck Moss-August 31st.
We need drivers for Bob Kenning: Sign up go to Genius on the club website.
Membership Meeting today at Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union BBCU at 4:00 pm
Our Masters Raffle Fundraising Gala will be March 27th. Collision Six will Rock the House again with great vocals by Sara Rappaport who is expecting her first child.
Regan is looking for drivers on Thanksgiving day to deliver Dinners to local families.
No meeting Labor day September 2nd
September 9th Rene Pothetes Assistant Governor
September 14th One Rotary Summit-  Michael Angelo Caruso will be speaking about the Best Way to Grow Rotary by teaching us the Amazing Power of the Story. The theme is to learn while having fun.
November 2nd  A Gala Foundation with Jennifer Jones. She is worth seeing. She did a great job of interviewing Jack Nicholas who had Polio as a child, This was at the Atlanta Ga International Convention in 2017. She was a member of the International Board of Directors of Rotary International.
Sparky Leonard our District Governor asked us to support the idea of a Satalite Club in Birmingham that would meet at a time that is convenient to people that would like to be Rotarians but can't make a meeting at 12:00 pm. Rotary is changing with the times. This is good for our great organization. Sparky and John Schrot are great leaders and we are lucky to have them.
September 17th Hope Warming Sign up to help or give some food for the dinner that we serve to over 70 people.
September 25th Rotary golf outing at the Heathers sign up with John Westerheide
September 28th National Alliance on Mental Health Walk on Belle Isle see John Schrot
Raffle Card Drawing By Regan the daily pot to DJU for $12 the big pot lives.
Sheriff Chris McLogan did a great job. We had many laughs and raised some money. Our resident Law Professor will be going back to teach at MSU, Clark Johnson, we will miss you for a while again.
Carol Peterson Introduced Cathy Bilinski a Cruise Specialist, former teacher, Flat Rock Rotarian. She has visited 22 countries. Her favorite spot is Corcumello, Italy. Cathy gave us a test to see what type of cruising is our best choice. 
The meeting closed with the singing of you all know what? Yes!  "Smiles"
Respectfully Submitted- Dave Underdown
August 19, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
President John Schrot opened the meeting at 12:15pm with the Club's reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Following was the reciting of the Rotary Four Way Test.
Bill Roy lead in the singing of America the Beautiful
Miche Lame provided the week's inspiration.
Numerous guests were introduced including Amanda Anderson (see new member induction below) and representatives of the recipients of the Club's Endowment Fund grant monies.
Birthday boy Dave Zimmer was acknowledged and the Club sang him a "Happy Birthday".
Front desk Volunteers were recognized:
  Linda Hatfield - Lunch tickets
  Mark Cooper - Raffle
Announcements included:
  Hope Warming - 8/20
  NO MEETING ON 9/2 (Labor Day)
  One Rotary Summit - 9/14 (see District website)
  Club Golf Outing - 9/25
  Mental Health Walk at Belle Isle - 9/28
New Member Induction by Linda Hatfield.  Linda brought new member Amanda Anderson forward along with her sponsor Joe Bauman.  She presented Amanda (who works at the YMCA) with her Rotary Pin and congratulated her on being our newest Rotarian.
Two minute update was given by Molly Swart who explained her role as a trade representative for France in the manufacturing industry.  Cited impressive trade and job statistics between the United States and France.
Member Profile was given by Bob Gibbs.  Bob shared his career focus on Urban planning and Landscape architecture.  An impressive career spanning many states and countries.  Congratulations Bob on your great career and family!
President John brought up Bryan Frank of the Endowment Board to present grant checks to our designated recipients:
  Jane from Hope Against Human Trafficking / Monarch Wings
  Elizabeth from Hope Warming Center
  Laura Richardson from Bio-sand Filters for Bangladesh
Each recipient thanked the Endowment Fund and Birmingham Rotary and explained how funds would be used on how people of need would be benefitted.  Over $8,500 in grant monies are represented by these fine organizations!
Raffle draw saw a daily winner and three non winners of the card pull.  Pot Lives!
Sheriff Dave Zimmer fined many Rotarians who cited the great work by Marsha Kovacs and Bryan Frank at the Dream Cruise water give-away this past Saturday.  It was a successful fundraiser for our Club!
David Underdown was host to our meeting Speaker Jeff Lichty of the Clarkston Rotary Club.  Jeff is the District Leader of the Youth Exchange Program.  Jeff highlighted the importance of student exchange and the Districts efforts.  These efforts include:
Youth Programs - RYLA, Interact, and Rotary Youth Exchange
Benefits - Leadership opportunities for youth in our communities
Short term programs - Matching families and the interchange of students
Long term programs - Full academic year commitment.  Greater requirements/benefits
President John closed the meeting with a reminder that next week is our District Governor's visit and we sang Smiles.  
"Connect the World"
Respectfully submitted - John Westerheide, Bulletin Editor
July 8, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome at 12:15 PM by President John Schrot
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Invocation by Molly Swart
Opening Song: America the Beautiful
Song led by: Bill Roy
Blake–guest of mom Wendee Haugh (and center of attention).
Lunch Tickets: Regan Gilshire
Raffle Tickets: Doug Koschik
Greeter: Peter Kreher
Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
Host to Speaker: Dave Underdown
Announcements & Upcoming events:
  • Condolences to Molly Swart on the passing of her mother.
  • President John Schrot discussed Rotary’s theme for this year “Rotary Connects The World”, which applies globally as well as locally, and encompasses professional opportunities, people in need, and ourselves.
  • President John passed out the 2019 meeting assignments, the 2019-2020 Club Calendar, and a list of the Club Committees and chairs.
  • Paul Toepp passed out fliers and discussed the “Pop Up Literacy” program we will participate in at Owens School. There will be 5 Wednesday sessions starting July 10 (this Wednesday) through August 7. The session will last from 1:00 to 2:30. Lunch is available in the cafeteria if you are interested. All are urged to participate.
  • Linda Hatfield discussed her plans as Assistant District Governor this year. Sparky Leonard and the ADG’s will be visiting each club this year with a major emphasis on “Grow Rotary”.
  • Dan Ryan reported on the Mental Health Committee. The Committee met and has decided to concentrate on issues affecting elementary and middle school students. The committee is arranging speakers for October and November.
  • Regan Gilshire reported that the Club will receive $1,000.00 from the BBCC for its work at the Birmingham Fair.
  • Regan Gilshire reported on a Club fundraiser which will be held at the Pig & Whiskey in Ferndale on July 19-21. We will be hosting “tents” at the event, where we will serve. The more volunteers we have, the more tents we can host, which will increase the return to the club. Regan will arrange for sign ups.
  • Bryan Frank indicated that Third Thursday will be at the Griffin Claw Thursday July 18 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Linda Hatfield reminded everyone that the New Member Reception will take place on July 24 from 6-9 p.m. at Flemings. This will not only be an opportunity for the new members to meet the membership, but various club members will also provide orientation as to club procedures and organization.
  • President John once again thanked outgoing president Chris McLogan for his service as president during the 2018-2019 year.
  • Chris Mc Logan thanked John Westerheide for his hospitality in hosting the Year End Party at his home.
  • Chris McLogan presented Paul Toepp an Award in recognition of his work on the Youth Services Committee, including managing the “award winning” program at Owens School.
  • Bill Roy indicated that we are serving at Hope Warming Center on July 16, and passed out the sign up sheet for volunteers.
Paul Harris Fellow Awards. Joe Bauman presented a Paul Harris +4 award to Molly Swart.
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw: Joe Valentine won the $14.00 daily draw. No one drew the
Queen of Hearts and the pot lives.
Sheriff: Paul Toepp acted as sheriff an stiffly fined the scofflaws in our midst.
Speaker : Dave Underdown introduced Gerry Jackson, former District Governor, who gave
an interesting talk about his Rotary mission (to which the BRC contributed) which involves
providing eye exams and glasses (the gift of sight) to Mayan inhabitants in a remote area of
Guatemala. Gerry riveted us with everything from the logistical nightmare it was getting the
equipment and entourage to the facility, how he learned the equipment and procedures necessary
to provide glasses, to the dramatic effect getting a pair of glasses has on the lives of someone who
has a vision defect (e.g. take off your glasses and walk along the edge of a cliff). Many thanks to
Gerry for giving us a follow up on his mission.
Song: Smile! Led by President John
Next Meeting: July 15, 2019
Bill Roy, Bulletin Editor
May 20, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome at 12:15 by president Chris McLogan
Pledge of Allegiance by Chris
4 Way Test recited by all members
Song of America the Beautiful lead by Bill Roy
Weekly Inspiration by Charles Wickins 
Guests Rene Pothetes District Governors Assistant gave us a what is happening in the district.
Jeff Buhner last time as a guest is becoming a member.
Birthdays Pat Grady and Regan Gilshire again
Anniversaries Joe Zane  1 Year
Lunch tickets Mark Cooper
Raffle Tickers Bryan Frank
Greeter John Westerheide
Sheriff Doug Koschik
2  Minute Update Linda Hatfield gave a history of the Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union. The big news is that BBCU has a State Charter covering all of Michigan.
Third Thursday will be the year-end party at John Westerheide's June 27th.
  • Owens School on Wednesday's only has 3 more weeks.  Thank you Chris McLogan for going this week. Baldwin Library donated the complete 2016 World Book.
  • Mark Anderson's special project Monarch Wings brought Barb Rousch founder and her assistant Jenna Snyder.
  • Memorial Day wreath ceremony in Shane Park at 10 am May 26th. This is a very special event. It is worth the price just to see Bob Kenning waring his WWII uniform.
  • BBCC Village Fair May 30-June2 Please sign-up to be part of the Pick-up crew.
  • International Conference: Hamburg-June 1-5 At some point in your Rotary life you owe it to your growth as a rounded person to attend at least one International Conference. 
  • Dilip: hosting Lunch at his house 12:00 June 9th. We had a wonderful experience 2 years ago. All funds go to our charities.
Raffle Card Drawing by Brian Frank  Oriana D'Amico won $11 and a chance to win the pot. The pot lives.
Sheriff Doug Koshick put in money for his survival of 2 major operations this year. There was much hilarity and generous giving.
Rene' stressed her job and the other District officers are here to support the Clubs. Meet the Governor June 21st is a chance to meet the team and have lots of fun. Seeing the Car museum is worth the trip to Chatham. Go to There are only 150 VIP tickets.

Carol Peterson is our newest Paul Harris Fellow was presented her pin by Joe Bauman.

Joe Bauman reported we have a record number of grant requests this year.

Brian Frank Presented Barb Rousch from Monarch Wings a check from the Endowment for $5,000.00. Barb said the money will be used for an Airconditioning system for the house that will house 18 women who have escaped human trafficking.

Barb gave an almost unbelievable account of the tragedy surrounding the human trafficking problem that happens as close as our own neighborhood. Michigan is one of the top 5 states in the US. Victims are in every Zip code in Michigan. The victims have no Hope. 90% of the victims end up in emergency rooms. The victims need Physical Spiritual and Emotional healing and Education. They have 2 years of free-living to get back their life. After the very sad and horrible reality of human trafficking victims, we awkwardly move back into our reality and a realization of how fortunate we are as we have sung our signature song Smiles.

Respectfully submitted,
David UnderdownDavid
April 22, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome at 12:10 p.m. by President Chris McLogan
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Weekly Inspiration by Chuck Moss
Opening Song: "My Country ‘Tis of Thee" lead by Bill Roy
Guests: Kathleen Riley, guest of Charles Wickins
No Birthdays this week.
Norma Jean Evans Celebrates her 5th Rotary Anniversary this week.
Lunch Tickets: Regan Gilshire
Raffle Tickets: Mark Anderson
Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
2 Minute Update: For those who could never figure it out, George Stern gave an interesting presentation on the interesting formulae employed for calculation of the exact date for Passover, Ramadan and Easter each year.
Announcements & Upcoming events:
  • Owens Elementary School: Paul Toepp indicated that Guided Reading will be Wednesday. Please be at the school at 9:15 a.m. Reading will last until 10:30. There will be a spelling bee this week and the school may need more volunteer judges. Call Paul Toepp if there are any questions.
  • Hope Warming Center. Bill Roy indicated that we are serving dinner at HWC on May 14 and June 19, and circulated sign up sheets.
  • Monarach Wings. Mark Anderson indicated that renovations are still taking place at Monarch Wings each Saturday. Volunteers are needed. Call Mark if there are any questions.
  • The Birmingham Hometown Parade is May 19th. The "Spark Plug" Rotary Car will participate, with District Governor Jane McManus driving.
  • The District Conference will be held May 3-4 in Detroit.
  • Dilip Kuchipudi has reset the date for the authentic Indian lunch. It will be held Sunday, June 9th.
  • President Chris reminded everyone to participate in Every Rotarian Every Year. Each Rotarian is urged to contribute $100.00 each year to one of the Rotary International funds. The easiest way is to set up an auto donation with your credit card, which can be done on the Rotary International web site.
  • Unfortunately it began raining last Saturday and we were not able to do the Maple Road Cleanup. Thanks to all who showed up at the appointed time. Mark Cooper will now take lead on this project. Many thanks to Pat Grady who started this project in 1996 and has lead the project since then.
  • RYLA was a great success this year. Thanks to all who participated. RYLA will take place April 24-26 2020, and volunteer chaperones will be needed.
  • Michael Williams indicated that Bike Day at Orchard Children’s Services will take place June 19-21. Anyone who can donate a tricycle will be especially welcome. Call Michael for details.
  • The Memorial Day Service will take place on May 27th in Shain Park.
Raffle Card Drawing:
Paul Toepp won the $7.00 daily drawing. Nobody picked the Jack of Spades and the pot lives.
Sheriff: Michael Williams was sheriff and heavily fined all those who were in the rain Saturday of in the sun on Sunday. Peace and order is restored!
Speaker: Peter Kreher was host to our speaker Carol Mastroianni of the Birmingham-Bloomfield Community Coalition. BBCC’s goal is to prevent substance abuse and encourage healthy lifestyle choices among our middle and high school students. BBCC surveys middle and high school students each year and has found that a significant number of students have used substances, and have experienced bouts of anxiety/depression. "Vaping" is an increasing problem. The hyper competitive college admission process and "snowplow parenting" may be contributing to these alarming statistics. The BBCC has developed a number of approaches to the problem, including a Youth Action Board, Highly Effective Teens Initiative and a Youth Dialog Day. BBCC would be amenable to collaboration with the Club’s Mental Health Committee.
President Chris Mc Logan led the club in a rousing rendition of "Smiles", reminded everyone to "Be the Inspiration", and then adjourned the meeting at 1:15 p.m.
Bill Roy-Bulletin Editor
April 8, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome at 12:15 p.m. by President Chris McLogan
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Weekly Inspiration by Molly Swart
Opening Song: “God Bless America” lead by Chris Winans 
Guests: Toby Beach, guest of John Schrot, Lise-Pauline Barnett, guest of Aubrey Huff, Dan Winans
No Birthdays or Anniversaries this week.
Lunch Tickets: Regan Gilshire  
Raffle Tickets: Mark Cooper
Bulletin Editor: Charles Wickins
2 Minute Update:  Joe Zane.  Has finally been hired by Ford Motor Company to help in their autonomous vehicle program (shares up $1, coincidence?).  He has also started engaging in Podcasts. Congratulations Jooe
Announcements & Upcoming events:  
  • Hope Warming Center.  Alicia Green  indicated that we are serving dinner at HWC next Tuesday, April 16. Seaholm are preparing the main course.  Not sure of the other needs but I am confident that Bill Roy has it in hand. However all are welcome to help, it is our most popular program.
  • Owens Elementary School: Guided reading will be Wednesday.  Please be at the school at 9:15 a.m.  Reading will last until 10:30. Call Paul Toepp if there are any questions.
  • Bryan Frank announced Third Thursday next week at Hazel, Ravines and Downtown.  Happy hour 4 to 6, he will be there 4 to 7.  Come and enjoy the different cocktails and eats and the company of Nicole and Heather
  • Mental Health Initiative.  Miche Lame, John Schrot and Chris McLogan had a well attended meeting after the lunch.
  • RYLA starts on Friday, Paul, Miche and yours truly are chaperones (if all 52 clubs in the district send the same numbers there will be more chaperones than attendees)
  • Aubrey invited the club to attend their kick off breakfast at the YMCA on Friday, April 12.  7.30.  Loooooong time board member and Rotarian, Bob Kenning is being recognized.  (It is a “free” breakfast but I do suggest you bring a check).
  • District assembly on Saturday, April 13 at Walsh College, Troy
  • Maple Road clean up next Saturday, April 20
  • Dilip Kuchipudi will host an authentic Indian lunch on Sunday, June 2nd.  This was very well attended in 2017
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw: Oriana D’Amico won the daily drawing.  Nobody drew the Jack of Spades in the jackpot drawing and the pot lives.
Sheriff:   Pete Kreher, newly returned with a healthy tan was sheriff and heavily fined all those, other than Michael and Mark, who were not so tanned.  Seemed a little unjust but peace and order was restored!

