Birmingham Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting: May 15, 2017
Welcome at 12:15 p.m. by President Dave Underdown 
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Invocation by Frannie Greenebaum “How Blessed We Are”
Opening Song: America the Beautiful led by Ken Gass
Lunch Tickets: Alicia Green 
Raffle Tickets: Mark Anderson
Greeter: Kevin Mason
Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
Sheriff: Mark Cooper
Host to Speaker: Charles Wickins
Election of Directors: Ballots were issued per the Club Bylaws.  Ballots were counted and Bryan Frank, Pete Kreher, George Stern and Ryan Quinn were the leading vote getters.  There was a tie for the last position. 
Announcements & Upcoming events: 
  • Dilip Kuchipudi invited everyone to the Authentic Indian Dinner he is hosting at his home the Sunday, May 21 at noon.  This is a fundraiser for our Club. Chris McLogan has sent an email invitation and all are encouraged to come.
  • Sign up for the Village Fair.  We have volunteered for custodial duties at the Birmingham Village Fair June 1-4.  This is a fundraiser for our Club.  Mark Anderson passed around sign up sheets and all are encouraged to participate. 
  • Literacy Program Update and New Dates by Alicia Green.  The remaining dates for Guided Reading are May 18 and 25.  The remaining dates for the Star Literacy Club are May 16, 30 and the Field Trip to Victory Ranch on June 6.
  • Hope Warming Center Dates by Bill Roy.  The scheduled May 16 date has been cancelled, and we apologize to all those who volunteered.  New dates are August 1, September 13, October 17, November 8 and December 12.
  • Tigers Game by Bryan Frank.  The Club will be attending the Tigers game on July 26th with the Kansas City Royals.  We will meet in Birmingham and take a bus to the game.  Pizza and light refreshments will be served.  Cost will be $45.00 per person and tickets will be limited to 40.   
  • Memorial Day Ceremony.  Club members traditionally attend the Memorial Day Ceremony in Shain Park at 10:00 a.m.  All are encouraged to attend.
  • BRC Board Meeting will be held at the Birmingham Athletic Club on May 17th at noon.
Paul Harris Awards – Molly Swart and Dave Underdown presented Paul Harris awards.    Nave Grewal was presented her first Paul Harris Award. Paul Harris “Plus” awards were presented to Bryan Frank, Larry Sherman, Mark Anderson, John Mucha, Rich Shapack, Molly Swart, Dave Underdown, Joe Bauman, and Dave Zimmer.  The Club thanks all of our Paul Harris Award winners.
Happy Birthday to Shirley Bryant, May 18 and Regan Gilshire, May 21.
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw.   Chris Winans won the daily draw. Nobody picked the 8 of diamonds and the pot lives.
Speaker Host: Charles Wickins introduced Brad Francis, a Structural Chiropractor whose office is in Adams Square. Health is our number one asset.  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Chiropractic is based on the theory that misalignment of the spinal vertebrae cause nerve interference, which in turns interferes with this healing ability.  By manipulating the vertebrae, chiropractic seeks to remove the interference and restore the body’s healing ability.
Dave Underdown led the group in “Smiles”
Dave Underdown adjourned the meeting at 1:15 p.m.  
Next week the featured speaker will be author David Maraniss.