September 11, 2017 - Meeting Bulletin
Linda Hatfield opened the meeting at 12:15 with the pledge of allegiance and the 4 way test

Regan Gilshire led us in the Star Spangled Banner

Ryan Quin led us in prayer in a moving remembrance of 9/11

Linda welcomed all visitors & announced birthdays

Larry Sherman did the one minute update telling us of his wonderful experience in Israel during 9/11.  He was traveling with about 2000 New Yorkers when the planes hit the towers.  Fellow travelers were anxiously awaiting to hear about family and friends. The Israelis were welcoming and rallied around the group.  Since the group had to wait for a plane for days, they were running out of their prescriptions.  The Israelis filled all their prescriptions for them.

The member spotlight was Regan Gilshire.  She told us of her journey at Eastern Michigan, living in Ohio for 10 years, connecting with her brother’s childhood friend and eventually marrying.  She is an animal lover with 3 dogs and one cat.  She works with dogs on Sundays that are afraid of humans.  She has stayed in Rotary after attending District and International events, seeing what Rotary does.

The Interact group will be meeting next Tuesday to make bracelets and write letters to soldiers.

Dave Underdown won $8 in the raffle and the pot lives.

Hope Warming is September 13th.  The next Hope Warming event is October 17th.

The Rotary Golf Outing is Wednesday, September 27th, Jon Westerheide is organizing.  It is at Pontiac Country Club.  3rd Thursday will be held at the Country Club after the golf outing.

Dave Underdown announced Rotary planted 18 trees on Saturday, September 9th

Linda announced Rotary going to the Red Wings game on January 23rd.  Tickets are $105

Meeting Volunteers:
  • Lunch tickets and attendance:  Regan Gilshire
  • Raffle Tickets:  Chris McLogan
  • Invocation: Ryan Quinn
  • Sheriff:  Pat grady
  • Bulletin Editor:  Marsha Kovacs
  • Host to Speaker:  Norma Jean Evans
Program Speaker:  Chris Lambert, Life Remodeled.
Chris told us how his organization is helping Detroit one neighborhood at a time.  Every year, the organization selects one area to revitalize, typically around 300 city blocks.  Chris showed a video of the work they did in the Denby neighborhood.  Chris and his staff of 11 works with local schools to determine the needs of the area.  Volunteers go house to house helping residents with roofs, electrical, plumbing, etc.  They work with the schools to update the facilities including gymnasiums and promote teaching various trades in high school so students can immediately get a job.  Everyone was overwhelmed with how much work LifeRemodeled has done in the city of Detroit and the lower crime rates in the neighborhoods after LifeRemodeled worked in the area.
LifeRemodeled is a 5013C and received $16 million in donations from 2014-2016.  They partner with many major companies in the Detroit area.  They are proud that most of their donations go to projects with only 5% in administration costs.  
Next Week Program:  Megan Owens with Transportation Riders United