Joe Bauman gave a report on the great work the Rotary Foundation (#1 rated non profit in the world) and was proud to announce that the Birmingham (Mi.) Rotary club has donated $346,785 to this foundation over the years.  He then proceeded to tell us His Rotary story which began down river in 1987 when the local club sent him on an all expenses paid trip for six weeks to Japan to report on the sentiment behind the new Flat Rock Mazda plant being built.
Molly Swart then told us her story which started 40 years ago when the Birmingham Rotary club gave her $25,000 to send her to Paris to study.  This paid off dividens as she has since been knighted twice by the French president and was the first female member of the club when membership was opened up in 1989.
Dr John Mucha closed out the personal stories telling us how he paid for himself and his son to go to Mexico to deliver eye glasses, do minor surgery and lead to the delinquency of a minor, his 14 year old son learning such games as Tippy Cup.               

President Chris Mc Logan led the club in a rousing rendition of “Smiles”, reminded everyone to “Be the Inspiration”, and then adjourned the meeting.
Charles Wickins-Bulletin Editor
February 4, 2019 Meeting Bulletin
Welcome at 12:15 by President Chris McLogan
Pledge of allegiance, 4-way test
Opening song led by Bill Roy
Weekly Inspiration by Aubrey Huff
Guests were Tim Bishop, Allison Sims and Andrew Soontharotoke
Birthdays Charles Wickins, John Mucha and Joe Bauman
Lunch Tickets Norma Jean Evans
Raffle Tickets Bryan Frank
Greeter Molly Swart
Sheriff Charles Wickins
Host to the Speaker Pat Grady
It has been a long time since the Song Books have been placed on our tables. With no piano player etc. Bill Roy & “Can’t sing” Mark Anderson took us on a singing journey we won’t soon forget. We survived the situation with our Great Rotary Spirit surviving.
President McLogan asked the membership if anyone of us would be willing to do the very important job of organizing our speaker programing. Please think about this it is a great service to the club.
President McLogan announced that we may not always be meeting in the Grand Hall going forward. We should look at the Schedule Board by the front desk to find the meeting room for Rotary.
2-minute business update by Peter Kreher gave a history of the Birmingham Rotary Endowment Fund and examples of the importance it has to our ability to do sustainable charity work.
Membership Minute: Linda Hatfield we had 3 guests and Robert Gibbs as a prospective new member.
Announcements and Upcoming Events:
  1. Hope Warming Center: Bill Roy 2/26 to 7:15 – 9:00 “Many hands make light work” Bill says
  2. Third Thursdays Bryan Frank TBA
  3. Owens Elementary Guided Reading Wednesday 9:30 -10:30 Paul Toepp
  4. Sell Masters Raffle Tickets Get your last effort to sell going!! Bryan Frank
  5. Hope Against Human Trafficking. New house Mark Anderson needs an electrician to help. Come out on Saturdays and help.
  6.  Wendy Haugh needs wine for a wine raffle. She needs items for baskets for the silent auction.
  7. March Masters Madness Party: 3/15- Vic Pooler Sign up before 2/15 for a prize drawing.
  8. Endowment Board Nominees: John Mucha We will elect 3 new members for the Endowment Board on February 18th. We will also have the Annual meeting for the Endowment Fund on the 18th.
  9. Raffle Card Drawing: Mark Cooper, Underdown won $9.00 and the big pot lives.
Sheriff Charles Wickins did his usual great job of entertaining us while extracting our extra cash.
Host to the Speaker: Pat Grady introduced John Jamieson-Author Wealth w/out Stocks & Mutual Funds Phone #586-944-0794 Building Financial Blueprints of Little-Known, Powerful Strategies His power-point slides were educational and eye-opening. The best presentation for the Long Term Health Care Policies I’ve seen.
We finished the meeting with our own special rendition of Smiles
Remember, Be the Inspiration!
Respectfully Submitted, David Underdown
December 4, 2017 Meeting Bulletin

The meeting was called to order at 12:15PM by President  Linda Hatfield. 
Pledge of Allegiance
4 way Test:  As a special holiday treat, President Hatfield, provided the group with an explanation of the origin and meaning of our cherished 4-Way Test. 
America The Beautiful was sung by Ken Gass
Invocation was given by  David Underdown
Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians:
  • There were many friends, family members and spouses in attendance today to help us celebrate the Holiday Season     
Meeting Volunteers:
  • Lunch Tickets & Attendance:  Regan Gilshire
  • Raffle Tickets: Chris Winans
  • Greeter: Bryan Frank
  • Sheriff: No Sherriff Collection 
  • Bulletin Editor: Ryan Quinn
  • 2 Minute Update: No 2 Minute Update
  • Host to Speaker: Doug Koschik
Announcements & Upcoming Events:
  • Thanks were given to those Rotarians that came out to ring the bell on Saturday December 9th and to those who have signed up for December 16th.
  • Paul Harris Update: Patrick Grady was awarded his 7th Paul Harris Award by Joseph Bauman.
  • The club would like to thank Gail from Wolverine Human Services who helped her friend Roberta Posner deliver a very large donation of clothing for Mark Anderson’s  Suit Drive to benefit Veterans.  
  • Owen Elementary Literacy Project:  Alicia Green will be collecting children’s books and candy for the Winter Blast event at Owen Elementary at next Monday’s meeting
  • Master’s Raffle:  Bryan Frank has the tickets!!! Please contact Bryan to let him know how many tickets you need and then call Vic Pooler to discuss the many sponsorship opportunities.
  • Hope Warming Center: Upcoming dates of service: December 12th  & January 16th.
  • Bottomless Toy Chest:  Pat Grady announced that they are still collecting new unwrapped toys for the Bottomless Toy Chest.  If you would like to donate, please drop a toy off at the Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union.  
  • Tweener:  It's time for this year's Tweener! A time between the holidays where we all get together for some great fellowship and food during the holiday season!  Be sure to invite family and friends as well.  The more, the merrier! 
    • When: Thursday, December 28th at 12:00 noon
    • Where: Brady's Tavern, 31231 Southfield Road, Beverly Hills, MI 48025 
    • (Please note: This is a buy-your-own event)
  • Polio Shirt Update: Our goal was to raise $3,362 which how much it would cost to vaccinate the entire population of Birmingham, MI - approx. 21,012 people.  Between clothing sales (38 shirts and hoodies) and monetary donations we raised $4,6475!!! After taking into account the $2 to $1 match from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation the total raised to help in the fight against Polio grew to $14,025.00.  WAY TO GO BIRMINGHAM ROTARY CLUB!!! We also owe a special thanks to Regan Gilshire for her hard work on this very impactful project. 
  • Core Orchards Detroit (Special Collection): On Monday 12/4/17 we collected donations from members for Wolverine Human Services’ Core Orchards Project.  This project will result in the planting of 3,500 trees on Detroit’s east side creating Detroit’s 1st u-pick apple orchard.  For every $150 collected one tree is planted and will be dedicated in the name of the contributor.  On 12/4/17 we collected enough to plant 6 trees.  On 12/11/17 we received one additional contribution of $150 for a total of 7 trees planted by the Birmingham Rotary Members for this project.  This brings our total number of trees planted to 43! Ryan Quinn is working with Wolverine Human Services to coordinate a day to present them with their check.  Planting will happen in the fall and Rotarians are welcomed and encouraged to participate.
Raffle & Card Draw:  George & Fran Stern won both the daily pot and the card draw!  George’s 28 year streak of not winning the card draw was finally broken with the help of his wife, Fran who picked the winning card!
SEA, a pop ensemble from Seaholm high school, under the direction of Mrs. Laurie Frick provided us with a holiday inspired vocal concert.  SEA is a by-audition only ensemble that comes from the 70 Voice Seaholm choir called “The Voices”  They rehearse outside of school hours and perform for many community events and parties.  Mrs. Laurie Frick is the Choral & Musical Director for Seaholm High School as well as being the K-12 District Music Chair.   SEA performance was spectacular and left everyone feeling a little more festive!
Meeting was closed with a round of Smiles. 
(Bulletin Submitted by Ryan Quinn)
December 4, 2017 Meeting Bulletin
Chris Winans welcomed everyone at 12:15 am
LUNCH TICKETS: Regan Gilshire    
RAFFLE TICKETS: Charles Wickins
GREETER: Kevin Mason    
SHERIFF: Joe Valentine    
RAFFLE & CARD DRAW:   Charles Wickens
BULLETIN EDITOR: Norma Jean Evans    
1 MINUTE UPDATE:  John Mucha    
1-Minute Update:
John Mucha shared Rotary has a lot to do with inspiration, dreams and rewards.  Rotary provides a way for you to be able to realize your dreams while making a difference.  We get a lot of rewards being involved in our Club international and local projects.  Rotary helps people realize dreams and purpose.
Member Spotlight:  Miche Lame

Announcements and Upcoming Events:
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing -Saturday December 9th and December 16th -Contact Chris McLogan for additional information
  • Polio Shirts /End Polio Now Campaign- Regan Gilshire reported Club goal was $3,362, which would vaccinate the City of Birmingham’s population of 21,012 people.  Thirty-eight shirts and hoodies sold.  With shirts sold and donations received, we raised a total of $4,675.  With the 2-1 match from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this means we raised a total of $14,025 which would vaccinate 4 times the population of Birmingham!
  • Fundraising -Bryan Frank said Masters Raffle tickets will be available for purchase next Monday.  He also asked everyone who signed up for the Red Wings Game to submit payments.  Checks should be made payable to Rotary Club of Birmingham.
  • Fundraising -Vic Pooler ask everyone to not use the Master Raffle Event link for Sponsorship- a separate link will be sent.
  • Reading Literacy Program at Owen Elementary School- Alicia Green reported the Winter Blast Event date was changed to 12/19/17 -5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  She is touching base with everyone who signed up to attend the event.  Please bring candy and book donations to the next two meetings. Literacy Club meetings starting on 12/5/17 at 11:30 am and Guided Reading on 12/7/17 -9:30 am – 10:30 am and 10:30 am – 11:30 am. 
  • Holiday Lunch, 12/11/17 -Marsha reminded everyone to invite friends, sign up by 12/5/17.  We will have a choir and great holiday lunch.
  • Holiday Giving:  Bottomless Toy Chest- Pat Grady thanked everyone for bringing toys.  We have been busy in Rochester, Beaumont and Kids Kicking Cancer.  Tweener on 12/28/17 -12 noon at Brady’s.
  • Core Orchards Detroit (Special Collection) -Ryan Quinn mentioned Wolverine Human Services is collecting donations.  He asked everyone to consider donating $150.00 for the Club Tree Planting project.  Our goal is to plant 66 trees. (Update: we raised $875 at the meeting and will donate to have 6 trees planted in the project so far)

Raffle & Card Draw
The Daily Pot of $17.00 was won by George Stern
Pot Lives!
Jennifer Uhlar, Tuition Financing Consultant, TIAA 
Topic:  All About 529 College Savings Plans -Simply with a 529
•    Program rolled out in the State of Michigan in 2000; Scholarship Program available
•    Cost of 4 Year Public College Tuition in 2016-17 = $20,721; estimated $55,797 in 2034-35
•    Cost of 4 Year Private College Tuition in 2016-17 =$46,656; estimated $125,365 in 2034-35
•    529 Plan covers books, computer, meal plan, room and board costs
•    75% of jobs required college education
•    National student loan debt for 2016 was $37,172
•    Percentage of students who graduated with student loan debt in 2014 = 61%
•    Start college saving early -$100 month for 18 years, 5% return
•    Check out the 529 Gifting feature -Family friends can contribute to your college education
•    529 Tax Deduction -Married filing jointly =$10,000 and $5,000 for Single
•    You can change to another beneficiary if the child decides not to go to college
•    Important to look at fees when you are investing

(Bulletin Submitted by Norma Jean Evans)
November 27, 2017 Meeting Bulletin

Welcome at 12:15 p.m. by Linda Hatfield
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Opening Song: God Bless America 
Song led by: Sarah Rappaport 
Invocation by John Schrot
Welcome Visitors and Guests, led by: Linda Hatfield
    Gail Gotthelf, and Matt Wollack, with Wolverine Human Services
  • Lunch Tickets and attendance: Joe Valentine   
  • Raffle Tickets: Bryan Frank
  • Greeter: Cris Braun
  • Bulletin Editor: Alicia Green
2 Minute Update:
Charles Wickins gave a report about our March 9th party, which will be held at the BAC and where we will draw the winner of our Master’s Drawing.  This will be a wonderful party, with little in the way of speeches, a short auction for some limited fund-raising, and a great band, “Collision Six” with our own Sarah Rappaport.  The tickets are less than $100.00, which includes an open bar.  Everyone is invited to come and invite another couple to participate.
Member spotlight: Bob Kenning
Announcements & Upcoming events:
  1. Soles for Souls.  Orianna D’Amico reported that club members donated over 400 pairs of shoes last week, and more have been donated today.  One more collection will be taken at next Monday’s meeting.
  2. Salvation Army bell ringing. Chris McLogan reported that the sign up sheets for December 9 and 16 are filled, but if anyone wants to come at any time, they are most welcome.  We will be ringing bells in front of Starbucks, near Maple and Old Woodward.
  3. Polio Shirt Sale.  Regan Gilshire reported that there are several days left in the Polio Shirt Sale.  All proceeds will go to the Polio Plus fund.  We are approximately ½ way to our goal.  Contact Regan if you need help navigating the online site.
  4. Suits for Veterans and Monarch Wings projects.  Mark Anderson requested that his office organized a drive to collect suits for veterans, as many returning veterans do not have proper attire to attend a job interview.  Mark thanks all who have contributed and invites anyone with an unused or unwanted suit to contribute.  Mark also indicated that volunteers are welcome Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. at the Monarch Wings project, 15 Murphy St. Pontiac.
  5. Owens Elementary.  Alicia Green reported that volunteers are needed for the Winter Blast December 14 at Owens Elementary School.  Alicia passed around a sign up sheet for the event. Guided Reading and Literacy Club programs will be starting shortly and sign ups have been circulated online.
  6. Holiday Lunch December 11.  Marsha Kovacs reported that the last day for sign up is December 4.  Cost is $25.00.
  7. Holiday Giving Bottomless Toy Chest.  Pat Grady reported that the Bottomless Toy Chest is set to begin distributing toys.  Please bring all donations to a Monday meeting or contact Pat.
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw: Dave Underdown won the daily pot of $10.  Nobody drew the Jack of Spades and so the pot lives.  
Sheriff: George Stern  was sheriff.  There were many donations in the name of Bob Kenning.
Mark Cooper introduced Matt Wollack, son of our featured speaker Judy Wollack, Executive Director of Wolverine Human Services.  Matt provided an introduction outlining how WHS began.  WHS was founded by Robert Wollack.  Robert Wollack had a rather colorful history, which eventually led him into wanting to give back to the community.  Judy Wollack now heads WHS.  WHS provides a full continuum of child care services, working closely with the State of Michigan, and operates in all areas of the state.  It provides foster care, adoption residential shelter, non secure and maximum security treatment programs.  Its motto and guiding principal is “Helping Children to be Victors”.
Song: Smile! Led by Sarah Rappaport
Linda Hatfield ended the meeting at 1:15 p.m.
Next Meeting: December 4, 2017.  Our Guest Speaker will be Jennifer Uhlar, Tuition Financing Consultant, TIAA-CREF
(Bulletin Submitted by Alicia Green)

November 20, 2017 Meeting Bulletin
*Welcome: 12:15 p.m.
*Pledge of Allegiance
*4 Way Test
*Opening Song: American the Beautiful led by Ken Gass.
*In honor of 2019-2020 District Governor, we also sang "Oh Canada".

