June 22, 2020 Meeting Bulletin
Meeting started at noon via Zoom
Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance by John Schrot
Guests:  Dr. Ashik Gupta, Don Reidel, Bill Dow (speaker), Greg Ross, Lynn Morgan
Bill Roy sang America the Beautiful
John Schot recited the 4 way test
Charles Wickens provided the weekly inspiration
Doug Koshik provided the 2 minute update giving us an update on the library.  They are now starting to allow returned books.  Books must be held for 72 hours.  Offering curb side service.  Provided pictures of the new youth room and aquarium.
Linda Hatfield, membership chair, welcomed Greg Ross to the meeting and invited him to year end party on the 29th.
Regan Gilshire has sent all invoices out and explained how the discount can be applied to Polio Plus or endownment.
John Schrot welcomed Betsy Reich and Andy Roisman to the secretary and assistance secretary positions.  He also thanked Mark Anderson for his service.  
Joe Bauman discussed looking for a new venue for our meetings.  He and Bryan Frank are visiting locations, getting quotes, perhaps a venue that is not open on Mondays so they can provide social distancing and safety protocols.  The Community House will not be able to handle our meetings until 2021.  Our contract is expiring but we have a price guarantee through December 2021.  Joe is going to talk to Bill Seckler for further clarification.
If you have an idea for a speaker, please contact Wendy Rex or Dave Underdown.
Members discussed the Rotary Convention.  General sessions were Saturday and Sunday morning.  Projects were shown, new president, Holger Knaack introduced, new theme of Doorway to Opportunity, and using Rotary’s polio plus network to distribute Covid vaccine was discussed.
Reminder that there is no meeting on June 29th, the year end party is at 5 pm, boxed lunches, Springdale Golf Course pavilion
Happy Birthday to Sparky, Mark Anderson, Marsha Kovacs
Joe Bauman introduced the speaker Bill Dow
Bill Dow spoke of covering the Tigers, mainly Willie Horton and Al Kaline.  Willie Horton was one of 21 children.  He moved to Michigan when he was 9.  He played on the first integrated team.  Attended Northwestern High School where he hit balls down Grand River.  Played in city championship when he was 16.  When Tigers recruited him, the sent him to Lakeland.  No cab driver would pick up a black man so he walked 5 miles to the Tiger camp.  In September of 1963, on his 2nd at bat, he hit a home run and almost hit is dad in the bleachers.  Unfortunately, his parents were killed in a car accident on New Years Day, 1964.  Horton was originally a catcher, but when the Tigers recruiting him, they already had Freehan so they made him an outfielder.
Al Kaline was recruited 2 weeks after graduating high school.  He was so small they didn’t have a uniform to fit him so he wore a bat boys uniform.  At 20 he was the youngest to win the batting title previously held by George Kell.  Al Kaline and Jim Northrup ran into each other in the outfield chasing a ball.  They missed the ball and it was the only inside the park grand slam.  Al Kaline couldn’t breathe so Will Horton reached into his mouth to open his airway and is credited for saving his life.  Kaline bit Horton’s hand in the process.
The next meeting with be held July 13th via zoom (no meeting on the 29th due to year end party, and no meeting July 6th due to the holiday.
Bill Roy ended the meeting with Smiles!