Switalski Law & Consulting PLLC
Apr 27, 2020 12:00 PM
Jodie Debrecht Switalski
Switalski Law & Consulting PLLC

(Former Judge) Jodi was appointed by the Governor of the State of Michigan to the bench after serving as a Metro-Detroit felony prosecutor with a perfect trail record. She now practices law focusing on, among other things, medical malpractice and business liabilities pertaining to substance use and abuse.
She is also a partner with The Stutman Switalski Group where she performs over 150 presentations to varying demographics annually. Jodi
also performs consulting through her own business, Switalski Law & Consulting PLLC, with medical, dental and business entities to review and
draft policies to protect practices, corporations and businesses while informing employees of the dangers of controlled substance use and abuse.
Jodi has received numerous awards and appointments and has been named outstanding speaker or presented as keynote/plenary speaker at such notable engagements as the International Conference on Opioids at Harvard Medical School, MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas, the
National Association of Drug Court Professionals, the United States Probation Departments, CADCA and more.
She is a frequent guest on television and radio for Fox, NBC and CBS and has been featured in several documentaries including the PBS short, “Invisible Wounds” and the upcoming HBO special, “Needles in the Hay.” Her current publications include “Where My JD meets Your MD” and “Your
Name is on the Bottle.”