*Invocation: Joe Bauman (in spirit of Thanksgiving, noted all for which we had to be thankful).
*Introduction of Guest: Don Sparky Leonard, District Governor 2019-20.
*2 Minute Update: Mark Anderson indicated positive outlook of the Market.
*Member Spotlight: Dilip Kumar Kuchipudi: Briefly touched on his family, his educational background, occupation and discussed various charitable efforts he has undertaken in his hometown in India, as well as his interest in reaching out to others, both locally and in other countries.

Linda acknowledged Meeting Volunteers:
**Lunch Tickets & Attendance: Alicia Green
**Raffle Tickets: Joe Valentine
**Greeter: Mark Cooper
**Sheriff: Charlie Wickins
**Bulletin Editor: Oriana D'Amico
**Host to Speaker: Mark Anderson

Announcements & Upcoming Events:
  • Soles 4 Souls": Oriana thanked all those who brought in used shoes for the Shoe Drive and announced a 1 week extension for those who wish to bring in additional shoes to next Monday's meeting.
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing: Chris Mc Logan passed around a Sign Up sheet for those wishing to help out with Bell Ringing on: Saturdays December 9th and December 16th.
  • Bill Roy announced firm plans for the upcoming Hope Warming evening on December 12th.
  • Regan Gilshire announced that over $1,000.00 has been raised to date from the Polio Shirt Sale.  The goal by month's end is $3,300.00. She indicated that Paul Harris points can be obtained through these efforts. (Fundraising: Bryan Frank/Vic Pooler).
  • Norma Jean invited all interested to bring books or candy to the "Winter Blast" at Owens Elementary on December 14th and thanked all for signing up.
  • Marsha passed around the Sign up sheet for the Holiday Luncheon on December 11th. She indicated that payment can be made by Cash, Check (or Credit Card the day of the event.)
  • An announcement was made that all interested can continue bringing in toys for the Bottomless Toy Chest.
  • Pat announced the Holiday "Tweener Event" to be held at Brady's Tavern from 12: 00 to 2:00 p.m. on December 28th. (The tavern is located on the Northwest corner of Southfield and 13 Mile.) All interested were encouraged to register online to get a "headcount". It is a "pay your own" event.
  • Mark Anderson continued collecting "Suits for Veterans".

**Joe Valentine conducted the "Raffle & Card Draw". Daily Pot Winner - Our Speaker Dr. Marie Meyer

**Bryan Frank provided copies of the Birmingham Rotary Club 2017-18 Roster.
**The Featured Program Speaker was: Dr. Marie Meyer, Chiropractor.  Dr. Meyer gave an overview of her educational background and discussed the various types of therapy and treatment available through her practice, aimed at patients of all ages and needs. 
(Bulletin Submitted by Oriana D'Amico)
October 23, 2017 Meeting Bulletin
America the Beautiful - Ken Gass
Invocation - Dave Underdown
Greeter - Jessica Shulze
Tickets - Norma Jean Evans
Raffle - Bill Roy
Sheriff - Ryan Quinn
Speaker Host - Doug Koschik
Guest of Rotarians - Suzanne Smak, legal assistant (John Shrot)
  • Happy Birthday to Bryan Frank on 10/29
  • Happy 33rd wedding anniversary to Joe and Tracy Bauman
  • Hope Warming 11/8 - See Bill Roy for volunteer sign up
  • Mark Anderson announced volunteer opportunities on Saturday mornings at the house in Pontiac that is being renovated for human trafficing survivors as part of the Monarch Wings Hope Against Human Trafficing organization effort.  See Mark if interested.
  • Norma Jean announced the Literacy program is starting back up on December 5th at Owen Elementary.  Norma Jean has flyers with detail information for those interested.  She also plans on an Email blast in the near future....
  • Fund Raising Committee meeting at Village Coney in Adams Square 10/24 at noon.  See Bryan Frank and Vic Pooler
  • Third Thursday is at All Seasons on 11/16 from 5 to 7pm.
  • Those who signed up for the Wings hockey game need to pay Regan or Bryan Frank.
  • Information or interest in advertising space need to be provided to Bryan Frank by Friday, so the directory can go to print.
  • Doug Koschik announced Books & Bites at the Library on 11/10 from 6 to 9pm.
  • Charles Wickens and John Shrot requested that club members seek or recommend future speakers or ideas for future meetings.  We want to keep things fresh and interesting.
  • Charles requested that anyone with connections to, or people involved in, the Pure Michigan ad campaign to contact him.
Two minute updates were provided by Mark Anderson (financial markets) and Cris Braun (NEXT activities)
Member Spotlight - Jill Jones..... Independent travel agent and former restauranteur who enjoys providing information for your upcoming travel.  She also is active in  It is a volunteer organization that serves areas and people in need that also host the tourism trade.
Today's Speaker - Marjore Saulson, a speaking coach from Vibrant Vocal Power, Inc.  She focused on fears everyone has of public speaking and offered tips and tactics to overcome those apprehensions.
(Bulletin Submitted by John Westerheide)
October 30, 2017 Meeting Bulletin
Meeting commenced at 12.15 with Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test.
God Bless America heartfully led by Ken Gass
Invocation thoughtfully presented by John Westerheide
Two Minute update was an amusing look back at the International scope of Rotary and his personal recollection of exchange students given in a fast moving 3 minutes and 35 seconds by Chuck Moss.
Lunch tickets were sold by Ryan Quinn, raffle tickets by John Schrot, the greeter was Oriana D’Amico, the sheriff was David Underdown (who donated his raffle winnings).
Guests introduced:
  • Jackie Speaker, guest of Chris Winans
  • Julian Greenbaum, guest of Frannie
  • Lana Mini, guest of Joe Bauman and our speaker
  • Calvin Ford, our guest speaker
Member Spotlight:
Marsha Kovacs enthusiastically enlightened about her work history, her personal living arrangements, her three cats and her delight with her Rotary membership.
Joe Bauman gave a foundation update and presented a Paul Harris (plus 2) to Pete Kreher.
Bill Roy reminded us that the next Hope Warming Center is November 8 and started the signup sheet for our December date.
Regan Gilshire urged us urged us to go to our website ( and order an “End Polio Now” T shirt.
Holiday lunch is set for Monday, December 11, The Country Day choir will be performing.  A signup sheet was started by Marsha Kovaks, choice of Salmon, Chicken or Pasta, $25 a head, you are encouraged to bring a guest.
Mark Anderson gave an update on the house at 16 Murphy Ave in Pontiac where a few volunteers have been working on each Saturday to prepare to house political (?) refugees.  All are welcome from 9 am on Saturdays.
The weekly raffle ($10) was won by David Underdown, 2 chances at the big pot were wasted by ‘yours truly’ and one chance by Mark Anderson. Pot Lives.
Joe Bauman introduced our guest speaker, Mr Calvin Ford, from Pentastar Aviation, who knowledgably educated us on the size, scope and direction of business aviation.
In a wide-ranging presentation and a lengthy Q & A we learned that this category encompasses all Piston, Turbo prop, Jet and helicopter transportation other than commercial airlines and military.  Whist not the same magnitude as the auto industry it does account for 1.2 million jobs and $150 billion in revenue annually.
The trend is leaning towards smaller and more efficient jets and there were 537 used jets sold in the first quarter on 2017, a record. 50% of all business jets are still flying after 40 years, which is excellent news for the maintenance business.
There was a lively discussion on the future of drones and we concluded the meeting with a hearty rendition of Smiles.
Our speaker next week is Tel Ganesan, the president of TiE Detroit and organizer of their three day conference which starts on Wednesday, November 8.
(Bulletin Submitted by Charles Wickins)
October 16, 2017 Meeting Bulletin
Meeting was held in Baldwin Library basement in the Rotary room as there was conflict at the Community House.  We are thankful to Doug Koschik for arranging our meeting room.  This also is the Annual meeting of Birmingham Rotary Club Endowment Fund.

Linda has called the meeting to order at 12.15PM with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test.
Ken sang The Star-Spangled Banner
George Stern gave the Invocation
  • Jane McManus, Our District Governor Elect participated in our meeting today.
  • Bryan Frank had his Father Mr Roger Frank attend our meeting has his guest.
Volunteers for the meeting today:
Lunch Tickets & Attendance:  Chris McLogan
Sheriff:  Pat Grady
Bulletin Editor: Dilip Kuchipudi
Hope Warming Center:  The next serving at the center will be on October 17th and then on November 8th.
George Stern announced about the holiday party on December 12th.  Multiple clubs will be at this party and the participation is only $50 per person.
Chris gave the 2 minute update about the Real Estate Market and sees it as a feast or famine.
Raffle & Card Draw:  There was no Raffle today 
Sheriff: Pat Grady 
Peter mentioned about the California fire and how a third of a town of 160000 population has burned down and how much help those communities need.
Our Member Spotlight was George Henry who is an Eagle Scout.  He has six children with 3 boys and 3 girls and six grandchildren to keep everyone in the family on their toes.  He has been in Insurance business for a long time and was mentioning that the Medicare supplementary rates are dropping.

Polio Day is this Saturday and Linda is waiting for final approvals.

Mark Anderson spoke about volunteering on Saturdays with an organization to rebuild homes.  It is not required to commit for full days and it is a very satisfying experience.

Ryan gave an update on Tree planting.  He along with his children went and planted three trees at Royal Oak and Ferndale border along with others.  Target for planting 60 trees within our geographical area out of which we have done 22 trees till date.  So anyone planting a tree please let Dave know about it.

John Mucha started off the annual meeting of the endowment fund and invited Molly to give the secretary remarks of accomplishments this past year.  

Two new Directors were to be chosen from Four candidates for the Endowment Fund Board.  Marsha, Dilip, Doug and Ken were the four.  Ken and Marsha were elected to the Board.

Molly explained about 12 grant requests that were considered out of which three were granted.  Molly suggested that any member suggesting a grant for any organization should fill up a Grant Request Form available in our website and it should comply with our guidelines specified.  Any grant request made requires a presentation by the organization requesting for us to understand better how the funds will be utilized.
Meeting Minutes were approved by Peter proposing and Chuck seconding it.
The grants from our Foundation are preferably given to projects where we are involved actively.  Grants have been given to the Pontiac Schools Literacy Project, Hope Warming Center, and Sponsorships for students to attend RYLA.  As a member of the district we have to contribute to the District Foundation which will allow us to apply for Grants and this has been fulfilled successfully.  We have to contribute $100 per member  per year towards the Every Rotarian Every Year to be eligible for Matching grants.  Everyone is requested to do autopay or other means to fulfil this requirement.  If you wish to give a check then make it in the name of “The Rotary Foundation” and can hand over to Joe Bauman.   Only contributions made to Every Rotarian Every Year will count towards this.  Contributions made towards other projects will not.
Pat Grady gave the financials update and mentioned that the investment made in Vanguard Life Strategy Growth Fund has done well and our endowment fund has increased in its value.  Similarly Life Insurance was taken keeping in view the returns we would get.  In total our Endowment Fund currently is worth $636612 in today’s market value.
Peter suggested taking checks in the name of our Endowment Fund during holiday parties instead of small gifts that the guest bring and that is how $7000 was raised towards the Fund last year.
John suggested that all the members should try to work and think of projects that are home grown by the club which would give us more satisfaction.  He also suggested that in future we will be having a Investment strategy group which will decide on how best we should be investing our endowment funds and make a review of our current investments as these decisions were made a while ago.

Annual meeting was adjourned with a proposal by Peter and seconded by Chuck.

Linda concluded the meeting thanking everyone for and concluded with singing Smiles led by Norma.
(Bulletin Submitted by Dilip Kuchipudi)
October 9, 2017 Meeting Bulletin
President Linda opened the meeting at 12:15p with the Pledge of Allegiance.  After the Club recited the Four Way Test, Chris Winans led the Club in singing America the Beautiful.  John Schrot gave the invocation noting how special is the one hour per week spent at a Rotary meeting.

Joe Valentine sold luncheon tickets.   Chris McLogan sold raffle tickets (Chris Winans won the $8 daily pot; no one drew the Jack of Spades).  Michael D’Amico greeted.    Chuck Moss acted as Sheriff.  Tom Waffin will celebrate a birthday this week.  Mark Cooper will celebrate his fourth anniversary as a member of the club.
Chris Winans re- inducted Paul Toepp, a former Birmingham Rotarian, who has returned to Birmingham after an absence of several years.
President Linda Hatfield gave a Member Spotlight.  After graduating from Madonna University, Linda taught pre-K for ten years.  She has been with the Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union for 23 years, currently serving as Vice President of Marketing.  For the last ten years, she has taught finance at Covington Junior High.  Among her many charitable posts, Linda served two years as Chair of the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce.  She has been married to her husband, Ron, for 22 years.  
The Club will be at Hope Warming Center Wednesday, October 17th; the Seaholm Interact Club will cook dinner.  Bill Roy announced that the Club will be back at Hope Warming Center November 8th.  Polio day is on Saturday, October 21st.  The Club will solicit donations at Kroger’s.  Charles Wickins asked all to come to a Membership Committee meeting at 5p, Wednesday, October 11 on the second floor of Triple Nickel. The meeting on Monday, October 16th will be in the Rotary Room at the Baldwin Public. Library.
Ryan Quinn announced the slate for Rotary Foundation Directors: Ken Gass, Doug Koschik, Marsha Kovacs and Dilip Kuchipudi.  Two will be elected.
Tree Planting will take place this Saturday, October 14th from 8:45a until noon at the Royal Oak Township Recreation Center, 21272 Mendota.  An evening of Jazz with Dave Bennett will take place Friday, October 27th at 8p at the All Saints Episcopal Church, Pike Street, Pontiac to support the programs at Bound Together.
Joe Bauman introduced Pam Ayres, Executive Director, FAR Therapy.  FAR, which started in 1951 provides arts and recreation therapies to over 1,200 clients with special needs.  FAR is housed, without cost, at the First Presbyterian Church on West Maple in Birmingham.  FAR also provides therapy programs at 30 schools in ten school districts.  Programs include Music, Art, Recreation, Theater, Dance, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey and Bowling.  FAR also provides Private and Group Therapy by professional therapists.  John Mucha presented Ms. Ayres with a check for $2,000 from the Birmingham Rotary Foundation to support Far’s workshops.
The meeting adjourned at 1:05 pm with a rousing version of Smiles.
(Bulletin Submitted by George Stern)
October 2, 2017 Meeting Bulletin
The meeting was called to order at 12:15 pm by President Linda Hatfield. 
Pledge of Allegiance
4 way Test
Pledge of Allegiance sung by Ken Gass
Invocation was given by George Stern
Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians:
  • Phaneendra (Meithal, India Rotary)
The following Rotarians were the meeting volunteers:
  • Lunch Tickets and Attendance: Alicia Green
  • Raffle Tickets: Carol Peterson
  • Greeter: All
  • Sheriff: Marsha Kovacs
  • Bulletin Editor: John Schrot
  • Host to Speaker: Chris Winans
  • 2-Minute Update: Chris Winans
Announcements and Upcoming Events:
  • SERVICE OPPORTUNITY Hope Warming Center: 10/17/17 Organizer: Bill Roy  Other HWC dates: 11/8, 12/12
  • SERVICE OPPORTUNITY Plant 60 Trees 10/14/17 Organizer: David Underdown (Part of the Rotary International Tree Planting Challenge for Environmental Sustainability)
  • SERVICE OPPORTUNITY Collection at Kroger on 10/21/17 for Polio Day (10/24/17) (See  Organizer: Marsha Kovacs: collection to last through October to raise $3600
  • SHELTER BOX donations – our club is funding 3 boxes
  • Endowment Board Nominees Identified by Ryan Quinn for 10/16/17 Board Election of Directors (2017-2018).  The Nominees are Ken Gass, Doug Koschik, Dilip Kuchipudi and Marsha Kovacs
  • Fun Red Wings Game on 1/23/18
  • Fun 10/27/17 Rotary Golf Outing see John Westerheide for more information
  • George Stern was recognized by Mark Anderson as a 4-time Rotary International Foundation Paul Harris Fellow
  • Paul Toepp won the weekly raffle
Chris McLogan (10/2)
Joe Valentine joined Rotary on 10/6/14
The Club viewed a video explaining “What Is Rotary?” showing various projects such as efforts to eradicate polio, provide clean water, and otherwise make lasting change.Visit
Member Spotlight: Frannie Greenebaum
  • Frannie joined Rotary in 1987 when she worked at The Community House as Director of Development.  She is a graduate of Vassar and University of Michigan.  She taught in the Detroit Public School system for 14 years.  Frannie has been married to husband Julian Greenebaum for 52 years, and they have a daughter and four wonderful grandchildren.  She wished everyone well during this holiday season.
Speaker:  Barry Fraser, Rotary District 6380 Governor
This was Mr. Fraser’s District Governor Official Visit to our Birmingham Club.  There are 53 Rotary Clubs in his district.  Today was his 27th club in his district that he has visited.  He discussed this year’s theme of “Rotary Making A Difference.”  He explained his travel in Nepal, India and the clean water efforts thereat.  He stated that there are 1.2 Million Rotarians in 200 countries.  We engage in fun, friendship, as well as personal and business development.  He stated that he enjoyed meeting our club board earlier in the day, and then proceeded to talk about the import of youth, global peace, polio eradication, and the celebration of 30 years of women in Rotary.  He stated that he is promoting 3 initiatives: (1) asking clubs to focus on youth mental health, (2) water quality, especially in the western Lake Erie watershed, and (3) literacy, and populating our district literacy committee.  He concluded by stating that our club should aspire to achieve the Rotary Presidential Citation Award. 
Meeting was closed with a round of Smiles. 
(Bulletin Submitted by John Schrot)
September 18, 2017 - Meeting Bulletin
  • Opening Song:  Star Spangled Banner, Ken Gass
  • Invocation:  Vic Pooler
  • Introduction of Guests & Visiting Rotarians – Chris Winans
  • Birthday: Jessica Dudas Schulze
  • 2 Minute Update – Joe Valentine
  • Member Spotlight:  Alicia Green
  • Raffle Tickets:  Ryan Quinn
  • Greeter: Mark Anderson
  • Sheriff (Shelter Box):  John Schrot
  • Bulletin Editor: Norma Jean Evans
  • Host to Speaker:  Pat Grady
Announcements & Upcoming Events
  • District Governor Visit –October 2, 2017- Board Meeting at 11:00 am
  • Hope Warming, Wednesday, October 17, 2017 – Bill Roy mentioned he needs vegetables, knives, forks and lemonade –Sign-up sheet was circulated
  • Golf Outing, Wednesday, September 27, 2107 –John Westerheide mentioned 3 spots remain open
  • Southfield Rotary Club –Charter Celebration will be held on September 30, 2017.  They are chartering with 65 members –please plan to attend
  • Raffle & Card Draw:  John Schrot- Norma Jean Evans won pot of $14.00
  • Chris Winans mentioned Allison Green is the Rotary Interact Club Leader at Seaholm High School.  Alicia communicated the Seaholm High School Rotary Interact Club will be holding a Bake Sale on 9/26/17 at 10:00 am.  All proceeds will be donated to the Shelter Box.  She asked Club Members to contact her if they would like to make donations and she would arrange for home or office pick-ups.
2 Minute Update – Joe Valentine
  • City Parks and Recreation Master Planning –Residents are encouraged to share their feedback at an Open House and Presentation by the City’s Consultants, McKenna Associates on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 -5:30 pm -6:30 pm.  Location:  Department of Public Services Building located at 851 South Eton Street. Residents are also encouraged to submit their feedback via quick online survey:  Master Plan Survey:
  • Expansion of the Parking Structure located at North Old Woodward & Bates Street
  • Citywide Master Plan Updates –January 2018
Presenter/Speaker:  Blythe Spitsbergen, Care House of Oakland County
Topic:  Vigilance Not Paranoia
Care House of Oakland County
  • Child Advocacy Center & Umbrella Agency
  • Founded by Junior League of Birmingham
  • Being Children friendly and welcoming
Treatment/Services Offered
  1. Intervention & Treatment -52 forensic interviews with kids –Law Enforcement Protective Agency (watch through window)
  2. Intervention & Treatment - 2,841 hours of non-residential therapy (6 months up to 2 years)
  3. Early Head Start -6,100 hours of parent education
  4. Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) –We go to court, mentor kids and stay with kids about a year
  5. 54 Cases right now –Recently received Expansion Grant that will allow us to double our cases
  6. Prevention -2,996 Individuals trained in abuse
  7. Investigations are in collaboration with multidisciplinary team
  • 1 in 10 children are sexually abused before they turn 18
  • 1.24 million people in Oakland County
  • 273,000 are children
  • 27,000 children are likely victims of sexual abuse
  • In 2015, 14,992 investigations of suspected child abuse occurred in Oakland County
  • There are 15,000 children in the Michigan Foster Care System
  • The medium age for child abuse is 9-11 years old
  • Sexual abuses are 70% more likely to occur in natural disaster areas
  • 90% of child abuse are people we know and trust
  • Who is that safe adult?  Instead of telling your kids who are the safe adults, teach them how to talk about it.  And, don’t tell your kids not to trust anyone
  • Signs and symptoms –there is no prototype –it’s about being viligiant.  Communicate with your kids.  Statistics show, parents are spending on average 50 minutes a week communicating with their kids. 
What Can I do?
Lets’ create a protective shield around our children and teach them how to communicate
  • Recognize Signs and Symptom
    • Report
    • Prevent
Body Safety Training
Teach kids Self Protection Skills
  • Say No
  • Try to get away
  • Tell someone
  • No, Go, Tell!!
  • Who to Tell (Have multiple adults)
Legal Updates
  • 10% Prosecution rate
  • Stature of Limitations increased from 7 years to 30 years
(Bulletin Submitted by Norma Jean Evans)
September 18, 2017 - Meeting Bulletin

The meeting was called to order at 12:15PM by President  Linda Hatfield. 
Pledge of Allegiance
4 way Test
God Bless America sung by Ken Gass
Invocation was given by  Chuck Moss
Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians:
  • Carolann Morykwas (Detroit AM Rotary) 
  • David Blatt (guest of Nave Grewal)
The following Rotarians were the meeting volunteers:
  • Lunch Tickets: Joe Valentine
  • Raffle Tickets: Oriana D’Amico
  • Greeter: Carol Peterson
  • Sherriff: Regan Gilshire (for the benefit of Shelter Box) 
  • Bulletin Editor: Ryan Quinn
  • 2 Minute Update: Bryan Frank
  • Host to Speaker: Marsha Kovacs 
Announcements & Upcoming Events:
  • *SERVICE OPPORTUNITY* Hope Warming Center: 010/17/17  Organizer: Bill Roy  Other HWC dates: 11/8, 12/12 
  • *SERVICE OPPORTUNITY* Southfield Celebration 09/30/17 (ok, it isn’t technically service but you are helping out another Rotary club)    
  • *SERVICE OPPORTUNITY*  Seaholm Interact. 09/19/17 7:30AM making paracord bracelets for soldiers
  • *Fun* Red Wings Game on 1/23/18
  • *Fun* 10/27/17 Rotary Golf Outing  see John Westerhide for more information.  
Birthdays: Bob Kenning (09/20)
Member Spotlight: Pat Grady  
  • Pat started working as an iron worker then went back to get his degree and joined his father in their accounting firm.  Pat is a long time Troy resident and a long time Birmingham Rotarian.  He has served in many functions within the chapter and enjoys the opportunity to give back and make long lasting friendships!
Speaker: Megan Owens with Transportation Riders United
Public Transport: Myths, Opportunities, and some Facts
Myth: Detroit doesn’t have mass transit
Truth: 150,000 riders per day are taken across all public transit providers in the metro-Detroit area.
Myth: Transit is just big busses on Woodward
Truth: Transit includes many modes of transport.  Door to door shuttles, Connector Vans, the Q-line, the People Mover, and yes… Busses. 
Fact: Population studies suggest the need for more transit 
Fact: 1/3 of society can’t drive.  Too young, too old, physically or financially unable, and some that just don’t want to.
Fact: cost per year to own/operate a vehicle is $8-10K in MI.
Fact: Almost all other metro areas have robust transit.
Fact: Transit investment yields big gains in business productivity and home values in the areas near to transit. 
Fact: Detroit area spends 1/3 the amount on transit as other well developed areas.
Regional Transit Plan includes things like: 
  • Regional Rail 
  • Connect job centers and where people live 
  • Airport Express 
Recent ballot initiative failed

Next steps to consider: 
  • Quick Transit improvements  
  • Consolidation of services  
  • Size of coverage area.   
  • Modify plan  
  • Decide when to go back to voters (2018 or 2020)
What do the people want: Safety, reliability, combination of services, and transparency. 

Meeting was closed with a round of Smiles.  
September 11, 2017 - Meeting Bulletin
Linda Hatfield opened the meeting at 12:15 with the pledge of allegiance and the 4 way test

Regan Gilshire led us in the Star Spangled Banner

Ryan Quin led us in prayer in a moving remembrance of 9/11

Linda welcomed all visitors & announced birthdays

Larry Sherman did the one minute update telling us of his wonderful experience in Israel during 9/11.  He was traveling with about 2000 New Yorkers when the planes hit the towers.  Fellow travelers were anxiously awaiting to hear about family and friends. The Israelis were welcoming and rallied around the group.  Since the group had to wait for a plane for days, they were running out of their prescriptions.  The Israelis filled all their prescriptions for them.

The member spotlight was Regan Gilshire.  She told us of her journey at Eastern Michigan, living in Ohio for 10 years, connecting with her brother’s childhood friend and eventually marrying.  She is an animal lover with 3 dogs and one cat.  She works with dogs on Sundays that are afraid of humans.  She has stayed in Rotary after attending District and International events, seeing what Rotary does.

The Interact group will be meeting next Tuesday to make bracelets and write letters to soldiers.

Dave Underdown won $8 in the raffle and the pot lives.

Hope Warming is September 13th.  The next Hope Warming event is October 17th.

The Rotary Golf Outing is Wednesday, September 27th, Jon Westerheide is organizing.  It is at Pontiac Country Club.  3rd Thursday will be held at the Country Club after the golf outing.

Dave Underdown announced Rotary planted 18 trees on Saturday, September 9th

Linda announced Rotary going to the Red Wings game on January 23rd.  Tickets are $105

Meeting Volunteers:
  • Lunch tickets and attendance:  Regan Gilshire
  • Raffle Tickets:  Chris McLogan
  • Invocation: Ryan Quinn
  • Sheriff:  Pat grady
  • Bulletin Editor:  Marsha Kovacs
  • Host to Speaker:  Norma Jean Evans
Program Speaker:  Chris Lambert, Life Remodeled.
Chris told us how his organization is helping Detroit one neighborhood at a time.  Every year, the organization selects one area to revitalize, typically around 300 city blocks.  Chris showed a video of the work they did in the Denby neighborhood.  Chris and his staff of 11 works with local schools to determine the needs of the area.  Volunteers go house to house helping residents with roofs, electrical, plumbing, etc.  They work with the schools to update the facilities including gymnasiums and promote teaching various trades in high school so students can immediately get a job.  Everyone was overwhelmed with how much work LifeRemodeled has done in the city of Detroit and the lower crime rates in the neighborhoods after LifeRemodeled worked in the area.
LifeRemodeled is a 5013C and received $16 million in donations from 2014-2016.  They partner with many major companies in the Detroit area.  They are proud that most of their donations go to projects with only 5% in administration costs.  
Next Week Program:  Megan Owens with Transportation Riders United
August 7, 2017 - Meeting Bulletin
-The meeting was called to order at 12:15PM by President Elect Linda Hatfield.
              -Pledge of Allegiance
-4 way Test
-God Bless America sung by Ken Gass
-Invocation was given by  Norma Jean Evans
-Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians:
              - Paul Tepp
               -Donna Zimmer
               -Tracy Farlow
-The following Rotarians were the meeting volunteers:
              - Lunch Tickets: Reagan Gilshire
-Raffle Tickets: Chris McLogan
              -Greeter: Marcia Kovacs
              -Sherriff: Charles Wickens
              -Bulletin Editor: Ryan Quinn
              -2 Minute Update: John Westerhide topic: Rotarian Magazine article about Bells.  Read your Rotarian for more details!
              -Host to Speaker: Mark Cooper
-Announcements & Upcoming Events:
              - *SERVICE OPPORTUNITY* Woodward Dream Cruise: 08/19/17 Water Giveaway.  See Bryan Frank for details or to sign up.  Big Thank you to Costco again this year for the donation of all the water!
              - *SERVICE OPPORTUNITY* Hope Warming Center: 09/13/17 Bill Roy still needs someone to bring the vegetable and/or the main course.  He is also in need of servers. Other HWC dates: 10/17, 11/8, 12/12
              - *SERVICE OPPORTUNITY* Monarch Wings restoration project to help the victims of human trafficking.  Lunch will be provided by Flemming’s so be sure to thank them with your business!    
              - *SERVICE OPPORTUNITY*  Vista Maria Dolly drive.  Bring a doll or action figure if you wish for donation next week.  The event will be on 08/23/17from 6-8PM at the Royal Oak Music Theater. Cost to attend is $35.00
              - Birthdays: Gearge Stern
              - It was with a heavy heart that Linda reported the passing of Rotarian John Joyce last week.  John was a decorated Rotarian and his good will and good works will be missed. 
              - Raffle: Daily: $10 winner: Reagan Gilshire. Big pot grew to $142 and will live to see another meeting
-Member Spotlight: Chris Braun.  Chris is the director of NEXT in Birmingham.  Next: Your Place to Stay Active & Connected A non-profit organization enriching the lives of the 50+ population of Birmingham, Bingham Farms, Beverly Hills, Franklin and surrounding areas since 1978. Chris has a passion for serving the underserved members of our community and her work at Next allows her to do this.  For example, Next has a Meals on Wheels program and a bustling transportation for the needy program.  Chris has also been on the BEF (Birmingham Education Foundation) for the last 10 years.  She has been married to her husband, Tom, for the last 27 years and she has 3 very accomplished children.  Chris has been a Rotarian for about 2 ½ years. 
Speaker:  Mark Farlow
              Mark’s experience with Rotary started in 1999 though he didn’t join until 2004. He was a Birmingham Rotarian from 2004 through 2014 and is proud to report that in that time he achieved PERFECT ATTENDANCE.  In 2008 Mark attended the Teram Leader Study Exchange program in Turkey.  Mark was club president from 2010-2011. Mark has been teaching architecture for over 3 decades and has been the recipient of many awards over the years.  He is currently working as the Director of Design at Hamilton Anderson, a minority owned architectural and design firm with more women than men at all levels of the business.  Mark loves the culture of inclusivity the company maintains.  Mark highlighted 3 large projects in his talk.  Those were, Brush Park A, Brush Park B, and the Detroit Events Center.  Brush Park #1 is in an area of the city that is well known for the heavy use of stone & masonry in constructing some of the most historic homes of Detroit.  They currently have a large scale redevelopment project in the works that will be a mixture of retail/commercial spaces and residential spaces.  Brush Park B will be done in collaboration with Bedrock and will consist of many different buildings of varying sizes, uses, and construction materials.  Lastly, Mark discussed, the Detroit Events Center which houses the new Redwings & Pistons stadium as well as a ring of buildings around it that will be for commercial business use.  He showed us many drawings for the new events center and all in the crowd were amazed.  Mark envisions the new Detroit to be both A city where everyone can live and where everyone can afford to live.  As always, we are very thankful to get speakers like this and hope all our Rotarians will make it a point to attend our weekly meetings. 
Meeting was closed with a round of Smiles.
July 24, 2017 - Meeting Bulletin
*  Linda introduced the President of Wayne State's Rotaract Club Devankar Mukhi.
*  Ryan Quinn provided a "Two Minute" update focused on the recent passing of RI's President Elect.  He also provided an overview of the "Every Rotarian Every Year" program and the importance and benefit of Rotarian's participation.
*  Mark Anderson presented "Perfect Attendance" Awards to 27 Members with records of attendance ranging from 1 year to 56 years !
*  The Guest Speaker, Robert Gibbs of Gibbs Planning Group, presented a re-cap of "Town Center" City Planning in various cities in the United States and around the world.  He focused on his company's latest project with the City of Troy.  An example of exceptional city planning was Birmingham where, in the 1920's, the City Planners laid the groundwork for what is today a vibrant Downtown.
July 17, 2017  - Meeting Bulletin
*  Linda Hatfield welcomed 2 new members to the Club. (Michelle Lame and Alicia Long.
*  Chris McLogan shared valuable "Tips" on how to keep your home secure while away.
*  Mark Anderson provided a brief overview "Spotlight" of his background.
*  Bryan Frank reminded everyone that the Rotary Club Detroit Tigers Event will be Wednesday July 26th and that there were still several spots available.
*  The Club received  a check for our "Clean Up" efforts at a recent Birmingham event.
*  Dennis Deveja, Motivational Speaker and member of the Rotary Club of Troy, gave a presentation that focused on methods to improve one's "Sense of Self".
*  Next Week's Speaker is Robert Gibbs of Gibbs Planning Group.
June 26, 2017 – Meeting Bulletin
Birmingham Rotary Club – Meeting on June 26th
Dave Underdown has called the meeting to order at 12.15PM with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test.

Regan Gilshire sang America The Beautiful

Chris Winans gave the Invocation as follows:
Each of us is called to be the best we can be.  We are not called to mediocrity.  Very few of us can rise to embrace our call on our own.  It takes commitment, effort and encouragement to achieve greatness.  Let us be thankful today for the commitment that our President Dave Underdown has given to this club as our leader this past year.  He has truly given service above self.  He has taught us that while we work toward our own success, it is our responsibility to help guide others to their success as well. We can achieve great things when we work together.  Let us be thankful for the opportunities we have in Rotary to work together, as well as for the people we meet who inspire us to greatness and whom we inspire.

Mr. Jay Reynolds was a guest of our President Dave Underdown today.

Volunteers for the meeting today:
  • Lunch Tickets & Attendance:  Joe Valentine
  • Raffle Tickets:  Ken Gass
  • Greeter:  Charles Wickins
  • Sheriff:  Bill Roy
  • Bulletin Editor: Dilip Kuchipudi
  • Dave Underdown gave out the Paul Harris Award to Bill Roy for contributing US$1000 to the Foundation.
  • Nave Grewal will pass on her Treasurer duties to Regan Gilshire.
  • Bryan Frank is organizing Tigers match on July 26th.  Ticket is US$45.  This includes transportation by bus from Birmingham and back with snacks and drinks on the bus.  Only about 20 tickets left.  Please sign up ASAP.
  • Hope Warming Center:  The next serving at the center will be on August 1st.
  • Year End Party at John Westerheide was wonderful and thanks to John it was organized very well.  Dave gave out acknowledgment gifts to all the members who supported him throughout the year.
  • Marsha Kovack is on June 28th and Norma Jean Evans on June 30th.  Very Happy Birthday to them.
  • Marriage Anniversary:  Bob Shirley Kenning is married for 70 years as of June 22nd, 1946. Congratulations
  • Membership Anniversary:  Sara Rappaport has become a Rotarian on June 21st, 2014 
Raffle & Card Draw:  
Regan Gilshire won the daily raffle
No one won the pot

Bill Roy started off mentioning about Tigers ending the losing streak and appreciating Dave for his leadership this past year.  Almost all the members contributed and spoke high about Dave’s leadership this past year and passion for Rotary.
Linda Hatfield, the incoming President has praised Dave’s leadership and said would miss Dave’s text messages after 11PM about the next day meeting.  As a coincidence Linda and Dave share the same birthday (Don’t remember the day) and their spouses share the same birthday on November 3rd.
Dave spoke about the accomplishments this past year particularly the Master’s Raffle Tickets where we ended up with US$19000 on the positive side.  He also mentioned it as a miracle that his wife Linda is married to him for 38 years and counting.  He also thinks since he successfully completed his term as President, anyone can do it.  (I would add anyone can do it provided they have the same passion of Dave).
John Mucha gave a summary of what we had accomplished as part of Rotary Foundation.  The grants from our Foundation are preferably given to projects where we are involved actively.  Grants have been given to the Pontiac Schools Literacy Project, Hope Warming Center, and Sponsorships for students to attend RYLA.  As a member of the district we have to contribute to the District Foundation which will allow us to apply for Grants and this has been fulfilled successfully.  As an international project we have contributed to two more water wells in Ghana and seeing the progress we will contribute more.  There has been grant given to the Community House which has been a home for Birmingham Rotary for the past 87 years.  There were other grants to Kids Kicking Cancer, Disabled Kids Hockey etc. as well.

Norma and Alicia gave a summary of Pontiac School Literacy Project.  Given the feedback received, this program is making a huge difference in the reading levels of the children.  1st and 2nd Grade children have improved 2 reading levels and likewise the 4th grade children as well.  Kids were taken on a Field Trip to Victory Ranch and it was thoroughly enjoyed by them.  Some of the children may not have seen outside of Pontiac and they enjoyed the day trip including horse riding.  Children were very appreciative of Birmingham Rotary for all the great work it is doing for changing their lives.

Joe Bauman has been appointed as the District Grants Committee Chairman.  We as a club have to contribute $75/member per year to the Foundation and next year it is going to be $100/member.  He requested all the members to sign up for an auto deduction of contribution towards this and more.  Our district gave US$1.2M this year to Foundation.  Rotary has been nominated as the best Charity organization and this contributed towards making Bill Gates give $450M towards eradication of Polio.

Dave concluded the meeting thanking everyone for their support this past year and asked everyone to get involved more.
June 19, 2017 – Meeting Bulletin
President Dave opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance and 4 way test.  Ken Gass sang the Star Spangled Banner and Dave Zimmer gave the invocation.  Thanks went out to Alicia Green for selling lunch tickets and Regan Gilshire for selling raffle tickets.  Our greeter was Mark Cooper.  Vic Pooler acted as our sheriff, collecting generous donations from our members.
Please pay your dues if you have not already!
Mark Anderson (June 24th).  
Bob Kenning (and wife Shirley) 6/22/46
Chris Winans (and husband Dan) 6/21/75
Pat Grady (and wife Nancy) 6/21/85
2-Minute Update:
Regan Gilshire gave an excellent two minute update on the Rotary Convention. The highlight of the Convention was an appearance by Bill Gates who warmly reaffirmed his commitment to eradicating polio.  The world went from 350,000 cases in 1988 to 5 cases last year.  $1.2 Billion (with a B) was pledged at the presentation to the Convention.
Regan Gilshire (she's tireless!) also ran our raffle drawing.  To nobody's surprise, Chris Winans won the daily pot.  Way to go Chris!  Nobody drew the 8 of diamonds, though, and the big pot lives.
We had several important announcements.  First and foremost, President Dave awarded Bryan Frank the "Spirit of Rotary" award from the Club.  This is indeed a high honor and recognizes all of the energy and commitment that Bryan has poured into the Birmingham Rotary Club.  Congratulations Bryan!
  • A reminder was given that our year end President's party is at John Westerheide's home on June 22nd.  
  • Our next Hope Warming Center meal will be served on August 1st.  See Bill Roy for details.
  • Michael Williams announced that Orchard Children Services is having its annual Bike Day and asked members of the Club for their support.
Joe Valentine introduced our speaker, Ingrid Tighe, Director of the Birmingham Shopping District.  She highlighted all of the events that Birmingham in involved with to make the area so attractive, including the Farmer's Market, Free Movie Night, Day on the Town and Restaurant Week.  She also told us about the Birmingham Magazine, seasonal beautification initiatives (think Christmas lights), and business development efforts.  Finally, she excited the Club with the many opportunities for Birmingham Rotary to work with the Birmingham Shopping District to benefit the local community, and to work with and partner with like-minded merchants.  Good food for thought!
After singing Smiles, our meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
John Mucha
June 12, 2017 – Meeting Bulletin
The meeting was called to order at 12:15 PM by President Elect Linda Hatfield. 
Pledge of Allegiance
4 way Test
America the Beautiful was sung by Ken Gass
Invocation was given by  George Stern
Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians:
Groves & Seaholm Interact students & their parents 
The following Rotarians were the meeting volunteers:
Lunch Tickets: Chris Winans
Raffle Tickets: Mark Cooper
Greeter: Mark Cooper
Sherriff: Chris McLogan
Bulletin Editor: Ryan Quinn
2 Minute Update: replaced with Groves & Seaholm Interact presentations
Host to Speaker: Alicia Green
Announcements & Upcoming Events:
Tigers Baseball Game on 07/26: contact Bryan Frank to secure one of the 19 remaining Tickets for the bargain price of $45 each
Hope Warming Center: 08/01/2017 Bill Roy
Guided Reading & Boys & Girls Reading Club at Owens Elementary: Norma Jean Evans – program has wrapped up for the year
Year End Party: 06/22/17 at 6:00 PM at John Westerheide’s house
Larry Sherman (06.13.17) 
Frannie Greenbaum (06.14.17)
Pat Grady (06.15.17) 25 years as a Rotarian
Daily Winner: John Westerhide.  
8 of diamonds remained elusive so the pot Lives at $57    
Update from Interact Clubs:
Interact Kids presented 2 great PowerPoint presentations showcasing all the hard work and fantastic projects they worked on throughout this school year.  Seaholm and Groves were both presented with checks for $250 from the Endowment Fund for their Community Service Awards.  Seaholm winner: Abigail Renard (not able to attend today due to signing with the U.S. Naval Academy.  Go Navy!) Groves with 2 winners: Jonah Kamoo (Albion) and Kiara Johnson (Michigan State. Go Spartans!)
Alicia Green introduced Lisa Machesky from the Oakland Literacy Council
Lisa is the executive director of the Oakland Literacy Council.  She earned her MBA from OU and her bachelor’s degree from Albion.  She was previously a member of the Pontiac Rotary and is a current Birmingham Resident.  
The Oakland Literacy Council focuses on Adult Literacy.  It was founded in 1983 and currently serves about 225 students weekly and would gladly serve more if she could find the tutors.  She shared many facts and stories about adults struggling with reading and stressed the importance of viewing it as an economic issue.  She also shared that based on their evidence, a mother’s own reading ability is the single biggest factor in what level their children achieve.  She asked that anyone with a spare 2 hours per week contact her about tutoring!  Please see attached docs for more infor about this very worthwhile group.  

Meeting was closed with a round of Smiles. 
June 5, 2017 – Meeting Bulletin
The meeting was called to order at 12:15 p.m. by Dave 
Opening Activities
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Rotary 4-Way Test
  • Signing of Star Spangled Banner by Ken Gass
  • Invocation – George Henry
  • Invocation – George Henry 
  • Greeter – Linda Hatfield
  • Luncheon Tickets – Norma Jean Evans
  • Raffle Tickets – Alicia Green
  • Sheriff – Pat Grady
  • 2-Minute Update – Doug Koschik
  • Host to Guest – John Schrot
  • Bulletin – Kayla Thompson
Visiting Guests & Visiting Rotarians
  • George Dilgard, Former City Commissioner
  • Lenora Hardy Foster, Judson Center
  • Donna Zimmer
  • James Austin, Intern at Chambers
  • Mike Maher, Chemical Bank
  • Tom Manachy
  • Jim Gilmore, Past District Governor
  • Pontiac Schools Reading – Norma Jean Evans - Tuesday, June 6 – Girls will be riding horseback at Victory Ranch
  • Rotary International has provided everyone with a new pin, please pick one up if you were not at the meeting.
  • Birmingham Rotary Baseball game on Wednesday, July 26th at 5:30pm. $45 per person and there are 20 seats left. Bus picks up from Credit Union at 5:30pm
  • Membership Directory - The membership directory is being updated, please provide Bryan Frank with any changes you would like to see in the directory
  • Year End Party - June 22nd at 6:00pm - $25 per person 
  • Flag Exchange from Dave Palmer’s new club in Austin, Texas
2-Minute Update – Doug Koschik
  • Update regarding Adult Services Renovation at the Baldwin Public Library
    • 98% complete with the renovation; on-time and under budget
    • Lots of lighting, new layout, high ceilings, and updated technology
  • Ribbon cutting June 11th at 1:00pm
Happy Birthday!
Donna Zimmer – June 5th  
Raffle – Churck Moss
Bill Roy won the raffle
No winners in the card selection - the pot lives on! 
Introduction of Speaker – John Schrot
Speaker – Kym Worthy, Wayne County Prosecutor
  • Spoke about a few emerging trends which included: 
  • Rape Kit Investigations
    • 11,331 untested rape kits discovered in 2009 and only 600 left to test
    • As a result of testing these kits, 85 convictions have taken place and there are leads in 39 other states  
  • Human Trafficking
    • 10-12 human trafficking cases in the last 3 months
    • Asked for two full-time prosecutors as more resources are needed for these cases
  • Sexual Assault
  • Elder & Senior Living
  • Domestic Violence
    • 8,000 cases a year and generally issue warrants for half 
    • More prevalent between teenagers recently
  • Body Cameras
    • Detroit Police have stated that all officers will be fitted with body cameras by the end of the year
    • Creates some problem for the justice system as it requires a lot more hours for prosecutor to make determinations on a case when there are 7-8 different tape records of a crime (i.e drug raid)
Birmingham Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting: May 22, 2017
David Underdown started the meeting at 12:15
Ken Gass sang a beautiful rendition of America the Beautiful.
Invocation - Ryan Quinn
There were 9 guests in attendance.
  • Chris McLogan recapped the dinner at Dilip Kumar Kuchipudi’s home Sunday night. It was a wonderful night, full of hospitality, great food and company.
  • Mark Anderson is looking for volunteers for trash pick-up at the Village Fair Thursday, June 1sth through Sunday, June 4th.
  • Norma Jean Evans updated us on the volunteer opportunity for the Guided Reading & Boys and Girls Club this Thursday.
  • Bryan Frank reminded us of the Detroit Tigers baseball game on July 26th, sign up. Tickets are $45. That includes tickets, bus ride and pizza.
2 minute update -  Regan Gilshire gave us a reminder of the Memorial Day Wreath Service in Shane Park at 10 am. She also had a video and discussed the conference she recently attended. One noted speaker was Virginia Nordby, the first Rotary district governor, who was elected in 1997. Also discussed was the national average women membership is 31%, Birmingham Rotary is slightly higher at 32.3%
Raffle was $63 and won by guest Terri Fratarorca.
Guest Speaker: Author, David Maraniss, discussed his book “Once in a Great City”. He discussed content of the book along with his research method of a  “four legs of a table” 1. Go there. 2. Find the papers. 3. Talk to people. 4. Why did it happen here? Look for things that aren’t there.
Birmingham Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting: May 15, 2017
Welcome at 12:15 p.m. by President Dave Underdown 
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Invocation by Frannie Greenebaum “How Blessed We Are”
Opening Song: America the Beautiful led by Ken Gass
Lunch Tickets: Alicia Green 
Raffle Tickets: Mark Anderson
Greeter: Kevin Mason
Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
Sheriff: Mark Cooper
Host to Speaker: Charles Wickins
Election of Directors: Ballots were issued per the Club Bylaws.  Ballots were counted and Bryan Frank, Pete Kreher, George Stern and Ryan Quinn were the leading vote getters.  There was a tie for the last position. 
Announcements & Upcoming events: 
  • Dilip Kuchipudi invited everyone to the Authentic Indian Dinner he is hosting at his home the Sunday, May 21 at noon.  This is a fundraiser for our Club. Chris McLogan has sent an email invitation and all are encouraged to come.
  • Sign up for the Village Fair.  We have volunteered for custodial duties at the Birmingham Village Fair June 1-4.  This is a fundraiser for our Club.  Mark Anderson passed around sign up sheets and all are encouraged to participate. 
  • Literacy Program Update and New Dates by Alicia Green.  The remaining dates for Guided Reading are May 18 and 25.  The remaining dates for the Star Literacy Club are May 16, 30 and the Field Trip to Victory Ranch on June 6.
  • Hope Warming Center Dates by Bill Roy.  The scheduled May 16 date has been cancelled, and we apologize to all those who volunteered.  New dates are August 1, September 13, October 17, November 8 and December 12.
  • Tigers Game by Bryan Frank.  The Club will be attending the Tigers game on July 26th with the Kansas City Royals.  We will meet in Birmingham and take a bus to the game.  Pizza and light refreshments will be served.  Cost will be $45.00 per person and tickets will be limited to 40.   
  • Memorial Day Ceremony.  Club members traditionally attend the Memorial Day Ceremony in Shain Park at 10:00 a.m.  All are encouraged to attend.
  • BRC Board Meeting will be held at the Birmingham Athletic Club on May 17th at noon.
Paul Harris Awards – Molly Swart and Dave Underdown presented Paul Harris awards.    Nave Grewal was presented her first Paul Harris Award. Paul Harris “Plus” awards were presented to Bryan Frank, Larry Sherman, Mark Anderson, John Mucha, Rich Shapack, Molly Swart, Dave Underdown, Joe Bauman, and Dave Zimmer.  The Club thanks all of our Paul Harris Award winners.
Happy Birthday to Shirley Bryant, May 18 and Regan Gilshire, May 21.
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw.   Chris Winans won the daily draw. Nobody picked the 8 of diamonds and the pot lives.
Speaker Host: Charles Wickins introduced Brad Francis, a Structural Chiropractor whose office is in Adams Square. Health is our number one asset.  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Chiropractic is based on the theory that misalignment of the spinal vertebrae cause nerve interference, which in turns interferes with this healing ability.  By manipulating the vertebrae, chiropractic seeks to remove the interference and restore the body’s healing ability.
Dave Underdown led the group in “Smiles”
Dave Underdown adjourned the meeting at 1:15 p.m.  
Next week the featured speaker will be author David Maraniss.  
Birmingham Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting: May 8, 2017 

Opening: Welcome at 12:15 PM by David Underdown
Invocation by: Joh Mucha
Opening Song: America The Beautiful by Ken Gass
Lunch Tickets & Attendance: Regan Gilshire
Raffle Tickets: Chuck Moss
Greeter: Ryan Quinn
Bulletin Editor: Bryan Frank
Sheriff: Marsha Kovacs
Rotary 2 Minute Update: Norma Jean Evans
Host to Speaker: Doug Koschik
2 Minute Update: Norma Jean Evans. Talked about millennials in the workforce, being 50% of the workforce. What organizations are doing to give back and be involved in the community. What is your organization doing?
Anniversaries: Linda & Ron Hatfield 21 years of marriage, she was not present so be sure to wish them well. 
Raffle: Chris Winans won the daily pot. Alecia Green won the big pot, so we will be starting a new deck of cards next week. 
  • Indian Dinner with Dilip Kuchipudi May 21st - See Chris McLogan
  • Hope Warming Center May 16th  - See Bill Roy
  • Third Thursday May 18th 5 PM @ Big Rock
  • Guided Reading & Reading Boys and Girls – Norma Jean
  • Village Fair – See Mark Anderson
  • Rotary Tigers Game July 26th – Limited Space! See Bryan Frank
Our speaker on Monday was Mustafa Mohatarem, Chief Economist. Mustafa Mohatarem, who has been the Chief Economist of General Motors Corporation since March 1995, is one of the nation’s most prominent industrial economists, a profession in which he got his start at Denison University. Mustafa gave a very interesting talk on the economy. He did talk about the Trump Conundrum which was mostly a positive outlook for the economy. 
Birmingham Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting: May 1, 2017 
Welcome at 12:15 PM by Dave Underdown
Invocation by: Joe Bauman
Opening Song: Star Spangled Banner, Sarah Rappaport
Lunch Tickets: Norma Jean Evans
Raffle Tickets: Richard Shapack
Greeter: Bill Roy
Bulletin Editor: Linda Hatfield
Sheriff: Michael & Oriana D’Amico
Invocation: Joe Bauman
2 Minute Update: Chris McLogan
Host to Speaker: Linda Hatfield
Announcements & Upcoming events: 
• Hope Warming: Tuesday, May 16th
• Indian Dinner: Dilip Kumar Kuchipudi House, Sunday, May 21
• Rotary After Hours: Big Rock Thursday, May 18th 5-7pm
• Village Fair: Thursday, June 1st, sign-up sheet to start next week. Mark Anderson
• Guided Reading, Thursday 9:30 & 4th Grade Boys & Girls Club, Tuesday 11:30
Sheriff: The dynamic duo: Michael & Oriana D’Amico
Money was given for a multitude of things all for the good of the cause.
Raffle/Card Draw: John Westerheide was the winner of $16 today. The pot lives.2 Minute Update: Chris McLogan gracefully filled in to present us with a current look at what is happening in the housing market. 
Dr Kent Clark, CEO of Grace Center of Hope was the speaker today.Grace Center of Hope is the oldest homeless drug rehab center in Michigan. He shared his 33 years of history about the many programs that they have and how to make 21/2 cnets out of a penny.
All who were in attendance were very captivated by his story.
Next meeting: Monday may 8th, Mustafa Mohatarem, Chief Economist GM.
Birmingham Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting: March 27, 2017

Welcome at 12:15 PM by Dave Underdown 
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Invocation by Joe Bauman
Opening Song: Star Spangled Banner 
Song led by: Ken Gass
Welcome Visitors and Guests, led by: Dave Underdown
Bob Skoczek guest of Jessica Schulze 
Lunch Tickets: Joe Valentine
Raffle Tickets: Regan Gilshire
Greeter: George Stern
Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
2 Minute Update:  Ryan Quinn on the topic of engagement.  The club does not work without engagement.  Ryan challenged all of us to reach out to someone who has not been coming and/or participating and invite them to come to the next meeting. 
Announcements & Upcoming events: 
1. Hope Warming Center April 19, 2017 7:15-9:00 p.m.-see Bill Roy to sign up
2. Fowling Event April 2, 2017 2:00-4:00 p.m.-see Bryan Frank to sign up
3. Masters Raffle.  The winner of the raffle elected to take the $5,000.00 cash prize.  The trip was then put up for bid.  Bruce Simon tendered the winning bid of $8,000.00.  This will provide an additional $3,000.00 raised from the raffle, making this the most successful raffle to date.
4. Dilip Kuchipudi will be hosting an authentic Indian dinner at his home.  The date is Sunday, May 21, 2017 in the afternoon.  We will pass around sign up sheets at a later meeting.
New Member Induction     
    Michael D’Amico and Oriana D’Amico, principals in Unimark, Inc. Executive Placement Service, sponsored by Charles Wickins, are currently Rotarians.  They are transferring from the Troy club.  They were inducted into the Birmingham Rotary Club by Chris Winans.  Welcome Michael and Oriana!
Happy Birthday to Chris Braun (March 23) Bill Roy (March 24) Mark Cooper (March 26).  Anniversaries in joining Rotary Chris Braun (March 30, 2015) Linda Hatfield (March 30, 2009)
50/50 Raffle & Card.  Chris Winans won the daily draw.  Nobody drew the 10 of spades, the pot lives.
Sheriff: Dave Zimmer.
Host to Speaker: Chris Winans
Guest Speaker/Program:  Janet McPeek, Currently Foundation Chair, Past District Governor and a member of the Lake Orion Sunrise Club. Janet thanked the Birmingham rotary Club for its gifts to the Rotary Foundation and its work at Hope Warming Center, and Literacy projects, pointing out that the BRC, including George Hedgespeth’s vision, was a catalyst for change within the district in promoting literacy.
Janet gave a brief  history of the Rotary Foundation, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Foundation grew from a $26.00 contribution from the Kansas city Club to what it is today, a top-notch charity, which is regularly rated 1 or 2 by the Charity Navigator.
The District is involved in numerous projects.  It became involved in the Ghana I project, for water and sanitation which was successful, and is the International Partner in the Ghana II project, which is the largest RI grant at this time.
Janet passed out copies of “Rotary Giving Works”, a wonderful brochure explaining what the Rotary Foundation is and the various issues with which it is involved. 
Song: Happy Birthday and Smile! led by Dave Underdown 
Next Meeting April 3, 2017, Speaker will be Gail Gothelf, Wolverine Human Services.
Bill Roy, Bulletin Editor
Bulletin for 3/20/17

Welcome at 12:15 PM by Dave Underdown
Invocation by: Joe Bauman
Opening Song: God Bless America by Ken Gass
Lunch Tickets: Linda Hatfield
Raffle Tickets: George Stern
Greeter: Joe Bauman
Bulletin Editor: Linda Hatfield
Sheriff: Carol Peterson
Invocation: Joe Bauman
2 Minute Update: Chris Winans
Host to Speaker: Charlie Wickins
Announcements & Upcoming events: 
•    Hope Warming: Wednesday, April 19th
•    Fowling: Sunday, April 4th 2-4 see sign up at Monday Meetings
Sheriff: Carol Peterson
Money was given to wish all the best to Dave Zimmer on his continued good health. To the University of Michigan for reaching the Sweet 16 basketball tournament.
Raffle/Card Draw: Dan Winans was the lucky winner. If it is not one Winans it’s another who wins. The pot lives.
2 Minute Update: As you know, the drawing by the Birmingham Rotary Club for the amazing Masters Tournament Trip for 2 was held last Monday, March 13th.  The first prize winner has opted for the $5,000 cash prize.  This means that there is now a once-in-a-lifetime trip for 2 by private jet to the finals of The Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia on April 8-9, 2017.  
You are being offered the opportunity to make a sealed bid for this trip.  Attached is an Auction Bid Form along with instructions on delivery.  To submit a bid, please complete this form according to the instructions on the form.  The deadline for entry will be at 12:15p.m. on Monday, March 27th at the regular meeting of the Birmingham Rotary Club at The Community House, 380 S. Bates Street, Birmingham.
The value of this trip is $10,800 with the minimum bid set at $5,000.   
If you have any questions, please e-mail  Thank you!
Kathleen Riley, CCP, DEH, WHEE, ADS, is the Founder, President, and the Executive Director of The Dove House, a next stage core-healing and wellness recovery center. Riley has been helping clients reach their highest potential for fifteen years, teaching easy and effective self-healing techniques that relieve anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and pain. She is the author of wellness, personal growth, and energy medicine publications, including What You Feel is Real, Everyday Miracles and Healing & Wellness Beyond Recovery. In 1997, she created a magazine of personal growth with Hearst Magazine Enterprises, publisher of O Magazine. Riley earned her B.A. in Communications from Michigan State University in Lansing, MI, and attended Energy Medicine University in Sausalito, CA, where she completed her Master’s Graduate Course Studies in Integrative Holistic Health with an emphasis in Energy Psychology. She is certified in Auricular Acupuncture Detox for the reduction of alcohol cravings and drugs, including nicotine, and for the relief of stress (PTSD), grief, emotional trauma and pain. She is a graduate of the Corporate Coaching Program with Corporate Coach U, Inc., and is a certified chaplain with the International Fellowship of Chaplains. 
Next Meeting: Monday, March 27, Speaker: Janet McPeek, “ Rotary

Submitted By: Linda Hatfield 
12:15 PM
President Dave Underdown called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm.
We recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-Way Test.  Ken Gass led us in singing God Bless America.
Norma Jean Evans gave an inspiring invocation.
We sang Happy Birthday to Ryan Quinn and Sarah Rappaport, and then introduced visiting Rotarians and guests of Rotarians.
Thank you went out to our meeting volunteers, including Kayla Thompson, Alicia Green, Ryan Quinn, Mark Anderson, Richard Shapack, yours truly, and Norma Jean Evans.
Hope Warming Center:  Bill Roy announced that volunteers are still welcome to participate in the next preparation and serving of a meal at Hope Warming Center on Baldwin in Pontiac, on March 22, 2017 from 7:30 to 9 pm.  If you have not yet participated in helping out at Hope Warming Center, what are you waiting for?  It is an eye opening experience.
Fowling:  Its like bowling, but you knock down the pins with a football instead of a bowling ball.  This event is being planned for Sunday April 2nd from 2 to 4 pm.  Location in Hamtramack.  More details to follow.  Cost will be $15.  A splendid time is guaranteed for all.  See Bryan Frank for more information.  Come have some fun!!!
We sold 286 tickets out of 300!!  Great job everyone!!  Special thanks to Bryan Frank and Charles Wickens.
Grand Prize Winner:  Alex Tartar
$1000 Winner: Frank Thibodeau
$500 Winner:  Chris Henry
The funds raised will support our charitable activities this coming year, and are vital to our continued community impact!
Weekly Raffle:
Daily pot ($10) won by Mark Anderson
The big pot lives.
Sheriff:   Mark Anderson got generous donations from everybody with or without Irish ancestry!
Speaker:    Our speakers, introduced by Rick Shapack, were Aimee Angel and Randy Ross of The Community Foundation.  What an amazing group!  It manages an endowment of $800 Million, and oversaw donations of $75 Million in 2016 over a seven county region.  It also provides support for "donor advised funds", making charitable giving easier and more attractive from a tax perspective.
Examples of recent involvement include the Dequidre Cut, the Polk Penguin Conservation Center, the Solanus Casey Center and the New Economy Initiative, among literally dozens of other projects.
"Smiles" closed out our meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
John Mucha
The meeting was called to order at 12:15PM by President David Underdown. 
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • 4 way Test
  • America the Beautiful was sung by Ken Gass
  • Invocation was given by  Linda Hatfield
Bryan Frank: 120 tickets remain unsold for the Master’s Raffle.  Please do your best to get checks and tickets turned in soon as the drawing is only a few weeks away. 
Board of Directors Meeting at BAC on 02/15/17  
3Rd Thursday will be held at Four Story Burger inside The Palladium
Hope Warming Center: Bill Roy is still looking for a few volunteers for food items.  Please contact Bill if you are interested in donating.
The following Rotarians were the meeting volunteers:
  • Raffle Tickets: Bill Roy
  • Greeter: Chuck Moss
  • Sherriff: Marcia Kovacs
  • Bulletin Editor: Ryan Quinn
  • Host to Speaker: Charles Wickens
Two Minute Update: Joe Bauman
The Million Dollar Dinner is being hosted at Eagle Crest in Ypsilanti, MI.  This year marks the 100th anniversary of The Rotary Foundation which as you may already know has been recognized as one of the best run charities in existence.  Our club and our district has a long history of giving generously to this event.  There are a multitude of ways to give to this important cause.  Every Rotarian Every Year, Multi Year gifts, inclusion of Rotary in your estate plan are just a few examples.  Please see Joe Bauman if you have questions about attending this wonderful event or if you simply want to give to support a great cause.  
Raffle: Daily pot: $11.  Winner: Norma Jean.  The 10 of spades remained elusive in the second drawing so the pot will grow for another week.  
Speaker: Julie Booksh
Julie’s southern spitfire sass mixed with her charm and compassion have helped ignite her successful private practice, corporate coaching sessions and online teachings. Whether working with individuals or groups, transformation is the goal. Companies including Ford, Chrysler and others have praised her refreshing perspective. She inspires people to find and live their most authentic life.
Julie was born and brought up in New Orleans. In 2009, she and her husband moved to Michigan. No stranger to change she works with clients in finding meaning, passion and courage. Julie has a natural ability to quickly connect with people. She has a gift of seeing through the chaos of everyday life. Her clients appreciate her ability to quickly pick up on what’s holding them back.
Julie completed her Masters in Counseling in New Orleans at Our Lady of Holy Cross College. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in Systems Theory, Energy Psychology, Mindfulness and Body Symptoms. Her education also includes undergraduate and graduate work in Business Management and Accounting. She worked in those fields for years before venturing into her life’s work.
Julie began her presentation by introducing the group to Guided Meditation.  Start with both feet on the floor.  Sit up straight. Close your eyes and turn your attention inward. Focus on your breath.  If your mind wanders, refocus on your breath.  Spend the next 3-5 minutes just allowing yourself to be present with your breath.  
Julie uses meditation to allow people to embrace the idea of presence and to allow themselves to be present.  
  • meditation has shown to provide positive changes to the structure and function of the brain
  • meditation also allows your body to relax.  It is only when the body is relaxed that it can rejuvenate and heal itself.
  • meditation also provides us the time to embrace the disturbances in our lives and process the events & emotions associated with those disturbances.  
She stressed the idea of giving yourself permission to pause and permission to be present.  She gave everyone a permission slip to:
  • to pause
  • to turn it off
  • to do one thing at a time
  • to change
  • to hold-off on answering immediately
  • to choose freely
  • to enjoy a meal without working
  • to fee before you fix.
To schedule a session or book Julie for an event, please call (248) 864-2123 or email
725 South Adams Road, Suite L-167
Birmingham, MI 48009
Next meeting is Feb. 20th  where Nancy Mauer from Director Leadership Oakland will be the presenter.
Meeting was closed with a round of Smiles. 
Welcome at 12:05 PM by President Dave Underdown
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Invocation by Rich Shapack
Opening Song: Star Spangled Banner 
Song led by: Ken Gass
Welcome Visitors and Guests:
Oriana and Mike D’Amico visiting from Troy Rotary Club
Lunch Tickets and attendance: Regan Gilshire
Raffle Tickets: Ken Gass
Greeter: Doug Koschik
Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
Sheriff: Joe Bauman
Two Minute Update:
Joe Valentine on the topic of January 28th Birmingham Long Range Planning Meeeting. Two main topics will be Birmingham Bicentennial and “New Look” of downtown and city logo.
Announcements & Upcoming events: 
  • Masters Raffle Tickets-Bryan Frank.  We have 130 tickets left to sell.  If you have prospective buyers, contact Bryan.    
  • Hope Warming Center-Bill Roy.  We are serving on February 27th, we still need some volunteers.  Bill passed around the sign up sheet.
  • Groves Interact Club-Pat Grady.  The group will be assembling playground equipment at the Judson Center on April 29 and 20.  Pat will pass around a sign up sheet. 
  • Chris Winans announced several district events which are coming up.    Million Dollar Dinner-April 1, World Peace Conference-March 30-31, District Conference, Mackinac Island- May 4-7, International Conference, Atlanta GA-June 10-14.
  • Vic Pooler announced that the committee was working to replace the “Sip and Savor” event which was scheduled for Valentines Day with an event to be held June 21 (summer solstice), discussions are taking place with the Birmingham Athletic Club for this event.
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw.  John Westerheide won the $8 daily pot.  Nobody drew the 10 of spades so the pot lives.
Speaker: Betti Wiggins Director of the Detroit Public Schools Office of School Nutrition
DPS is proud that locally grown products comprise 40% of the food purchases for the meal programs.  DPS has taken aggressive steps to discontinue menu choices which lack nutritional value and contribute to obesity (i.e. no chocolate milk).  DPS has institutes a school gardens program, which not only provides locally grown ingredients for meals, but teach the children the joy of growing the food and entrepreneurial skills with a marketing program. 
Song: Smile! Led by Dave Underdown
Next Meeting:  February 13, 2017.  Guest Speaker will be Julie Bookish, Soul Speaker, Psychotherapist, Workshop Leader
Adjournment 1:15 p.m.  By Dave Underdown
Bill Roy–Bulletin Editor
The meeting was called to order at 12:15PM by President David Underdown. 
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • 4 way Test
  • America the Beautiful was sung by Russ Ives
  • Invocation was given by  Rabbi Goldberg

  • Pat Grady announced the unfortunate passing of Carol Halstead (sister-in-law of Dick Halstead, former Rotarian)
Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians:
  • Joe Bauman was host to Sue Smith From the Birmingham YMCA
The following Rotarians were the meeting volunteers:
  • Raffle Tickets: Chuck Moss
  • Greeter: Kayla Thompson
  • Sherriff: Chris Winans
  • Bulletin Editor: Ryan Quinn
  • 2 Minute Update: Doug Koschik
  • Host to Speaker: Betsy Reich
Announcements & Upcoming Events:
  • Masters Raffle:  Bryan Frank informed us that we wave sold 160 of the 300 available tickets for the drawing on 03-13-2017
  • Hope Warming Center: 02/27/17 Bill Roy
  • Guided Reading & Boys & Girls Reading Club at Owens Elementary: Norma Jean Evans 
  • Interact: Pat Grady informed us that Interact is doing a blood drive on 02/14/17.  Interact will also be doing a project in April at the Judson center to build a playground and will have a can drive soon.  See Pat Grady for more info.
Two Minute Update: Doug Koschik 
The library renovation project is moving along nicely. Phase 1 of 3 is currently on schedule and on budget. Phase 2 will be the youth room remodel and phase 3 will be the lobby, outside and circulation area.
Raffle: Daily pot: $5.  Winner: Bryan Frank.  The 10 of spades remained elusive in the second drawing so the pot will grow for another week.  
Speaker:  Rabbi Goldberg - Kids Kicking Cancer.  
Rabbi G. (as he is known by many people) is a 1st degree black belt, Rabbi emeritus, and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Wayne State School of Medicine. Sadly, Rabbi G. and his wife, Ruthie, lost their first child at age 2 to Luekemia.  Out of this painful experience, Kids Kicking Cancer was born.  KKC is empowering thousands of children with pediatric illnesses in 4 countries.  Their specially trained martial artists are teaching these kids and their siblings a combination of techniques in breathing/ visualization/  meditation in a variety of environments to help them take control of their pain, stress and anxiety.  Rabbi G. has been given many honors such as being named a CNN hero and a being a recipient of the  Rober Woods Johnson Community Health Award.  In addition to his awards, he has received many other acknowledgements for his good works and accomplishments.
Rabbi G’s program teaches kids the 3 P’s.  Power Peace and Purpose.  A main tenant of his teachings are to breathe in the light and blow out the darkness.  This is done through their “Breath Brake” process.  KKC teaches people to be more aware of the stresses in their lives and how they react to those stresses.  This is done by trying to answer the following questions:
  • What is your trigger?
  • Where does your trigger show up in your body? Tight shoulders?  Clenched jaws? Upset stomach? 
Once you have those answered you can then use breathing exercises to reverse the adverse physical response your body is having to the stress you are experiencing.  In short, he teaches people to breathe in through the nose lifting the body with your breath.  When you think you cant take in any more breath, take one more quick breath in the exhale slowly allowing your body to drop down as you exhale ending with you shin on your chest.  This will condition your body and mind to calm down and reverse the biological response to the stressor.  
This breathing technique has shown to measurably reduce the pain experienced by children undergoing cancer treatment. 

Next meeting is Feb. 6 where Betsy Wiggins from Detroit Public Schools will be the presenter.
Meeting was closed with a round of Smiles. 
Welcome at 12:15 PM by Dave Underdown
Invocation by: Ryan Quinn
Opening Song: America the Beautiful sung by Sarah Rappaport
  • Lunch Tickets & Attendance: Joe Valentine
  • Raffle Tickets: Chuck Moss
  • Greeter: George Stern
  • Bulletin Editor: Linda Hatfield
  • 2 Minute Update: Charlie Wickins
  • 1 Minute Update: Kayla Thompson
  • Sheriff: Wendee Haugh
We were very delighted to have in attendance today our former exchange student Fran Mestre Sanchez. He is doing well and is headed to Chicago at the end of the week. Richard Shapack brought Jessica Schulze a colleague from his office. Some of us have experienced an email from Suzanne Smak regarding our speakers and were happy that John Schrot brought her in for us to meet.
Announcements & Upcoming events: 
  • Third Thursday: Thursday, September 15th  at  Griffin Claw 5-7pm
  • Maple Road Cleanup: Saturday, September 17th
  • Hope Warming Center: Tuesday, September 20th
  • Golf Outing: Monday, September 26th at Stoneycroft GC in Bloomfield Hills
Happy Birthday: A happy birthday was sung to Vic Pooler and Ken Gass who have upcoming birthdays this week. Happy one year anniversary to Kayla Thompson.
Sheriff: Wendee did a great job collecting money from our Rotarians
2 Minute Update: Kayla Thompson gave a brief overview of her meeting with some Interact students. She thanked to everyone who was able to make it out to Shield's Pizza. She thought it was a really productive and helpful meeting and she is looking forward to all that the Interact Club will accomplish the year! 
Some of the members mentioned that they would be starting a 'Remind 101' group.  
Raffle/Card Draw: Wendee Haugh was the lucky winner of in today’s raffle. The pot was won by John Mucha.
Program: Our speaker today, Dan Leask was born in Canada and is a Professional Life & Career Coach.
His company, Emerald Compass, assists clients in creating and enhancing their careers, to transform themselves and their lives. The main focus is Coaching and Training Business Professionals, who want to reinforce or strengthen their careers.
Submitted By: Linda Hatfield 
President Dave opened the meeting at 12:15p with the Pledge of Allegiance.  After the Club recited the Four Way Test, Ken Gass led the Club in singing America the Beautiful.  Pete Kreher gave the invocation.  The Club welcomed Michael O’Shaunessy, visiting from Troy Rotary.
Norma Jean Evans sold luncheon tickets.  
Mark Cooper sold raffle tickets (John Westerheide won the $19 daily pot; no one drew the three of diamonds).  
John Schrot greeted.    
Dave Zimmer acted as Sheriff.  
Michael Williams outbid everyone to win two tickets to tonight’s Tiger game.
Kayla Thompson gave a two-minute update relating that her company, Schecter Wealth Mangement, gave 20 bins of school supplies to Own School.  She became involved in Rotary when the Hillsdale Rotary selected her as its Student of the Month and then became President of her high school’ Interact club.  
Ryan Quinn related how he became involved with Rotary when he bought a ticket from Charles Wickins for the Master’s Golf Tournament.  He didn’t win but became enamored with Rotary.
  • Charles Wickins announced that Michael Caruso would talk on “How to meet somebody in 15 seconds” when the District Governor visits our Club October 24th. 
  • The Club will be at Hope Warming Center September 21st and October 19th.  
  • Third Thursday will be held at Griffin Claw from 5-7p on September 15th.  
  • The Board meets on September 21st at the BAC.  
  • Maple Road Clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, September 17th at 11a at Lahser and Maple.  
  • The meeting on Monday, September 26th will be at Stonycroft Country Club preceding the golf outing and dinner.  $15 for lunch, $40 for dinner, $125 for lunch golf and dinner.
Charles Wickins introduced Rob Otto, Program Facilitator, Winning Futures.  It empowers youth to succeed through mentoring and strategic planning.  It transforms high school students into becoming self-reliant, employable, productive adults by setting goals, exploring careers, building employable skills and pursuing further education.  Winning Futures currently has 585 full time enrollees in seven high schools.  In total it impacts 2,000 students a year.  It also gives $1.7 million in scholarships as 95% of its full time participants go on to post high school education and 96% find employment.  
The meeting adjourned at 1:10 pm with a rousing version of Smiles.
Respectfully submitted,
George Stern
President David Underdown called the meeting to order at 12:00PM 
Pledge of Allegiance was recited  
4 way test was recited 
America The Beautiful was sung by Sarah Rappaport
Vic Pooler gave the Invocation
Rotary guests were introduced
  • Sarah Rappaport introduced a fellow Tutoring Center owner who was in town from the Miami area
  • Charles Wickens introduced Dilep who was back for another visit
2 Minute update: Group effort: Bryan Frank, Linda Hatfield, & Charles Wickins
Bryan reported back on the success of both events that he recently organized.  
The tiger game was well attended and even managed a small profit.  A good time was had by all. The dream Cruise water give away was HUGELY successful.  Many Rotarians were on hand to participate.  In the end, 880 bottles of water were given out and over $600 was collected!   Way to go Birmingham Rotary! A big thank you goes out to both Bryan Frank for his hard work organizing the event and to Costco who donated the bottled water.
Charles Wickins gave us a brief preview of what is in store for Visitor’s day.
  • When: October 24th
  • Who: Our district Governor will be giving a talk entitled: How to 
  • Connect with a Person in 15 seconds”.
  • Goal: 100 people in attendance.  More details will follow soon but in the meantime, please start thinking of who you want to invite!
Linda Hatfield gave updates on Hope Warming Center and the Maple Road clean up events.
50/50 raffle: Wendee Haugh 
               -daily winner was Shirley Bryant for a $9 grand prize
               -The winning card was not drawn for the big pot so the pot lives another week.  
Sherriff: Chuck Moss 
Pat Grady hosted and introduced our speaker: Gail Perry Mason
Gail has a very impressive resume as a published author in many well know publications (Ebony, Black Enterprise, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and the Washington Post to name a few)  She is also a board member for many different charitable groups including MSU (not our hometown heroes the Michigan State Spartans)  Gail founded a Money camp for teens and Financial Literacy program currently being used in Detroit Public Schools. Gail was present to talk about the “Save a Girl, Save a World Mentorship Program” This is a program to increase financial awareness and skills in young people.  They emphasize learning that you have value before learning the value of a dollar.  She highlighted many of their more inspiring programs such as the Sole mate shoe exchange that pairs children up with mentors to discuss their lives and professions.  Also she talked of their Ties and Pearls program and the inspirational effect it has had on many young people.  In summary, she is trying to teach tomorrows adults to be owners of their destiny and not just be consumers.  
President Dave ended the meeting with a round of Smiles.
Meeting was called to order by President Dave Underdown who led the group in the Pledge of the Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test.
Sarah Rappaport let the group in singing God Bless America
Invocation was delivered by Joe Bauman
Meeting Volunteers
Host of Guest Speaker: Charlie Wickins
Luncheon Tickets: Alicia Green
Raffle Tickets: Ken Gass
Bulletin Editor: Marie Dowler
Greeter: Bryan Frank
Sheriff: Mark Anderson
2 Min Update: Rich Shapack
Announcements and Upcoming Events
  • Hope Warming 8/25 all spots filled
  • Third Thursday is Wednesday the 17th this month with a SOLD out Tiger game. Arrive at Adams Square between 5:15-5:30pm bus leaves at 5:45pm. 50+ Rotarians/family will be going
  • Dream Cruise: all shifts covered, water bottle give away in front of Tiffany Florist
  • Maple Rd Clean Up. September 17th, Pat Grady will put sign up on line, coming soon
  • Tentative Golf outing date is September 26th Waiting on Confirmation from Stoney Croft Golf Club, sign ups coming out soon with confirmed date/times/costs. Donations welcome for Prizes.
50/50 winner: Bryan Frank
No winners in the card draw
Speaker was introduced by Charlie Wickins, Speaker was Robert Bales of Local Hop. Local Hop is a mobile APP that is free to download and will give you access to local events. It is a community platform. Has 100’s of organizations inputting events and over 1000 users. List’s activities and events in the area. Free to users who down load APP. Free to post Q and A after presentation, might be a tool the Rotary can use here locally.
Meeting ended with a round of Smiles and was then adjourned by President Underwood
Welcome at 12:10 p.m. by Dave Underdown
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Invocation by Linda Hatfield
Opening Song: America the Beautiful
Song led by: Ken Gass
Visitors and Guests ; Girish Kshirsagar, visiting Rotarian from Nanded, India; George Nelson visiting Rotarian from N. Augusta South Carolina; George’s son, Gene Nelson, from Birmingham;  Adrienne Kain visiting Rotarian from Waikiki; Dilip Kuchipudi, prospective member; Kevin Mason, Bank of Birmingham,  prospective member.  Julia Halpin, First American Title Company; James Cristbrook, Shain Park Realtors, our featured speaker.
Lunch Tickets: Regan Gilshire 
Raffle Tickets and Raffle: Cindy Broderick
Sheriff: Pat Grady
Greeter: Linda Hatfield
Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
2 Minute Update: Dan Nerad on the topic of Birmingham Schools.  BPS thanks the Rotary club for its continued service.  BPS is looking for new partnerships, with an eye toward exposing students to career opportunities.  BPS mission is twofold- first students must learn well, which most do, Dan’s job is not done until all do; second students must build character skills.  Dan also mentioned the November election, in which a new majority of the BPS Board will be elected, and BPS bond issue is up for vote.  Dan reported that this year BPS has invested in new front entrances for ½ of the school buildings, which is a safety feature.  Next year the entrances for other ½ of the buildings will be done, and the Seaholm and Groves auditoriums will be renovated. 
Rotary Minute: Joe Bauman reported on the BRC’s Ugandan water well projects.  To date, we have provided three wells.  The first was used so extensively that there was a danger it would be damaged from overuse, so a second was funded, and then a third.  A project which envisioned serving 3,000 people has grown to serve many thousands more.  Joe read excerpts from a note of gratitude from the residents.  The final cost, including District grants was $27,000.  The final return is priceless.
Announcements & Upcoming events: 
  • Hope Warming Center:  Bill Roy reported that we need volunteers for Thursday August 25th, and passed the sign-up sheet around.  When the sheet was passed, one of our prospective members, Dilip Kuchipudi, volunteered to serve that evening.  
  • Chris Winans reported on her initial weeks as Assistant District Governor.  She urged all to make plans to attend next years’ International Conference in Atlanta.
  • Social Committee Surveys: Bryan Frank left surveys on the tables and requested that all fill them out and return them.
  • Tiger Game August 17th:  Bryan Frank reported that there are 17 tickets left for the Tiger Game August 17th.  We will be leaving by bus from South Adams Square parking lot at 5:15.  Rotarians, family and friends are invited.  This event will be our “Third Thursday” this month.
  • Dream Cruise Sign Up: Bryan Frank reported that we still need volunteers for the 3-5 and 5-7 time slots for August 20th .  We will be distributing water in front of Tiffany Florist all day.  Everyone is invited to come and help.
  • There will be a BRC Board meeting on Wednesday August 17th at 12:00 noon at the BAC.
  • BRC Golf Outing: Save the Date.  John Westerheide has reserved September 26, 2016 for the Golf Outing.  John will provide details at a later time.
Birthdays: Richard Erickson 8/11; Betsy Reich 8/13.
50/50 raffle and draw.  George Stern won the daily jackpot.  Nobody drew the 3 of Diamonds, so the pot lives.
Chris Winans introduced James Cristbrook of Shain Park Realtors.  James worked for Disney Productions for a number of years and the theme of his motivational speech was  “ How Walt Disney Changed my Life”.  Key points of his presentation were liberate yourself, whatever you do, do it well enough that your audience or customers will want to come back, never say “I don’t know” (unless your child is asking about Pokeymon), continuity is important, always stay in character, love the people you serve, test your dreams against your beliefs, and always remember that you job is to make people happy.  We would like to thank James for his presentation.
Dave Underdown adjourned the meeting at 1:15 p.m.  
Next meeting is August15th.  Speaker will be Matt Russell, Local Hop.
Bill Roy–Bulletin Editor 
Meeting was called to order by President Elect Linda Hatfield, in the temporary absence of President David Underdown.   Linda led the group in the Pledge of Alliance and Rotary 4-Way Test.
Bob Kenning led the group in singing America the Beautiful.  Bob also delivered the invocation.  
Birthdays were announced as to Chuck Gosh (August 2) and George Stern (August 7).
Guest and Visiting Rotarian Adrian King, from the Honolulu Rotary, was greeted.
Meeting Volunteers:
Charles Wickins: Host to Guest Speaker
Betsy Reich: Luncheon Tickets
Ryan Quinn: Raffle Tickets
John Schrot: Bulletin Editor
Tom Waffen: Greeter
Eric Smith: Sheriff
Doug Koschik: 2-Minute Update
Doug Koschik’s 2-Minute Rotary Update included his discussion of the upcoming renovations to the Birmingham Library.  He submitted photos and plans.  The work will start in October, 2016 and complete in April, 2017.  The work will include new windows, shelving, etc.  He invited all to check out the new electronic resources and catalogue.  
Announcements and Upcoming Events included:
  • Hope Warming Center:  Kayla Thompson announced that the Club had a service night at the Center on July 26.  The next date is August 25.
  • Social Committee Survey:  Bryan Frank distributed a survey.
  • Third Thursday:  Bryan Frank announced the August 17th Tiger Game trip.  Please see Bryan Frank if you are interested in attending.  
  • Dream Cruise Sign Up Sheet:  Bryan Frank announced that Rotary Club members will be handing out water for donations in front of Tiffany Florist in Birmingham on Saturday, August 20.
  • Member Directory:  Bryan Frank asked for ad information ASAP.
  • Board Meeting:  Wednesday, August 17, at BAC.
50/50 Raffle and Card Draw:  There was an $8 jackpot, and no one won the pot.  
Speaker:  Allison Hendry, of the Birmingham Education Foundation, which is a foundation which supports the Birmingham Public Schools. In addition, she was assisted by Shelly Potter, who is a reading specialist at Greenfield School.  Our speakers explained that BEF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) which began in 1993.  It is not part of the Birmingham Public Schools.  They stated that funding with inflation is down $2,800 per student.  BEF offers teacher grants.  It supports school groups and district-wide initiatives.  It is a bridge between the schools and community.  It has contributed approximately $2,000,000.00 to the Birmingham schools over the years.  It funded a non-profit group called “Mental Illness Needs Discussion” at both Seaholm and Groves High Schools.  We can help by volunteering, donating, and spreading the word as to the benefits of this organization.
The meeting ended with a round of Smile and was adjourned by President Elect Linda Hatfield.  
Rotary Minutes 
July 25, 2016
Meeting was called to order by President Dave Underdown who led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test.
Bob Kenning led the group in singing God Bless America.
The invocation was delivered by Charles Wilkins.
Meeting volunteers were:
Regan Gilshire:  Attendance/Luncheon Tickets
Jill Jones:  Raffle Tickets
Doug Koschik:  Greeter
George Henry:  Sheriff
Joe Valentine:  2-Minute update
Announcements and Upcoming Events included:
  • Committee Sign Up Sheets:  Linda Hatfield.  If you have not yet signed up for a committee, please see Linda.
  • Hope Warming Center:  Bill Roy announced that tomorrow night, Tuesday, July 26 is our next service night.  Our August date is August 25.
  • Third Thursday:  This year, the event will be on a Wednesday and will be an August 17th Tiger Game.  Please see Bryan Frank if you are interested in attending.  
  • Dream Cruise Sign Up Sheet:  Rotary club members will be  handing out water for donations in the front area of Tiffany Florists in Birmingham.
  • Member Directory:  Bryan Frank asked for ad information ASAP.
  • Board Meeting:  Wednesday, August 17 at BAC
The speaker part of the day’s meeting was a report from President Dave Underdown.  Dave spoke of his own goals and background and encouraged members to write down three Rotary goals for the new year.  
Meeting ended with a round of Smile and was then adjourned by President Underdown.  
Meeting was called to order by Dave Underdown.

Invocation was given by Joe Bauman who also served as greeter.
Bob Kenning led the club in singing “America”.  
Volunteers for the day were:
Greg Burry – raffle
Chris Winans – meal tickets
Ryan Quinn – sheriff
Charles Wickens – host to speaker
Bryan Frank provided an update on the member directory.  Business card size ads are $50 and full page ads are $200.  The ads are due now as the directory will be going to the printer soon. Bryan also provided a reminder about the Third Thursday social event.  The one for July will be at 4:00 p.m. at the Bird and Bread.  For August, in lieu of a third Thursday, the club members are invited to a Tigers game  on Wednesday, August 17.  Transportation is available and those interested should plan on meeting at South Adams Square.  The bus will leave at 5:30 p.m.  Cost of the game and transportation is $40.  A tee shirt is available for an additional cost.
Charles Wickens reminded members to sign up on the committee sheet.  He also announced that the fundraising committee is meeting on Tuesday, July 19 from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. at BBCU.
The next Hope Warming Center service project will be July 26.  Volunteers are still needed for serving.  The Hope Warming Center date for August will be the 25th.
Birthdays being celebrated are for John Shrot and Molly Swart.  
Raffle – Bryan Frank won the daily raffle but no one picked the winning card.  Therefore, the pot lives!
The speaker, introduced by Charles Wickens, was Jeff Hampton, a Toastmasters member.  Jeff competes in Toastmaster speech competitions.  He presented a piece called “I Get Around” about muscle cars.  The speech was followed by a table activity.
The meeting ended with a round of Smile and was officially adjourned at 12:58 p.m.  
President Dave opened the meeting at 12:15p to a thunderous welcoming ovation.  After the Club recited the Four Way Test, Bob Kenning led the Club in singing America the Beautiful.  Kavla Thompson gave the invocation.  Frannie Greenebaum introduced her neighbor, Brian Kepes, who is running for Bloomfield Township Treasurer.

Regan Gilshire sold luncheon tickets.   Matrie Dowler sold raffle tickets (Shirley Bryant won the $11 daily pot; no one drew the three of diamonds).  Charles Wickins greeted.    John Mucha acted as Sheriff. 
Pat Grady honored George Googasian and Fayth Kakos with Community Service Awards, given jointly by the Groves High School PTSA and Birmingham Rotary.  He recited their many activities.
Chris McLogan gave a two-minute update on the state of the housing recovery.  He said the fundamentals of the economy are strong with mortgage delinquencies declining.  There is still pent up demand although sales at the upper end of the market are slowing.
Bryan Quinn exhorted all Rotarians to give $100 every year to the Rotary Foundation. 
Linda Hatfield passed around sign-up sheets for various Rotary committees.  Marsha Kovaks reminded everyone that the Club will be at Hope Warming Center on July 26th.  Linda Hatfield reminded everyone that Third Thursday will be on July 21st at The Bird and the Bread from 4p until 7p (note earlier commencement).  The Board will meet on Wednesday, July 20th at the BAC.  All are welcome.
Ryan Quinn introduced Marc K Nakisher, a friend of ten years who specializes in Estate Planning as principal of the Nakisher Law Firm and enjoys participating in Iron Man contests.  Marc said estate planning starts with a will; everyone should have one.  Everyone should create a Trust in which to place assets such as a house, IRAs, Stocks and Bonds and other financial assets and Life Insurance policies.  It keeps those assets private by avoiding disclosing them in probate.  It also reduces probate cost which is usually 2-3% of assets.  Everyone should have a Durable Power of Attorney to handle financial and health care issues in case of personal disability.  And everyone should have a HIPAA to allow hospitals and financial institutions to share personal information with those entrusted to care for us when we can’t.  
Next week’s speakers will be Jeff Hampton and Brian Bach from Toastmasters.  
The meeting adjourned at 1:10p with a rousing version of Smiles.
Respectfully submitted,
George Stern
Dr. Embekka Roberson
Sep 25, 2023
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